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    McCain's boys, monkey bars and color coded fear

    in Poetry

    Has the Non Aggression Principle failed? The filmed execution of journalist James Foley and the apparent destruction of minority groups in Iraq at the hands of the savage ISIS fundamentalists has even steadfast Libertarians questioning their view on foreign policy. Are the interventionists now vindicated? Is it time to just admit that Lindsey Graham loves us and wants us to be safe ? Should we drool and shit our pants in fear ? Isn't it just time to get on the freedom train, eat our freedom fries , suckle the chaffed nipples of the nanny state , pull the warm blanket of homeland security over our eyes and be grateful that the sages of the U.S. govt. are hard at work protecting us all ?

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    Talking with author Jeff Rasley Godless Living a Valuable Life beyond Beliefs

    in Lifestyle

    Jeff Rasley had a successful law practice for 30 years, made profitable investments, and so left law for more satisfying endeavors at the age of 55.  I am the president of one foundation and serve on the board of 5 nonprofit corporations.  In addition to 40+ articles, I've written eight books, six nonfiction and two fiction.  The most recent was published Nov 11, 2014, GODLESS -- Living a Valuable Life Beyond Beliefs at http://www.amazon.com/dp/069232481X.  It advocates replacing religious doctrines and political ideologies with pragmatic humanistic values. 


    The major claim of the book is "Beliefs divide us; values unite us." It makes the case that religious extremism and political gridlock can be defeated with pragmatic decision-making guided by shared values.  It also argues that our own lives are more valuable when we recognize our own and others' common humanity and then guide our life decisions by positive values.  Finding our own unique equilibrium of taking care of ourselves and sharing our time and talents is encouraged, rather than trying to follow religious doctrines or political ideologies. The book straddles memoir, philosophy-theology, social science, and advice/self-help.  Wisdom gained from the Rai people of Basa Nepal, Quaker values, and the American philosophy of classical Pragmatism are interwoven (probably a first in English literature). 



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    Gettysburg's underground railroad trail

    in Travel

    World Footprints is pleased share this GOLD Award winning show which was recognized by the North American Travel Journalist Association.   In celebration of Black History Month and the 150 Anniversary Commemoration of the American Civil War and Gettysburg Address, you will see a very compelling side of Gettysburg as told through our guests.  In 2013 the city of Gettysburg, the nation and the world reflected upon the Battle of Gettysburg, which took place from July 1 to July 3 1863, and President Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address on November 19, 1863.  We showcased what visitors can expect to see and experience following the Commemorations and beyond the battlefield with Stacey Fox, Vice President of Marketing and Sales of the Gettysburg Convention & Visitors Bureau. Then, Scott Hancock, PhD, Associate Professor of History and Africana Studies at Gettysburg College joins us to discuss the role of the Underground Railroad in the war, the African-American struggle for freedom--from President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, and the seminal events that took place in Gettysburg in 1863 that forever changed America. Finally, Debra Sandoe McCauslin of For the Cause/Gettysburg Histories takes us along the Underground Railroad in Adams County, Pennsylvania where we visit Yellow Hill and the Quaker Valley to uncover the African-American families who settled in the area and the role of Quakers in the Abolitionist Movement there.

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    Harriet Tubman and Quakers = Underground Railroad

    in Politics Conservative

    Tubman's organizing ability was key to her success -- she had to work with supporters on the clandestine Underground Railroad, as well as get messages to the slaves, since she met them away from their plantations to avoid detection. They usually left on a Saturday evening, as the Sabbath might delay anyone noticing their absence for another day, and if anyone did note their flight, the Sabbath would certainly delay anyone from organizing an effective pursuit or publishing a reward.

    Tubman was only about five feet tall, but she was smart and she was strong -- and she carried a long rifle. She used the rifle not only to intimidate pro-slavery people they might meet, but also to keep any of the slaves from backing out. She threatened any who seemed like they were about to leave, telling them that "dead Negroes tell no tales." A slave who returned from one of these trips could betray too many secrets: who had helped, what paths the flight had taken, how messages were passed..

    Quakers Released Slaves


    Not only did many Quakers release their slaves, but they saw to it that they could take care of themselves, teaching them to read and write and, in many cases, seeing that they were escorted to states or territories where they could live in freedom.


