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    Ways to put a smile on their face

    in Relationships

    When the special individual in your life is happy, It makes for an even happier relationship. There's nothing like being on the recieving end of a surprise! In this episode we discuss "ways to put a smile on their face! Sometimes you just want to do something new and different. Maybe there are some things that you never considered to be exciting to your significant other, but will prove to be something they'll never forget! So Let's Talk About It!

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    The Madhouse Radio Network *Put Yo Ass On Blast "Family or Not"*

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    Tonight....CD aka Crazy Dirk, plans on GOING OFF!!! Put Yo Ass On Blast....Family Or Not!!! He just doesn't care!!!! Its going to be uncut and 100% REAL!!!! He is not playing!!!! Enjoy the show and Welcome Inside Of The Madhouse!!!!!

  • Why Women Put Up With A Man’s Bullshit

    in Family

     Ranging from the immature things men say and do (or in most cases, fail to do) to the incessant cheating habits some men have, men stay fucking up…yet it is really the woman’s fault because we tolerate this shit and continue to stick around, citing “loyalty” to our man or situation. Fuck that! Since it seems so nonsensical… why do we do it? This question has had me thinking and making mental notes for quite some time and after drawing from all the situations I have witnessed, I have concluded that there are some main reasons, in no particular order, for why women put up with a man’s bullshit:

     Attention:  Women, a lot of times, put up with bullshit because it’s better than not getting any attention from your man at all. Every woman wants attention from a man and sometimes that leads them to do alotta shit, which includes sticking around longer than necessary.

    Wasting Time:  If it’s one thing women hate, it’s feeling like they wasted time on some nigga and a relationship with him. Dropping a man who’s on that bullshit brings about that scary feeling of having to start over with someone new

     No Other Options: No one ever wants to be left without any other options. Therefore, we tend to stick with the only choice we have… despite all of their ridiculousness.

    They Think He Will Save Them: You then have that select group of women who put up with their man’s cheating and bullshit because they are trying to hold out for the pot of gold at the end of the tunnel.

    Baby Mama Syndrome: Women tolerate too much from their man just because he is the baby daddy. That doesn’t give a nigga an excuse to act out. 


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    SB Barber Morning Show - Business of Monday Money Watch 'Put on Record SB'

    in Business

    Business of Monday Money Watch|Talk - SB Barber Morning Show. 'Put on Record - Commentary by Founder/Apostle SB Barber, "... ALERT! Today BLACKFRIDAY discount put on the heads of Africans Blacks in America." Selah


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    The Madhouse Radio Network *WTF/Put That Ass On Blast "Mash Up Edition"*

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    People!!! We know that you ask yourself sometimes...WTF!!! Some people make you want to Put That Ass On Blast!!! So..tonight...The Madhouse Radio Network...will be doing just that!!! Nobody is safe tonight and they will not be holding anything back!! This world is just getting crazier and is filled with people that you just want to smack the hell out of!!! Its going to be off the chain!! Enjoy the show and Welcome inside of The Madhouse!!!

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    in Spirituality

    I believe that as Christians that God wants to renew our minds in all areas of our lives. He wants to change the way we think about this life, how we use our time, our finances, how we see our jobs, our families and all of our relationships.

    I especially believe, one area that is vital to renew our minds as Christians is how we see ourselves. We need to see ourselves not through our own eyes or the eyes of the world. We need to see ourselves through the lens of Scripture. Then, and only then will we see ourselves as God truly sees us.

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    Put 'Em On Blast Or Throw 'Em Under The Bus Call Now

    in Music

    Call now and put these niggas/bitches on blast or throw them under the bus! This is the show for you to vent it all out! If you have a side chicc or side nigga who doesn't know their place put them on blast! Call Now let the world know or call and get advice. It's your show call in and let's talk about what's on your mind!

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    in Religion

    Sometimes it is VERY neccesary to evict specific people from your life BEFORE God will do what you NEED HIM to do in your life. 

    Background scripture: Mar 5:40 "And they laughed at him. But he put them all outside"

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    Out with New Year Resolutions. Put work with those word!

    in Motivation

    Live This Wednesday January 7, 2015

    9:00pm- 10:00pm EST

    Topic: " Out with New Year Resolutions. Put work with those word!"

    Listen via:
               www.joettasportsandbeyond.com   click on Radio
                       Call in number (646) 787-1680
    To ask questions or make a comment
    Live Every Wednesday 9pm -10pm Eastern Standard Time

    "Checking in with Joetta” is an interactive show that will provide informative conversations about topics such as health, education, finances, fitness, empowerment, sports, relationships, and motivational tactics. These topics will be discussed with business & financial leaders, educators, sports legends, entrepreneurs, health & wellness advocates and historical icons.

    "Checking in with Joetta" will serve as a useful, informative and thought provoking resource for ALL adults, teens & children.
    Call (646) 787-1680 to participate in the show.
    Feel free to call to ask questions or make a comment
    Live Every Wednesday


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    Big Jazz Host Bring it to the TABLE the Intro Show!

    in Lifestyle

    The Intro show Big Jazz Will Get you Ready for his First Live Show on Halloween Night 2014 Fri,Oct. 31st 9pm. The intro show will Break Down Some topics & Give the Listeners What to Espect When Bring it to the TABLE us Launch in Two Weeks.......Sports SEX Life 

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    You’re Not Put There Just to Be There

    in Religion

    It is very easy to look no further than one's own condition, to determine whether they are benefiting or suffering in a situation.

    If someone received new employment, or a promotion, then God has blessed them and they should be happy. If they achieve a milestone in education or personal development, or become financially independent, then they are blessed and, again, should be happy to have "arrived" in such a place...

    Well...maybe and maybe not...

    An objective understanding of Romans 8:28 would indicate that the good, for which all things work together, is not man's, but God's...and God is not beyond using tragedy, or success, among men, to bring about what is good in His sight.

    Also, Paul wrote that he had learned to be content in all circumstances, and that his remaining on the planet, rather than departing to be with the Lord, meant fruitful labor for him.

    Whether the situation is good or otherwise, for you, God has not put you there either to celebrate or host a pity party. You are there to accomplish something that glorifies the Most High...and the sooner you recognize it, the sooner you might go to be with Him, which is far better.

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