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    PWP Radio #53: Indie Wrestling Hype

    in Wrestling

    On September 24, 2013, PWP Radio comes back to the air with two interviews! Independent wrestlers will be calling in and discussing upcoming shows!  

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    PWP Radio #51

    in Wrestling

    Join TLD and the crew for episode 51 of PWP Radio! 9 PM EST on Sept 10, 2013! Eric Pleska from Pro Wrestling Syndicate will join the show to take a look at what is in store at future events. Stars like Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Scott Hall, Sgt. Slaughter and more will be on future events. What does he think of all the aforementioned wrestlers? 
    Plus, all the talk about what is currently going on in the professoinal wrestling business!
    VISIT: http://www.ProWrestlingPowerhouse.com

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    PWP Radio #34

    in Wrestling

    PWP Radio #34 will discuss WWE Raw, WWE Extreme Rules, TNA and much more!  Jay takes another week off, but JCD and TLD are there to fill in for this awesome, brand new edition of PWP Radio!!

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    PWP Radio #49 - Wrestling News

    in Wrestling

    PWP Radio #49 comes to you LIVE at 9 PM EST at BlogTalkRadio.com/PWPRadio for a 90 minute discussion on the world of professional wrestling! The beginning of the show will start when Scott Campbell, a winner of a WrestleMania Auction who recently appeared on Raw with Tons of Funk, joins us for a quick Q & A! 
    We will also dive deep into the current news in the wrestling business and developments on Monday Night Raw. 
    Call the show at (760) 888-5749 and join us on all of our platforms!
    ProWrestlingPowerhouse.com Twitter.com/PWPowerhouse Facebook.com/ProWrestlingPowerhouse

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    Under The Mat: Super Turbo Championship Edition

    in Wrestling



    LISTEN ON www.blogtalkradio.com/PWPRADIO or www.prowrestlingpowerhouse.com (or click on the link below). ALSO DOWNLOAD THE STITCHER APP ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE (ANDROID, IPHONE) CALL IN AT (760) 888-5749 PRESS 1

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    PWP Radio: Episode 16 - PWP Award Categories

    in Sports

    PWP Radio: Episode 16!!! December 4th, 2012 will mark the 16th episode of PWP Radio with the announcement of the PWP Year-End Award Categories!! Voting will start and winners will be announced on the first ever episode of PWP TV!
    We will also dive deep into the world of WWE and TNA with thoughts and analysis on WWE Raw and TNA Impact Wrestling!
    We will discuss The Shield, John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk vs. Ryback at TLC, Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode and much more!
    Join us LIVE at 9:00 pm est. for a fresh, new episode of PWP Radio!!!
    Call in at (760) 888-5749
    Don’t forget to join us at: www.Facebook.com/ProWrestlingPowerhouse www.Twitter.com/PWPowerhouse
    Please listen to the show right here on www.ProWrestlingPowerhouse.com and please DOWNLOAD and RATE on iTunes

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    PWP Radio #56: Best of TNA Bound for Glory

    in Wrestling

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse Radio brings you the Best of TNA Bound For Glory! Heading into the biggest show of the year, what are some of our favorite moments and memories from years past? Listen as we predict the card, give you some of our favorite TNA Bound for Glory matches and what we think is in store for the future in TNA!
    Also, PWP will be at FWE in Brooklyn, New York to record a special video blog! Find out who we interviewed and what's in store for the PWP fans!
    In addition, we will update the Pro Wrestling Powerhouse All-Star Fantasy Wrestling League & highlight some of the happenings from Monday Night Raw!
    VISIT: ProWrestlingPowerhouse.com FOLLOW: @PWPowerhouse on Twitter LIKE: Facebook.com/ProWrestlingPowerhouse  

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    PWP Radio #58: WWE Hell in a Cell Recap

    in Wrestling

    #PWPRadio returns to the air with Episode #58 and our WWE Hell in a Cell Recap Episode! We break down the card and dive into all the developments coming out of Monday Night Raw!

    Also, we will bring back out Wrestling News segment by bringing you the latest, up-to-date reputable wrestling news and analysis! 

    And, for the first time ever, we bring to you the first "Greatest Promo's EVER!" We will play one of the greatest promo's in wrestling history! We will break it down and analyze the brilliance of this promo! Tune in to find out what it is!


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    PWP Radio #38 - The Best in the World

    in Wrestling

    In an all new LIVE #PWPRadio, the crew will discuss which wrestlers are truly the "Best in the World." The 38th official epsiode of PWP Radio comes to you LIVE on June 4, 2013 w/ a special discussion on which wrestlers are truly the "Best in the World!" 
    We also want to hear your thoughts! Please call in the show at (760) 888-5749 and get in on the conversation!
    FOLLOW ON TWITTER: @PWPowerhouse LIKE on FACEBOOK! Check the show out on iTunes!!!!

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    PWP Radio #55: WWE Battleground Review

    in Wrestling

    Join the only wrestling show at The Jersey Shore that matters: Pro Wrestling Powerhouse Radio for our WWE Battleground Review Show! Plus, if anyting awesome goes down on Raw, we'll talk about that too! TAKING CALLS AND QUESTIONS ALL NIGHT STARTING AT 9 PM EST AT 760-888-5759 Who is the new WWE Champion? Did Cody Rhodes get his job back? Do we have a new World Heavyweight Champion?
    PLUS, exclusive updates on our PWP All-Stars Fantasy Wrestling League as Jay goes into Battleground with a hefty lead. As always, we will discuss anytihng in wrestling including TNA, ROH and much more!
    VISIT: ProWrestlingPowerhouse.com LIKE on FACEBOOK! FOLLOW on TWITTER: @PWPowerhouse  

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    WWE Raw Reaction - Powerhouse Radio

    in Wrestling

    It’s sure to be a game of good cop/bad cop as Harry and Tony entertain your calls and breakdown the happenings of WWE Monday Night Raw! Join hosts Harry Broadhurst (commentator for Real Action Pro Wrestling and Black Diamond Wrestling) and Tony Acero (411Mania.com, The Greg DeMarco Show) as they provide immediate reaction and analysis of wrestling’s biggest show—WWE Monday Night Raw. The wrestling week peaks on Monday night with WWE Raw Reaction—only on Powerhouse Radio!