    Quaker John Woolman was involved with the abolitionist movement from an early date. He traveled the countryside, preaching against slavery. Woolman, born in 1720, became convinced that slavery was wrong when, at the age 20, he was asked by his employer to write a bill of sale for a slave girl. He did write it, but told his boss that he “believed slave-keeping to be a practice inconsistent with the Christian religion.” Shortly after this incident, Woodman left his job to travel and was instrumental in spreading the abolitionist message.

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    The Center of Light Radio Show: "Energy Healing" with guest Abbi O'Neill

    in Spirituality

    The Center of Light Radio Show with host Keith Anthony Blanchard

    Show Topic: Energy Healing

    Abbi was born on a farm in Indiana. She grew up in the Quaker church. After getting a degree at Columbia University and traveling in Europe, she came to Los Angeles for a career in film. But when her mother was dying of ovarian cancer, she had a break-through experience and began channeling.  

    Studying kundalini yoga was the second step in understanding and using her psychic gift. The yoga practice helped her see energetic blocks in chakras, and she began doing channeled readings specifically oriented to dissolving chakral blocks. Abbi has now done over 3000 readings as a medical intuitive. Her work is designed to restore the flow of energy in the chakras to heal disease and deeply entrenched behavioral problems. 

    For more on Abbi: www.therapyoflight.com & www.nova-lumina.com FB: Nova Lumina

    For more on Keith: www.keithanthonyblanchard.com

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    Celebrity Chef G. Garvin talks about FIGHT HUNGER, SPARK CHANGE Campaign

    in Lifestyle

    Six of the Nation’s Largest Food Companies & the Walmart Foundation to Generate 28 Million Meals & $3 Million in Donations to American Food Banks

    Celebrity Chef G. Garvin is ready to explain why the FIGHT HUNGER, SPARK CHANGE Campaign is being launched at a critical time for many Americans.  Food banks are facing a growing need for donations due to historically high food prices and drought conditions threatening to drive up the prices of fresh produce and meat. In fact, Feeding America recently released its Hunger in America 2014 report showing that in a single year one in seven Americans, including 12 million children, turn to the Feeding America network for food assistance.

    To help meet this need, the Walmart Foundation is teaming up with six of the nation’s largest food companies – including General Mills, Unilever, Hormel, ConAgra Foods, PepsiCo/Quaker and Kellogg Company – to distribute $3 million to food banks and local partner agencies across the country.  On Sept. 25, join Chef ‘G’ in the kitchen as he explains the importance of making sure that families have access to nutritious meals. For more information, visit: www.walmart.com/fighthunger.

    Hosted by Min. Jonathan Simmons and guest co host Chef Sara Ray of A Culinary Life


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    Advocating for a Cultural Heritage Site with Margo Lee Williams

    in History

    Margo Lee Williams will share her research and journey to gain designation of the first African American site (Strieby Congregational United Church of Christ), by the Randolph County North Carolina Historical Preservation Commission for Cultural Heritage Sites.

    Margo Lee Williams holds an MA in Sociology and an MA in Religious Education. She developed an interest in genealogy early in life and in the 30+ years since, she has researched and written extensively on her family, including her book: Miles Lassiter (circa 1777-1850), an Early African American Quaker from Lassiter Mill, Randolph County, North Carolina: My Research Journey to Home, for which she won the 2012 Excellence in Publishing Award from the North Carolina Genealogical Society.

    Margo is a well-known lecturer for the Family History Centers of the LDS Church in the Washington, DC area, a former editor of the Journal of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, and through her private research company, Personal Prologue, has developed expertise in identifying heirs for intestate probates. She is currently a National Veterans’ Service Officer with Vietnam Veterans of America. 

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    Conspiracy Theories, Ebola Virus, and Reparations! GET AT ME!!

    in US Government

    Crystal and Dre discussed Conspiracy Theories, Ebola Virus, and Reparations! Aunt Jemima Heirs Sue Quaker Oats for 2 BILLION dollars!! Do you think they will see this money? Should they see it or is it TOO LATE??? How about all of these viruses like Ebola and HIV starting in Africa? COINCIDENCE??? I THINK NOT PEOPLE!!! WAKE UP!! This and more was discussed on tonight's show!!

