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    EWA Radio Proudly Welcomes PWR SLAM! #98 Featuring C. Red & ???

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    It’s midweek and time for your weekly dose of PWR SLAM! Tonight is a rather special night for Steve as one of the people involved in his last match will be our special guest tonight. During the week Sean Young is your average guy. He’s a Chicago schoolteacher, parent and helps his elderly Mom take care of herself. However, on the weekends, he becomes the flamboyant, boisterous sartorially resplendent manager and occasionally wrestler known as CRed. Why is he known as CRed? You’ll find out tonight. CRed has been a mainstay on the Chicago wrestling scene for many years. Starting with Windy City Pro Wrestling and its offshoot, Urban American Pro Wresting, he eventually went out on his own along with his cohorts, Acid Jaz, Willie Da Bomb Richardson and Marshe Rockett. They have appeared in a number of promotions, including Chikara where they have appeared in their King Of Trios tournament. We’ll talk to him about how wrestling has changed, including the Chicago scene, working for Chikara and other promotions and his take on how blacks are used in wrestling.  We invite you to ask your questions either in chat, by using Skype or by calling us at 347-850-8033. As always, calls are screened and questions will be allowed based on content and time.

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    Prosperity Wrestling Radio Presents PWR SLAM!

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    OK folks, it's time for your midweek fix, PWR SLAM! is back! Tonight we talk to a bear, a thief and an author, two of which are the same person.

    First up will be our friend Herb Simmons from SICW in the Southern Illinois/St.Louis area. They will have two events this weekend, one in Illinois, one in Missouri. As always, SICW will present a loaded card of action with possibly some more surprises. We'll try and pull what they may be out of Herb. Since he's been in Vegas at Cauliflower Alley maybe we can order him a few drinks and get him to talk.

    After that, we will talk to a man that we have had on before, but he's still a lot of fun to talk to. Barrington Hughes, the big man from Florida is calling himself "MILFs Favorite Wrestler". We'll catch up with what he's been up to, including wrestling and the ladies.

    When people heard "Yo yo yo, yo,pop a 40 and check your Rollies" everyone knew what time it was, CRIME TIME! The tag team that claimed Brooklyn as home had a lot of fans, especially when they would come out into the arena with the contents of some poor unsuspecting wrestler's bag, selling everything to the fans.They actually were also rather successful, spending a total of four years under the WWE banner. Tonight, we talk to one half of that team, JTG. We will discuss his early years, his influences in the business, OVW, RAW, and his book, DAMN! Why Did I Write This Book?. This should be a lot of fun.

    Have a question? We always like to let our listeners talk to the wrestlers, within reason. You can post your questions in our chat, call via Skype or by phone at (347) 850-8033. Katie, Steve and Sean are ready for tonight, do YOU have your valuables locked up?

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    EWA Network Presents PWR SLAM! Episode 100

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    Who would have thought we would reach this milestone? Tonight we celebrate our ONE HUNDRETH EPISODE! While we've had our ups and downs it's been through the dedication of not just our hosts, but you, our listeners, that we have kept this going.

    Tonight we are bringing back our Spotlight and welcoming back our friends from PWA in Springfield, Il. They have another great event planned for central Illinois this weekend that they will talk about. We are very happy to have them back with us.

    We don't completely know who may join us however, we do have two people who are slated to join us;

    2 Cold Scorpio has been a household name in this business since the 1980s. Debuting as Ron Simmons partner on a WCW "Clash Of The Champions", the man who brought the Hayabusa 450 splash to the U.S. was a mainstay for WCW and ECW and spent some time in the WWF in the early days of its national expansion under the name Flash Funk. 

    What can we say about Kenny "Starmaker" Bolin that hasn't already been said, probably by him? Kenny is always one of our most popular guests and has no problem speaking his mind about the state of the business which we know all of you love. This is also a special occaision as this is Kenny's birthday. We're not saying he's old, but you've heard Katie tell Steve he went to high school with Moses, Kenny graduated with the prophet Isaiah! 

    We love for you, our fans, to take part in the celebation. Just ask your questions in our chat, Skype us or call in at 347-850-8033. Thanks for making the first 99 episodes fun, we hope you'll stay with us for the next 100!

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    Prosperity Wrestling Radio Presents PWR SLAM!

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    Tonight PWR SLAM! interviews an up and coming second generation star currently working the Midwest independent scene which is a long way from home and a big guy on the West Coast who is making quite an impact himself.

    Cody Jones grew up in Texas, the son of Southern wrestling star Tom Jones. His Dad was a trailblazer, opening up the doors for many other Black wrestlers.Cody has chosen to follow in his Dad's footsteps and has worked in many areas of the country. We'll discuss growing up as the son of a trailblazer and how he is trying to keep the legacy of his Dad alive.

