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    Demystifying Qi Gong for Happiness, Health and Abundance

    in Self Help

    For thousands of years, the ancients knew about the power of Qi Gong to manage every aspect of life, from overall happiness, to dealing with specific health issues. And today, this ancient methodology is still just as powerful as it was in the past.

    The secret the ancients know so well, regards using various mantras, breathing techniques, and specific movements to raise our vibration to match that of what we want to experience...The higher the vibration, the better the overall experience...

    Llisten in to this episode as we discuss using Qi Gong for

    The Law of Attraction

    To connect with the host...http://russellfostermentoring.com

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    Heart Meditation & The Center For Qi-Gong Meditation

    in Relationships

    Beatrice Ollier - a long-time student of Mr. Ma. She has been studying Qi-Gong with him since 1996. She also is a licensed psychotherapist, who had a successful private practice in  Rockville, MD for 8 years. She is the co-founder of the center. She closed her private practice last year to open the center. we offer Qi-Gong meditation, Heart meditation, Reiki and Biogenesis. We offer various holistic approaches to healing. We work with energy as Light. Light means God. Qi-Gong has been around for 5,000 years. It started as martial art before the same power was used for healing purposes. Qi-Gong is a very simple, enjoyable exercise. It can BE done standing, sitting or lying down. “Qi” or “Chi” means “energy”. “Gong” means “work”. “Qi-Gong” means “harvesting one’s own energy”. Heart Meditation Qi-Gong and The Center For Qigong, Meditation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEXyH2nDSb8
    The Heart Meditation is another healing art tool. This is a very simple exercise that allows us to go inward and connect with our Hearts or Selves. This simple connection allows us to feel the Peace, the Stillness inside our Hearts. From that place in the Heart, we can be healed. From that place, we get a glimpse about who we really are. Although our outside world may feel like it is falling apart, we simply realize that we are OK.

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    Ancient Artform: 5 Things You Should Know About QI Gong

    in Self Help

    At 5000 plus years old; Qi Gong is still the most powerful and beneficial form of energy work there is!

    Listen in to find out why,

    In tonight's episode, I speak with Master Teresa, co-founder of the Wu Yeung Qi Gong Wellness Institute and her long-time student, Ed Dolezal about the power and benefits of this ancient artform.

    About my Guests:

    Master Teresa is a student and teacher of Qi Gong for over 17 years studying with Grandmaster Wu.

    Ed Dolezal is a certified teacher of the Wu Yeung Wellness Institute and recently founded the Universal Qi Gong and Tai Chi Institute in Palm Beach Gardens Florida.

    Topics include:

    Qi Gong for daily health and vitality
    Qi Gong to overcome serious illness
    Qi Gong and the Law of Attraction
    Qi Gong for healing others
    Qi Gong to find your passion

    To connect with Master Teresa: http://masterteresa.com

    To learn more about Qi Gong in WPB

    contact Ed http://universalqigong.net

    To connect with the host


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    Dr. Seibel Interview Pedram Shojai: Tai Chi, Qi Gong & Journey To a Higher Level

    in Health

    Host Dr. Mache Seibel interviews Dr. Pedram Shojai who studied biology at UCLA until he had a series of profound mystical experiences that drew him to the Eastern esoteric arts. Since then, he has studied Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, Meditation, and Medicine diligently for the past 20 years. His passion is to travel the world and meet inspiring people who are making a difference in their communities.

    Over the past two years, Pedram has written his first book and has produced two documentary movies. He’s gotten far more involved in philanthropy and is now working with amazing people all over the world. Pedram is passionate about teaching the skills that he’s learned over the years- helping people wake up and live their lives fully. He is the founder and President of Well.Org.

    Dr. Seibel is recipient of the 2013 Media Award from the North American Menopause Society. As the editor of “My Menopause™ Magazine” (which you can find on the Apple Newsstand), Dr. Mache Seibel http://www.doctorseibel.com/contact-us/ is one of the leading voices in women's health, guiding women on how to navigate menopause and what can be a very confusing time in a woman’s life and health.  Dr. Seibel is repeatedly selected by his peers as one of the Best Doctors in America.He was a member of the Harvard Medical School faculty for 20 years.


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    Qi Gong Breathing Experience w/ Kellen Craven Oct.10th

    in Self Help

    Welcome to Peace Of Mind Broadcast!!
    On October 10th at 11am central time, I will be hosting Kellen Craven, Qi Gong Practioner, Healing Massage Therapist, and teacher of Qi Gong Breathing Experience.
    We will be discussing the benefits of these types of breathing techniques and how it can help detox your body and empower you into the next step of your life.
    Stay tuned because we will also be sampling some of his work on the show!!
    GO TO www.omaroma.biz for 7 day breathing journey registration under Wellness Events!