    The Crystal Show as sponsored by authors Nefretitim and Kathleen Boucher

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    SSWAG-, Author, Dorean Edwards shares her testimony and book info!

    in Entertainment

    Dorean Edward has been in the Entertainment Business for over 25 years promoting and producing events. God has given her several gifts and promotions are one of her most acclaimed callings.
    Dorean has been recognized as one of the leading entertainment promoters and even coordinators of a wide genre with an artist roster that includes numerous artists. Her work spreads nationwide and includes working on syndicated shows such as: The Arsenio Hall Shows, Quaker Oats Talent Show Competitions, and with TV Producer Frank Badami of Badim Productions. Additionally, Dorean’s experiences and work with distributors, record companies, and radio stations in both Chicago and Los Angeles makes her a “well- sought-after” promoter.
    Under the auspice of her pastor, Bishop Noel Jones, the event Stop the Violence Think Education and Put God First, “Youth Empowerment 4 Destiny,” created by Ms. Edwards has been blessing youth in the community for over 15 years. The event’s success is due largely to corporate sponsorship, celebrities donating their time to speak and share with the young people, and record companies sponsoring artist to perform.
    Also, Stellar Awards Chairperson for the Ballots, is on the verge of completing her first book on her life story entitled, “Trapped In a Little Girl’s Body.” Her story of how a mother and daughter’s life was so incomplete-until God stepped in and changed the both of them.
    Tune in Thursday night, October 9, 2014 7pm
    www.blogtalkradio.com/niacomplatform or
    call in to listen by dialing 323-693-3830, press 1 to comment or question.

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    The Naked Quaker with Diane Rapaport

    in History

    Listen in to Fieldstone Common this week as host Marian Pierre-Louis talks to author Diane Rapaport about her book The Naked Quaker: True Crimes and Controversies from the Courts of Colonial New England.
    The word “Puritan” conjures up dour images of 17th-century New Englanders. We rarely think of Puritans as people who had fun, or sex. Our ancestors used different words, but human nature was not so different 350 years ago.
    In the title story, a Quaker woman walks into Puritan Sunday meeting and drops her dress to protest actions of the colonial authorities. The Naked Quaker takes us into the lives of our ancestors, revealing how they behaved and spoke. A highway robber threatens his victim: “I will take you by your eyelids and make your heels strike fire!” A mysterious woman wields “enthusiastical power” over married men, who break the law to follow her.
    Diane Rapaport, a former trial lawyer, has made a new career as a historical consultant, genealogist, award-winning author and popular speaker. She offers an unusual combination of expertise and experience—in law, history and genealogy—and she enjoys discovering and telling the stories of our past. She specializes in court records and other historical resources of New England, and her current research focuses on African Americans and Native Americans in the colonial period. She is also the author of  New England Court Records: A Research Guide for Genealogists and Historians.
    For more details and upcoming schedule see: http://FieldstoneCommon.blogspot.com

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    Christianpsychicbrendabradshawshow readings

    in Spirituality

    Brenda's spiritual journey started when she was nine years old. Her grandmother took her to homes of the Quaker relgion in the Richmond,Virginia area to meetings. A change came in Brenda's family at that same time when her brith father abandon her mother and her sister and brother.Brenda began telling everyone at that time that God was her Father and began study the Bible everyday. At age 11 she received her first Bible as a brithday present. At age 12 she went to a baptist camp mt. eagle are'e and the pastor took her and a group of the children up the mountain and told them they where prophets. This was the first calling and Brenda was to young to understand the meaning of such words.She was asked to write on a piece of paper handed to her at dinner at the camp and wrote her firs message from God. She read in in front of the church after camp. The prophecy came true. During her teens rebellion against her mother and this caused her to retreat into her own world of her closenest to God.And her running towards relationships for love and understanding. She was married twice and is now a widow. She started her radio career in 1980 on WRVA radio in Richmond Virginia.Her use of her gifts have increased over the years. Her teaching and handwriting expertise has added insights into here commucation with all walks of people's lives. Her book "God Alphabet' is out of print ,but the letters are her gift to all that ask.She shares her apartment with her sweet 9 years old dog Mooshoo.Her facebook page is brenda carol anderson bradshaw, She also writes for wordpress.com underbrenbradshaw. Her you tube channels are under brenda bradshaw.Her blogtalkradio shows are mon-sat.11am,-1pm et.