    Over on the West Coast, Jeff Cobb, also known as Mr. Athletic, is a monster. This youngster has been tearing up the West Coast wrestling scene in his short time in the business. He has made such an impression that he is on one of the top wrestling TV shows. Due to confidentiality we can not use the ring name he uses but you have seen him. We will ask certain questions that will not compromise that confidentiality but will still allow you to get behind the scenes of that program.

    We will also be joined by Brian Blade from Midwestern Wrestling Alliance who will be running two cards this week in Illinois. We look forward to speaking to him as well tonight.

    Again due to confidentiality agreements we will be screening all questions for Jeff but we do invite you to post your questions in our chat or by calling us either via Skype or by phone at (347)  850-8033. We hope you will enjoy tonight's show.

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    PWR Presents Rampage Rants-Monday Night Mayhem

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    Over the last several weeks we've been ripping on a few backyard groups that have been making the wrestling business look bad. A few months back, we were made aware that suddenly a champion from a legitimate group in Illinois started "training" a few people from our main target yarder group. You would think that we would appreciate that, wrong. Not only is this former yarder doing this "training" IN SECRET where his organization has not been aware of his actions, he let them CONTINUE to run and these people are dropping his name in order to get bookings with legitimate groups. We will talk to that person, Christian Rose, sometime tonight.

    We have had a rescheduling of one of our upcoming guests. We will announce our replacement tonight, and you will be surprised and we're sure quite thrilled. We also have our first guest for May lined up which we will announce tonight.

    We had a LONG WrestleMania last night, running 4 1/2 hours long. What did you think of it? What,especially did you think of Shane's INSANE drop from Hell In A Cell last night? We'll talk all bout that as well as,tonight's RAW which the RAW after WrestleMania always has the most entertaining crowds. We're sure The Authority will have Roman Reigns first opponent named for Payback. All this and MORE hosted by your PWR team of Sean, Steve & Katie. Join us in our chat, on Skype or by phone at 347-850-8033. We look forward to hearing from YOU!

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    2D Sports Radio Presents PWR SLAM!-A Slammin' Christmas Special

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    It's Christmas Eve eve and PWR SLAM! is presenting its FIRST ANNUAL SLAMMIN' CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. Tonight we bring two of our favorite people back in roles that are probably unfamiliar to them (heck, we're probably doing some downright bad casting, but we're doing it anyway because at least we'll be amused).

    In the role of Santa, we have everyone's favorite Heel Supporter and Best Selling Author, Kenny Starmaker Bolin. We all know Santa Kenny has lots of presents in his bag, namely Beats By Bolin, Buds By Bolin, Starmaker Satellite Speakers, and I Probably Screwed YOU Too!, all for sale from his Facebook page or Amazon. We know he's made his list and checked it twice, we'll find out if Katie's been naughty or nice!

    In the role of Mrs. Claus, we have EVERYONE'S favorite GLOW girl, Roxy Astor! Roxy has been busy coming up with her first ever Christmas Rap, which she will premier EXCLUSIVELY on our show tonight! Will she be able to get Bolin Claus away from the Golden Corral buffet table in time to get on his Cadillac sleigh to start delivering presents to all the good little wrestling fans? We'll have to wait and see.

    This will be an evening of fun, laughs and MUSIC! Yes, we actually wrote our own Christmas songs especially for this show. We hope you will enjoy them. If you don't, please don't tell us. We are fragile and get our feelings hurt very easily. Anyway, join us tonight as we share Christmas stories, wrestling stories, and maybe a little Christmas Cheer (all legal, of course). We invite you to join us via our chat, on Skype, or by phone at (347) 826-9418. As always, calls are screened and will be used based on time and apropriateness.

    Join Sean, Steve, Katie, Santa & Mrs. Claus as we celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. Just don't ask for a Red Ryder BB Gun, you'll shoot your eye out!

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    2D Sports Radio Presents PWR SLAM! Last Ladies Night Of 2015

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    TONIGHT at 9 PM EST / 8 PM CST on PWR SLAM! # 87 "Ladies Night" we will be joined by NWA Smoky Mountain in our Indy Spotlight to talk about their HUGE show this weekend which will feature the current and reigning NWA World Heavyweight Champion & 1/2 of the NWA World Tag Team Champions "GodZilla" Jax Dane when he will defend the 10 pounds of gold against his tag team partner "Iron Man" Rob Conway. Other matches include Bullet Club Member Chase Owens W/ Ricky Morton Vs. Kid Kash in a Career Vs. Career match as it will be Kash's & Morton's careers on the line in this match for the ages.

