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  • Be Positive with Shannon Marie ~ What's your hobby???

    in Self Help

    S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night  ~  S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night  ~  S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night

    Please join Shannon Marie this Saturday night for a heaping dose of positive attitide, which is often a challenge for many out there.  Tonight we are going to talk about hobbies. There are many interesting things you can do to fill your life and challenge your mind. I am going to read an article about a woman who learned how to crochet again after a TBI.  Crossword puzzles; Word Search; Read a Book; Sew; Computer Games; Paint a Picture; Crafts; Crochet/Knit; the list goes on and on. 


    You can access the show by clicking on the link above or calling 424-243-9540. To call toll-free in the USA dial 855-473-3711 and call toll-free 202-559-7907 outside the USA.  You can also Skype in as well.  The link above can also be used after the live show, for "On Demand" listening at your leisure. Remember "Be Positive"!!!




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    Association for Spirituality & Psychology on Consciousness

    in Culture

    The Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy formed in response to the rapidly growing interest in the relationship between spirituality and psychotherapy.   It utilizes psychotherapy to further the spiritual dimension in our lives.  In so doing it draws from all religious and spiritual traditions.  Staff members and organization leaders from ASP join us to dicuss this blend.
    As a parallel to how Alternative Medicine has become part of our growing trend of Integrated Medicine, so too have once advant garde explorations grown into the blending of formerly separate schools of though.   A common thread throughout the transformation in many fundamental schools of thought is the spiritual element in all things and how it is the invisible force driving the things around us.  This recognition may be part of a rising, long term global trend. Among the guests from ASP who may be joining us tonight are:     Mary Marino Ph.D,  president     Alan Steinfeld,  vice-president     Diana Kerievsky LCSW,  treasurer & executive director     Bruce Kerievesky,  web-consultant     Bernard Starr Ph.D.,  president emeritus     Henry Grayson Ph.D.,  president emeritus Listen in to this group of leaders to hear how the tide of spiritual awareness is raising all boats around the world

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    InTouch with the Illuminated Heart of Erin Stohl

    in Spirituality

     Guided by the path of the heart, Erin Stohl, LLMSW is here to support others on the journey of remembering their TRUE SELF.  She combines traditional psychotherapy with energy work, spiritual guidance, nutrition support and other body-centered and mindfulness based practices.  To learn more, TUNE IN to the program TODAY as InTouch Interviews introduces Erin to YOU.  www.illuminatedheart.net