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    The PUSSIFICATION of America

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    It has been said, by people from other countries, that Americans are soft, fat, lazy people.  And when this comes up, Americans get mad about it, cuss out the people saying it, and continue to sit in front of their huge, flat-panel TVs, in their recliners, with a sugar-filled, carbonated beverage and something to "snack on", getting softer, fatter and lazier by the minute!

    And what are soft, fat, lazy Americans watching?  Sitcoms where the white, male "Father figure" is the premise of nearly every joke on the show!

    Americans -- especially American men -- have been socially castrated by society, Hollywood, the "entertainment" industry, the "feminist" movement, and in many cases, their own WIVES!  And it's high time that it stopped!

    Tune in on Saturday, June 9th, from 7-10PM eastern time, as Hosts Rob "Griz" Browning and Joe Nizzari tackle this issue head-on, like men! 

    Call in, and voice your opinion: 347-308-8988

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    The Jake Pentland Show

    in Entertainment

    The gang tackles topical news stories. Like the Upset Fat Cows yelling at Abercrombie and Fitch and the lesbo child rapists who is beloved because she eats "The Lady Taint". Jake tries, once again, to stop pussification of america

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    The Southside and Hosie Show

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    New day! Monday gets you started.
    We will get into the stupid ass comments by Todd Akin. He says that "legitimate rapes" don't spawn children. WTF is a legitimate rape? Dude cra'y! 
    Also, there is a 12 year old 6'1" 300lb  boy in Texas who is being banned from playing because he's over the weigh limit. Is this fair?
    Attentiondeficittheater.com if you like laughter. 

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    The Pussification of American Men

    in Lifestyle

    So angry. So very, very angry. :)

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    Is Chivalry is Dead? If so, did Women Kill It!

    in Lifestyle

    Why aren't more young men being raised with gentlemanly manners of opening up the door, helping her with her coat, and pulling out her chair? Is it seen as the pussification of men or is it that women no longer demand to be treated with a certain amount of decorum? 
    Sassy & Dylte ask -Is chivalry dead? And if so, did women kill it? This show is sure to be fiyah!

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    The Minds of Men

    in Romance

    Have you ever wanted to know what REALLY goes on in the minds of men? The no-holds barred, spare no punches, cold, hard truth? Well this is your chance to learn.

    Will Wavvy is joined by his "Fab 5": The Champ and Panama Jackson of Very Smart Brothas, and Rick and Eric Willams and Jay Skill of TRP promise to leave no doubt about what men think when it comes to...

    Independent Women - Stop putting Extras on Regular Ish
    The Game - And how to tell when he's running game on you
    The Pussification of Men and the problem with "Nice" guys
    Why men congratulate themselves but condemn women when it comes to sex.

    And that's just for starters... we're also going to take your calls and answer your questions. After this show you can no longer use the excuse, "I didn't know."

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    BET Awards, Fedor, and Mel Gibson

    in Radio

    On tonight's show, we'll discuss the usual coonery that is the BET Awards, Fedor's first loss in 10 years, the pussification of American sports, and Mel Gibson's racist rant. Be sure to tune in tonight.

    Don't be afraid. Call in and give us your thoughts or give us a topic to talk about. The choice is yours.

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    Blackhearts Anger Management Hour

    in Entertainment

    Hello Everybodddaayy!!!!! I am the FIRED UP! too cool for school! but too hot! and SHOT!!! Timmy Arson who will be joined by my co host ERIC ADAMZ!! and I have decided to do a SHOW!! To bring back a BIG SHOW!!(No not Paul Wyte It is the RETURRRNNN!!! of the BLACKHEARTS!!!!! and it will be brought to you as the NEW!!!!!BLACKHEART Anger Management Hour!!!
    Here is the first installment of Anger Management Hour which will be a nightly rant,rave,opinionated rage filled tangent/Anger Management session related delving into any topic that is on our minds or YOURS!!! This is the first episode and we will do it RAW from a cellphone connection similar to the old school Blackheart SPorts Entertainment hotline back in the late 90's to early 2000-2001. A Legacy started by Matt Zombie The Apocolyptic dream who delved into the world of professional wrestling and gave an opinion rarely heard in and around the sport THE TRUTH!! A no holds barred, no bs, look at the world. This show and the theme of most shows will be dedicated to the excellence and proficiency demonstrated by one silver tongued wizard, unique boutique freak, MR. MATT ZOMBIE!!!!!! In EPISODE 1 we'll call it The BOOTLEG........ Here the entire show is done on the fly with no preparation whatsoever and the intro song is played and then the MELTDOWN beginsas Tim wants to give up in the first 3 minutes and thinks doing theshow is a bad idea as he is disgusted with life, his co-host, and the way he perceives the abortion known as his first BIG TIME RADIO show is going. From there Eric attempts to discuss relevant news in theworld of Pro Wrestling and MMA and Tim takes him to the MAT several times on what he believes is hypocrisy and the PUSSIFICATION of wrestling, MMA, and the World in General...A DEFINITE MUST HEAR As the OFFICIAL RETURN OF THE BLACKHEARTS!!!

  • The Jake Pentland Show

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    Join Jake and his crew of misfits as they talk about the pussification of america! The Jake Pentland Show! Saturdays at 4pm EST/1pm PST on Uncensored Radio

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