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    Sports Q&A Episode April_2_2015

    in Sports

    What would it take for you to sue for something sports related....would you sue for being benched??? How valid are Geno Auriemma's comment about the Men's game? Has the NCAA overstepped their bounds regarding the Indiana Religious Act Law? The Final 4 is here and 3 #1 seeds have made it, so who has the best shot at beating UK? Update on the Sports Q&A Bracket Challenge and a special UK insider....and of course YOU!!

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    Studio Q Radio: Legendary Vocalist Miki Howard Talks New Music !

    in Entertainment

    In this episode of Studio Q Radio talk to singer, Miki Howard about her concert tonight and new single, "Panther." We will also take calls from Mik Howard fans. If we have time, we will also will review the movie Frankie & Alice starring Halle Berry, and re-vist realtiy shows that we watched this past week ( Mary Mary, Family Hustle, Deion's Family Playbook, and RHOA) and talk about our New Studio Q T-Shirts in our New Studio Q Store.  We will also talk about some of this week's biggest entertainmnet stories, such as Michael Strahan's new gig on GMA.

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    Studio Q Radio Special Mother's Day Edition - We interview our Moms!

    in Entertainment

    In this special Mother's Day edition of Studio Q Radio where 'Black Girls Talk' hosts Quencie and Tam interview their mothers. Ms. Berlinda Thomas (Quencie's mom) and Ms. Sylvia Anderson (Tam's mom) are the stars of this special radio broadcast. You are going to enjoy getting to meet the women who gave birth to Quencie and Tam. You will see immediately that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. They each asked questions that gives insight into their journey of motherhood.  Listen in as Quencie and Tam celebrate their mothers! Happy Mother's Day everyone! 

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    Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange, Hollywood Exes, Godzilla, Studio Q Radio Hiatus

    in Entertainment

    In this episode of Studio Q Radio Tam and Quencie rehash the week's top celebrity stories including: The Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange elevator footage where Solange attacks Jay Z,  Barbara Walters last day on The View, Sherri Shepherd divorcing husband Sal, Michael Sam getting his own reality show on OWN, the last Hollywood Exes episode, Mary Mary finale episode, and a movie review of Godzilla. We also will discuss Studio Q doing a twitter takeover for OWN! Lastly we will discuss Studio Q's much needed hiatus and tell you when we will resume the show. Tune into this fun opinionated show! It will be the last for a minute. Shout out to everyone who has listened and supported. Hit us up on Twitter anytime @Studioqtv @4evertam (Tam) and @quencie (Quencie)

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    Q-on-1 w/Sifu Jesse Powell #Podcast

    in Health

    In this special Q-on-1 podcast edition, I have a chat with martial arts expert, Sifu Jesse Powell of Riverside Tai Chi.  Mr. Powell and I will talk about his career in martial arts and how it led him to a new product that benefits joint pain sufferers.  He came up with Joint Balance Formula!

    It's joint health in a bottle for people who won't surrender to inflammation or pain.  Joint Balance Formula is a glucosamine, chondroitin & MSM formulation that you trust.  It also contains other cutting edge ingredients such as shark cartilage, green lipped sea mussel and other awesome ingredients that fight inflammation of the joints.

    We'll discuss his product and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

    Show No. 477

    Podcast scheduled for 9 mins.


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    Q-on-1 w/HermanSJr

    in Business

    I sit down and go Q-on-1 with psychological strategist, HermanSJr.  What is a psychological strategist you ask?  Well, that will be my first question as HermanSJr discusses how he can turn your business into an empire!  We will break down his unique approach to elevating his clients to the next level of success.  We'll discuss his services, how they can benefit you, and how you can obtain them.

    All of this and more on another podcast edition of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

    Scheduled for 15-20 mins.

    Show No. 439


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    About Last Night, Reality Wrap UP, NAACP Nominations Luncheon -Studio Q Radio

    in Entertainment

    In this episode of Studio Q host, Quencie and Studio Q producer Tam will review Kevin Hart's latest movie About Last Night, re-vist Studio Q's latest blog posts and go behind the scenes of some of our recent Celebrity interviews at the NAACP nominations luncheon.  Like, Share and Subscribe to Studio Q!

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    Sports Q&A Episode March 12 2015

    in Sports

    What does Sigma Alpha Epsilon issue say about society? NFL Free Agency is in full swing. Breakdown of the best the worst and most confusing.  Insight from our Sports Q&A GM in Dallas, Detroit and DC. The NBA season is on the last leg, is there a clear cut favorite to win the East/West/NBA Championship? Who was you favorite unsung player growing up? And of course we have you.....

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    2015.02.26 In the Now - Q&A with Carla and Crew

    in Indie Music

    In this episode, we discuss:

    - Seeing oneness in seemingly different people.

    - Owning a firearm.

    - The time between incarnations for both positive and negative entities.


    (1) Call (646) 595-2294. You will be able to listen to the show through your phone but your microphone will be muted.

    If you would like to be unmuted so that you can ask Carla & Crew a question live on-air, press the "1" key on your phone at any time. This sends a signal to the hosts. When there is an opening, we will unmute you and address you by area code so that you know you have been unmuted.

    (2) Go to the Bring4th forums at http://www.bring4th.org/forums/, click on the " In the Now – Q&A with Carla and Crew ", and post to the "Submitting Questions" thread. (http://www.bring4th.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=8214)

    (3) Send an email to the "contact" address on this page: http://llresearch.org/contact.aspx

    If possible, Carla requests that the question focus upon the spiritual principles of evolution. However, Carla and team will not turn a question away if outside this parameter. In general, our responses will be spiritually oriented in nature, often utilizing information taken from the L/L Research material of the last 35+ years.

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    Q-on-1 w/Amanda ( @ShineSparkle) #Women

    in Women

    Better late than never, but I wanted to do a few interviews in celebration of Women's History Month.  Unfortunately, Women's History Month was in March, but you can never put a time limit on celebrating it, right?  Besides, it's too important of a discussion to save until 2016.  So, I decided to conduct a series of interviews with three of my female Show Legends: Amy from Arkansas, Crystal from Detroit, and Amanda in New Jersey.  

    This podcast features Amanda in New Jersey.  She is married without kids and has the most balanced opinion of all of the Show Legends.  Amanda always comes from a place of logic in her approach to the questions.

    We'll discuss her thoughts on being a role model for her kids, the 2016 Presidential election and what it means for women, and more on this special podcast of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

    Show No. 461

    Podcast length: 16 mins.


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    Justice for Cinque "Q" DJahspora (replay)

    in Politics Progressive

    Replay of Sunday's taping, Justice for Cinque "Q" DJahspora. "Q" was fatally shot in his back by a Jackson, TN police officer on November 6, 2014. His father gave the interview from the anniversary scene of Bloody Sunday in Selma, Alabama. Call (347)857-3293 at 9pmEST Monday, March 9, to listen. 

    A petition for Justice for "Q" is at this link 

    Contact Q's father at following phone number and email address 219.314.5053 email address Q4justice@gmail.com

    Visit the Facebook page:

    Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has, and it never will. ~Frederick Douglass