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    in Health

    There is no question that an epidemic of stress, anxiety and anger exists in today’s Western culture. What can be learned from the Indian and Chinese methods of Qi Gong, Conscious Breathing and Healing Music series of stress-relieving exercises and postures? Iqbal Ishani will guide you through the key postures and health benefits of Qi Gong, Qi Breathing and Qi Music that can actually calm and energize you

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    Qi-Gong One World One Breath. What is it?

    in Health

    An interview with Matthew Wein. What is Qi-Gong? Where did it start? How does it differ from Tai-Chi? Who practices it today? What Healing and Health applications can it have?
    Matthew considers himself a Taoist or perhaps a Buddhist, a Meta physicist most accurately. He believes Quantum Physics is the scientific cusp meeting the spiritual world where the gap is narrowing. It is at this place where he sees our new paradigm for life and it is here that the value of consciousness and awareness are found. In order for the thinking mind to be aware of the present state of the body and mind, it needs a focal point - the body and the breath are used to occupy the mind's faculties of the immediate present and the secondary track of thought through action. By using simple stretching techniques combined with proper breathing, the body on a simple physical plane is enlivened. He further believes when the brain is functioning with proper blood and oxygen, it administers proper chemicals, honing attention and focus naturally. Matthew has studied ZaZen practice of life meditation - Pacific Zen Group and completed Yoga and Tai-Chi master training - Expert Rated training certified

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    Special Qi Gong Breathing Techniques with Master TianJia Mu

    in Family

    The Voice of Change welcomes Master TianJia Mu from Tian Gong, a very well recognized Qi Gong School. In addition to sharing some basic knowledge of Qi Gong and some of the great benefits of practicing Tian Gong, she will introduce special and extraordinary ways of Breathing to preserve, purify, and nurture our inner engergy (Qi). In additon, during the last third of the program, Master TianJia Mu will present an Energy Healing Transmission for all Fathers in honor of the upcoming Father's Day. The Breathing that  TainJia will be introducing increases vitality and lifespan, enhances the immune system, adapts breathing and heart rate consuming less oxygen and energy, as well as protects us from harmful bacteria, toxins and viruses. After learning this type of breathing, we will have acquired another important skill to enhance our body during challenging times on the planet.

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    in Lifestyle

    Whether you want to renew, energize or elevate your emotional and spiritual frequencies or refresh and reconnect with your Spiritual Source, Mercedes Warrick facilitates powerful inner evolutions through Spirit, creativity and art. Mercedes moved through personal post-traumatic stress disorder to become a respected spiritual teacher, energy alchemist/healer, business and leadership consultant. Now she leads women across the nation to expansion and growth after traumatic experiences through 21 meditations, prayers and thought stimulators. Using her Business Energetics process Mercedes also reviews the energy of your business and recommends processes for energetic renewal. She is a talented author of five books, a gifted teacher and an ordained spiritual channel guide who understands business, life and life changing transformation. She combines the mastery of intuitive guidance & the principles of yoga and qi gong – with a mission to help you consciously create your life to align with your inner power source. For over the past two years Mercedes has taught her meditation and energy practice to become a guiding pathway to intuitively align with and attune to Love. Her mantra is, “It’s about loving the life you are living, all aspects of it, every day in every way, energizing Love…Love 365.” 

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    "Bazi: The New Secret Weapon for the Career Professional" - Sanu Pera

    in Other

    Sanu Pera has been studying astrology and spiritual science under Ra Un Nefer Amen's tuteledge for over 20 years and has earned the credentials as a Certified Bazi Instructor and analyzer, as certified by Dr. Amen. Sanu Pera has taught Bazi seminars and workshops throughout the United States and conducts Bazi consultations all over the world. He has developed courses and training content for the TAUI NETWORK in the effort to introduce this phenomenal system to the world at large. 

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    "UA AB: Heal & Enhance Your Brain With Kamitic Meditation" -Ra Un Nefer Amen

    in Spirituality

     Ra Un Nefer Amen is the Shekhem Ur Shekhem, Chief Preist and King of Kings of the Ausar Auset Society. Ra Un Nefer Amen is the author of The Metu Neter series and numerous other  books on Kamitic Spirituality. 

    Thiis bokk is the first volume in a series that will include Ua Ab approaches to overcoming alcohol addiction, substance abuse, healthy food choices, critical thionking and so on.

    Don’t Miss This Amazing Author discuss his awesome book,  "Ua Ab Volume 1: Heal and Enhance Your Brain with Kamitic Meditation".