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    Pursuing Happiness with Filmmaker Adam Shell

    in Movies

    Filmmaker Adam Shell discusses Pursuing Happiness, his inspiring new documentary. What is the secret to actually finding happiness? The film follows Shell and producer Nicholas Kraft across the country where they talk to remarkable people who radiate genuine happiness.  Every story shows a different struggle and a different triumph as artists, public servants, parents, and dreamers show the world what makes them happy – and how that happiness has a remarkable impact on the people and their communities. Featuring testimony from experts in the field of mindfulness, psychology, art, sociology, religion, and cultural studies, Pursuing Happiness  brought Shell into contact with the worldwide happiness movement.  After successful screenings at several film festivals (which lead to an appearance for Shell at the United Nations and on The Today Show), the film is scheduled to open in select theatres on March 20, designated as International Happiness Day, and will be released on demand and streaming services throughout 2016. Shell and Kraft also worked together on two previous documentaries, Put the Camera on Me and Finding Kraftland.   

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    Sneak Preview of Pursuing Greatness 2013

    in Education

    Pursuing Greatness 2013, my annual college prep summer conference, is exactly 30 days away!
    This event is for all parents, college-bound teens, educators, and members of the community!
    Make your investment in the future of our nation and world today -> www.collegeprepready.com !

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    Journey to Loving Yourself, Your Path to Greatness

    in Lifestyle

    I would like to welcome Dr. Ida Greene to the show!  Dr. Greene will share with us what is blocking you from having the life you want, achieving the success you desire, or finding and keeping the Love you want or desire?  Your journey to genuine Self Love is the key. When you are on your path to Greatness, all aspects your life is in total alignment.  If you are looking to love yourself to get on your path to greatness, then you won’t want to miss this interview.  We cannot love another or life until we love ourselves.  Be sure to tune into www.blogtalkradio.com/conscioustalkradio or you can listen by dialing (347) 850-8423

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    What do you say?

    in Motivation

    Click Play!

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    you are now in the presence of greatness

    in Hip Hop Music

    You are now in the presence of greatness thank you for tuning in

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    RYGN Show Sessions 5: Releasing Your Greatness Now For Youth Boys Only

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    The founder, program developer, and host of LICICS Broadcasting Network is back on Blog Talk Radio Broadcasting platform April 29, 2016. Larry C Bardge is the founder / creator of LICICS (Life In Crisis Impacting / Changing Solution) multi programs and services providing organization. The LICICS Broadcast Network goal is the effective informing, educating, impacting and changing, training, equipping, inspiring, motivating, empowering, and enriching of people lives through LICICS Radio Show, LIPASS Radio Show, RYGN Radio Show, CLIN Radio Show, training programs, coaching services, special events, media audio, video, and graphic design products,. So, join us on April 29, 2016 at 9:00 in the morning for the another episode of RYGN Show. This is a show developed by the Host that will deals with the topics of greatness inside of men, women, teens males / females, youth girls / boys, and the family unit. Inside all of us all is the hidden greatness of untapped potential that is waiting to be discovered and used.From the old to the young there is something awesome and wonderful hidden inside of us. All of the people of greatness that you see, read about, or have heard about had to tap into that greatness that was hidden inside of them. They allowed the hidden greatness from within to train, shape, mature, define, and take them to new levels in there talents, skills, and gifting of greatness. So, let me express this again " everybody has hidden greatness inside of them wanting to be released; no matter how old or young you are it is there waiting to be discovered,embraced, and used in a mighty way. 

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    How do we access our greatness?

    in Entertainment

    Hi angels, Motivational speaker Gene Abbott will share with us:  How do we access our greatness?

    The show starts at 8 pm east coast.

    The call in number is 760 890 7143.

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    Bernie Sander's collective vision to achieve greatness vs Trump's business model

    in Relationships

    I am doing a 30 min show possibly alone tonight to explain my format and purpose of our show Political Gravity, the history and being on the air for six years under 2 networks. 

    I am also explaining clashing world views of Sanders - through many things can be accomplished vs. Donald Trump's business model of individual greatness and how it translates to spreading good or bad will. 

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    Praying with Love and Power Around the World---Getting Ready for Greatness!

    in Spirituality

    We are praying with Love and Power today. If you are expecting greatness this week, join me online at 7:00pm only on the AlfredaLoveShow.Com

    If you want to be on the show:


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    The Altitude of Your Attitude: During The Toughest Times

    in Lifestyle

    How is your attitude? Your attitude determines your altitude of your success in every area of life. 

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    Olga Reinholdt: I'm the one who will not let your greatness hide ever again

    in Lifestyle

    I am an ontological coach with Accomplishment Coaching.


    I'm the one who will not let your greatness hide ever again: you will break paradigm by paradigm, you will be astonished, you will be scared, sometimes you will hate me, but you will shine.


    I’m a motivation ninja, idea generator and “no excuses” coach: I’d rather help you find a way or make one.


    I know for sure that life is an epic quest with a breathtaking mission. It’s not easy and comfy, but it's worth it.


    Not so long ago I packed 30 years of my life in two suitcases, moved with my husband and a three year old son from Kazakhstan to the USA, and started a new exciting life from scratch.  So when we talk about leaving a comfort zone, it’s never just a theory.


    I’m bilingual, a big fan of rock music and dragons, devoted Iyengar yoga practitioner, passionate singer, and a Buddhist at heart. 


    Check me out at www.olgareinholdt.ru/en or send me an e-mail olga.reinhold@accomplishment.coaching.com


    I offer a two-hour complete breathtaking, eye-opening and mind-blowing ontological coaching session for those, whose stories, dreams, aspirations and big goals give me goose bumps. So if you want to try ontological coaching (what is it anyway?) in action, tell me a little about yourself and what you are creating in life. If we resonate, I will definitely get in touch and offer valuable coaching experience to you.



    Join my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/fitnessedu.kz/, find me in Instagram https://www.instagram.com/olga_reinholdt/

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