    Then it's on to "Ladies Night" when we will be joined first by a young woman making waves everywhere she goes we will be joined by the lovely and very talented Rachel Freeman we will talk about what wanted to get her involved in the business, who trained her and all of her career. We very much look forward to this interview and know that you our listeners will very much enjoy it.After that we will be joined by our main guest of the evening and with that brings the controversy which we never have nor will we ever steer away from this young lady has been a BIG mouthpiece everywhere she goes, but don't let her big mouth fool you because she's got the goods to back up the smack she talks, Annie Raeth! We will be talking with Annie about training, her early career, being a valet and the art of being a successful manager today, and of course her wrestling career. We will also talk big accomplishments like her match with "The Beautiful People's" Own Angelina Love!Join Sean, Steve, & Katie for ALL of this  TONIGHT at 9 PM EST / 8 PM CST!  We invite all of our listeners to call in with their questions, comments, or concerns by using the blue handy dandy skype button or by calling in on the listener line at 347-826-9418. ***ALL CALLERS ARE SUBJECT TO SCREENING & TIME RESTRICTIONS***

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    PWR SLAM! Presents An Evening With Les Thatcher

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    Bring your notebooks and TAKE NOTES! What you are going to recieve tonight in two hours for FREE others have had to PAY to get! PWR SLAM! is priviledged to present to you "An Evening With Les Thatcher".

    You will hear two hours of instruction, stories and jokes from one of the most well known trainers and promoters the wrestling business has ever had. The list of wrestlers who have spent time under Les' tutelage is a Who's Who of the business, including Matt Stryker, Shark Boy, B.J. Whitmer, Chad Collyer, Charlie Haas, Shannon Moore, Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli, and Dean Ambrose. He has worked behind the mic with Gordon Solie, Bob Caudel, Lance Russell, Jim Ross and Jim Cornette. A lot of the concepts he brought to wrestling television are still in use.

    During his time running the Heartland Wrestling Federation he ran the annual Brian Pillman Memorial Show and is also a champion bodybuilder, winning five championships in fourteen contests.
    We welcome your comments and questions (which will be screened for content) via our chat, by using the Skype button or calling us at (347) 826-9418. Steve, Katie and Sean are looking forward to speaking to Les, we hope you're looking forward to listening to him.


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    PWN Presents PWR SLAM!

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    Tonight we welcome back an old friend to the show to talk about his latest project. Many of you may remember Bobby (Blaze) Smedley of Smoky Mountain Wrestling and WCW fame. He was one of our early guests when he released his book "Pin Me Pay Me Have Boots Will Travel". In fact, he was kind enough to give us a copy which we gave away in a trivia contest. He also made a very memorable appearance on the Roast Of Kenny Bolin.

    Bobby is back with us tonight and he has a new project in the works and a unique way of marketing it. Steve has already seen it and it looks very interesting. We'll talk about that and catch up with Bobby and how life is treating him. We hope you will enjoy catching up with our friend.

    We also have some VERY exciting news concerning a few upcoming guests. We have some people who have played and are playing some very important roles in the industry. Want to know who they are? You'll have to listen. 

    If you have't seen the video we created for our "Reverlution Rasslin Trainin Skuul" piece you need to go to our page and check it out! It's already starting to go viral, not "Gangham Style" viral....yet. But it has been sent to a couple of noteable comedy shows.

    We hope to have your questions as well. You can use our chat room, Skype or call (347) 850-8033. We hope you enjoy tonight's show.


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    PWR Slam! Featuring David Starr

    in Entertainment

    Tonight PWR SLAM! comes to you at  10/9 Central. After a brief discussion of the current Survivor Series main event and the emergence of Erick Rowan without the Wyatt Family and the re-emergence of Skip "Ryback" Sheffield. After that, we talk to representatives of New Breed Pro Wrestling in Tennessee about their show this weekend.


    Our main guest for tonight says he's "Over As (expletive)" and currently holding FOUR tag team titles he may be right. David Starr is one half of the tag team known as The Juicy Product. We will talk about his amateur background, training under Samu of the Headshrinkers, going to CZW and the East Coast wrestling scene. We welcome callers at (number) but all calls are screened for content and time. Note : language will probably be of an adult nature, listener discretion is advised.

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    PWR SLAM! Featuring Shannon Moore

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    He was a punk prince, he was a book author (The Book Of D. I. L. I. G. A. F.) a tag team champion and a tattoo artist. This Wednesday night PWR SLAM! returns with former WCW /WWE /TNA star Shannon Moore. We will discuss not being the biggest guy in the ring but still making himself a star, the beginning of Ink, Inc., the tattoo business and whatever else he (and us) can think of. We welcome your questions either through a our chat room or by phone at 646-478-0073. Questions will be screened for time and content.

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