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    Slingin' Quack: Not as Bad as Cowboys-Eagles

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    The podcast opens with a recap of Marcus Mariota's second performance in the NFL.  Also, the ugliest game ever, aside from the Oregon State v Pitt Sun Bowl, occurred Sunday afternoon when the Dallas Cowboys played at the Philadelphia Eagles.  We talk about the pitfalls of Chip Kelly's reign in the NFL and the system.

    After the Georgia State game we look at the lessons to take away from the game.  Specifically we talk about Jeff Lockie and Vernon Adams.

    Previewing the Utah game there are a lot of points to consider.  How will Vernon Adams look a few weeks removed from his hand injury.  Is the Utah offensive and defensive lines going to bruise our, allegedly soft, lines?  Will Utah start Travis Wilson or the quarterback who shredded Oregon for the first quarter last year?

    There are plenty of detours to have, including: are athletes or actors easier to be agents for, what does being a "pro" mean in the NFL, and what is the deal with the R Bar in SF?

  • 01:19

    Slingin' Quack: Michigan State Gameweek

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    Rusty and Sean talk about the opening game of Oregon's 2015 college football schedule in the matchup against Eastern Washington.  

    Then after briefly going over the PAC-12 week 1 slate they discuss how important it is now for Oregon to beat Michigan State.  

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    Slingin Quack: DUCKS WIN! DUCKS WIN!

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    Oregon and Washington squared off in Seattle this past weekend and Oregon came away with a big win.  It looked like the streak might come to an end during an off year but the return of Darren Carrington, Vernon Adams, and the front seven actually living up to their expectations.

    There are big positives and negatives to take away from the game.  How much of an improvement did Vernon Adams actually bring?  How much more of an impact can Darren Carrington have?  Does this mean a new Oregon squad the rest of the season?

    Sean and I go through a very early preview of the basketball season.  Even though Altman has had extended success as head coach of the basketball team there still isn't huge attendance numbers.  I don't believe that it's because of the transfer students or anything like that.  Do this for instance:

    I also want you guys to go through your own exercise that I posed to Sean near the end of the pod.

    Name three words you would use to describe the Oregon football team:




    Name three words you would use to describe the Oregon basketball team:

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    Slingin' Quack: So Something Not Chill Happened Saturday

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    The game against Utah was flat out embarrassing.  Utah did to Oregon what Oregon usually does to other teams.  Utah dominated every phase of the game and were outcoached.  Is this what Oregon is this year?  Are they doomed to being average?   Will they make a bowl game?  Is this the end of the Golden Age of Oregon Football?

    Marcus Mariota had a game against the Colts and I talk with Sean about what to expect from Mariota this year and how the Titans are using Mariota.  You can probably guess what our comments are on this subject.  

    Looking ahead to Colorado we look at Colorado's strengths.  The line is Oregon -7, which is pretty much awful given the history of these two programs over the last decade.  

    I highly encourage people to listen to the podcasts.  Not just because I do it because I actually believe this is pretty solid stuff.  

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    Slingin' Quack: PAC-12 North Preview

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    Rusty Ryan and Sean Larson give the PAC-12 North an exhaustive look.  They weight the odds of whether Stanford or Oregon will win the North, how seriously teams should take Cal, and try to sort through Washington, Washington State, and Oregon State.  Lastly, the two give an idea of what to expect in the future from the teams.

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    Slingin' Quack: Oregon Football Fall Camp Preview

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    Rusty Ryan and Sean Larson reunite aftr a hiatus in time for college football season.  This podcast is focused on the Oregon Ducks football team heading into fall camp.  The podcast begins with what the quarterback race looks like between Jeff Lockie and Vernon Adams.  Will Adams showing up late to camp put Lockie in a big enough lead to secure the spot?  The next topic of conversation is what to do with Charles Nelson.  Should he play on the offensive side of the ball or on the defensive side of the ball?  Regardless of who is the quarterback he's got a lot of help with the skill players back on offense.  The last position on offense is the line and Sean and Rusty talk about the transfer at center.  On defense the two look at the unit seeing the most new faces: the secondary.  The importance of DeForest Buckner and the hopes for the linebacker group finish off the podcast.  

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    Slingin' Quack: PAC-12 South Preview

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    Rusty Ryan and Sean Larson give the PAC-12 South an exhaustive look.  They weight the odds of whether UCLA, USC, Arizona State, Arizona, or Utah will win the South, how seriously teams should take Utah, and look into how much progress has been made at Colorado.  Lastly, the two give an idea of what to expect in the future from the teams.

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    Slingin' Quack: Sean thinks UW beats UO and I'm not making that up

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    Normally I try to come up with funny titles but this was just too wild to not make it as the headline.  You'll have to listen through to find it though.  CLICKBAIT FTW.  

    Sean and I talk about the Colorado game and what the stats say.  Obviously, we talk about the defense and how it has gotten worse over the last couple years.  But is the secondary really to blame?  Is there another position that is not meeting expectations?  One unit is severely disappointing this season.  

    There were a couple noticeable moves in the Colorado game.  We talk about the re-appearance of Oregon's power running attack and how Taj Griffin fits into the offense.  

    Taylor Alie and Jeff Lockie are now sharing time at quarterback.  Is Alie that good? What do we make of a two-quarterback system?  Is Vernon Adams going to be back soon and is he actually that much better than the other QBs?  

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    Slingin' Quack: 2015 Year End Review

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    Rusty Ryan and Sean Larson end their sabbatical from the podcast to recap the year that was in 2015.  The first topic of conversation is the almighty football team, how this team was different from the 2007, 2010 teams, and what we can expect moving forward.  Men's and Women's basketball were covered with how the men blew away all expectations and how the women are back on the path to success.  There's also discussion about cross country, golf, acrobatics and tumbling, and track & field.  The ending sees Rusty and Sean discussing baseball.  

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    Slingin' Quack: Fall Camp, QB Battle, Injuries and Depth

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    Rusty and Sean Larson discuss the headlines coming out of Rob Moseley's practice reports.  The receivers are getting better because of depth.  The injury of Thomas Tyner is discussed and what that means for the Oregon backfield.  Vernon Adams and Jeff Lockie are still locked in a battle for the starting quarterback job and the two discuss what it means when Adams wins and what i means if Lockie wins.

    Sean and Rusty disagree on depth and talent in certain areas of the roster and go position-by-position throughout the roster.

    As always, the impending mtachup with Michigan State is discussed.  

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    Slingin' Quack: Week 1 Preview V. Eastern Washington

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    Rusty and Sean Larson look into all the post-fall camp news they can get their hands on.  They discuss what finishing second on the depth chart means for Jeff Lockie.  They also discuss what we can expect from Vernon Adams as a starter and what he brings to the table.  Side note, a Seattle, Washington news person hates on Oregon for getting a post-grad transfer, because the city of Seattle has never beneffited from one of those.

    Breaking down the entire depth chart Rusty and Sean go position by position and see what are the strong parts, the weaker parts in terms of depth, and which units really need to step up this season.

    After much googling and deep keyword searches on the internet, as well as crawling around a couple sites, Sean and Rusty find the Eastern Washington media guide, which is really the only piece of information they could find on the Eastern Washington Eagles. 

    At the end the two go over what to expect for the Ducks in their matchup against Eastern Washington.