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    PWP Radio: WWE Money in the Bank 2015 Post Game Show

    in Wrestling

    PWP Radio makes a return to the airwaves with the WWE Money in the Bank 2015 Post Game Show! 

    It has been approximately six long months since Pro Wrestling Powerhouse Radio went on a hiatus. However, with the momentum of ProWrestlingPowerhouse.com & CoolWrestlingNews.com, it only made sense to bring our unique brand of wrestling journalism back to the world of podcast & radio!

    Money in the Bank is set to be a turning point in WWE history as Roman Reigns vies to become "Mr. Money in the Bank" for the first time in his career. Was he successful? Or did Dolph Ziggler gain the coveted briefcase one more time?

    Who will walk out as WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Will Seth Rollins continue his run with his strap or will Dean Ambrose shock the wrestling world?
    Can Kevin Owens catch lightning in a bottle once again? 
     Will The New Day retain their Tag Team Championships in a clash with The Primetime Players?

    Please make sure to tune into PWP Radio here on BlogTalkRadio and on Stitcher, iTunes and at ProWrestlingPowerhouse.com! We are on our way to being your #1 Pro Wrestling Radio Network on the planet! The future is bright for PWP and we hope you stay around for the ride!

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    PWP Radio: WWE Monday Night RAW Post Show (6/15/15)

    in Wrestling

    Night two of PWP Radio's official relaunch week, PWP Editors Eron Ramadanov and Oliver Norgrove break down Monday Night RAW! 


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    PWP Radio: The Reaction - September 29, 2014

    in Wrestling

    http://www.ProWrestlingPowerhouse.com brings to you The Reaction each and every Monday Night following WWE Monday Night Raw! 

    It’s sure to be a game of good cop/bad cop as Harry & Tony entertain your calls and breakdown the happenings of WWE Monday Night Raw! Join hosts Harry Broadhurst (commentator for Real Action Pro Wrestling and Black Diamond Wrestling) and Tony Acero (411Mania.com, The Greg DeMarco Show) as they provide immediate reaction and analysis of wrestling’s biggest show—WWE Monday Night Raw.

    Call in at 760-888-5749 to let your voice be heard!

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    The Bottom Line 6/29/15

    in Wrestling

    The only opinion that matters on Monday nights. PWP's Zack Heydorn reviews and discusses WWE Monday Night Raw and the world of professional wrestling. Entertaining segments and social media engagement make the program as interactive and as FUN as possible.

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    PWP Radio #53: Indie Wrestling Hype

    in Wrestling

    On September 24, 2013, PWP Radio comes back to the air with two interviews! Independent wrestlers will be calling in and discussing upcoming shows!  

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    The Eyriey and Watson Show: Who's More Negative?

    in Wrestling

    Tune in today for the very first episode of The Eyriey and Watson Show, hosted by yours sincerely Benjamin Eyriey and Andrew Watson.

    On this week's episode, we're dedicating this episode in memory of Dusty Rhodes. We'll also be sharing our favorite memories of him, and much more. Benjamin and Andrew also get into a heated discussion about 'bad hairstyles' and 'awful music', where they share with the viewers some embarrassing stories regarding bad hairstyles that they've sported in the past. Your 'Question of the Week' is also answered; 'if you could be any wrestler, who would you choose and why?' Scott Narver from Curtain Jerks: A Comedy Wrestling Podcast also joins the team to discuss his new movie, Dave Made a Maze.

    You can get in contact with the show:

    Email: eyrieyandwatsonshow@gmail.com

    Twitter: @Benjamineyr and @stringmaker4

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    The Bottom Line 6/22/15

    in Wrestling

    The only opinion that matters on Monday nights. PWP's Zack Heydorn reviews and discusses WWE Monday Night Raw and the world of professional wrestling. Entertaining segments and social media engagement make the program as interactive and as FUN as possible. 

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    Oh You Didn't Know

    in Wrestling

    Join JCD, Toph and others as we discuss the latest on Hulk Hogan, Summerslam, the ROH time slot move and what it could mean, TNA and much much more.

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    Oh You Didn't Know. The Return

    in Wrestling

    Oh you didn't know is back. Tonite we discuss TNA & Jeff Jarrett and more. Join JCD and Top

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    PWP Radio #51

    in Wrestling

    Join TLD and the crew for episode 51 of PWP Radio! 9 PM EST on Sept 10, 2013! Eric Pleska from Pro Wrestling Syndicate will join the show to take a look at what is in store at future events. Stars like Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Scott Hall, Sgt. Slaughter and more will be on future events. What does he think of all the aforementioned wrestlers? 
    Plus, all the talk about what is currently going on in the professoinal wrestling business!
    VISIT: http://www.ProWrestlingPowerhouse.com

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    VOC Wrestling: PWP Newscast with PWPonderings.com

    in Entertainment

    Jerome Cusson & Chris GST have a ton of news to discuss this week as Samoa Joe is now signed to an exclusive contract with WWE & ROH is now on Destination America. Then it’s onto EVOLVE from this past weekend what it means when the DGUSA Tag Titles are “retired”. More discussion about Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens, and then an exclusive interview with Rudeboy Riley discussing the debut of Tier 1 wrestling in New York in a special series we are doing leading up to their debut on July 10th. Lots of stuff to cover so enjoy and send your feedback to mailbag@pwponderings.com

    For those that heard the live version the Rude Boy Riley interview and rest of the show begins at around the 40 min mark.