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    Ep 2. Purpose Driven Rock-N-Roll

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    Kyle O, content designer and writer for Breaking Up... Not Staying Down, discusses his new project and how he went from being the most pessemistic person in the world to pretty much average! .

    Kyle, who plays a host on this radio show talks about the writing he did as a teenager, and how learned to quit quitting. 

    This is the last of the solo shows so from now on you will be entertained by witty cross-banter (depending on the guest) But I think it helps to hear the story of the person who hosts.

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    Internationally acclaimed Host / Spoken Word Poet / Speaker MIKE GUINN join Promoter / Producer / Spoken Word Artist SUITE FRANCHON and Marketing Strategist Jacqueline Taylor-Adams for conversations about purpose driven poetry - how does understanding you are called to share a message pertinent to your quality of professionalism! CALL IN (646) 716-7994 or join us in the chatroom.


    Spoken word is hot and beginning to grab a spotlight in the entertainment industry. From performance, events, publishing, recording, TV, to licensing, INDUSTRY MONDAYS: The Business of Spoken Word says Let's explore, create, and collaborate how to monetize spoken word, create residual income and opportunities while still keeping the integrity of the art form.

    For Radio Play Consideration: Submit spoken word, conscious Hip Hop, and great music to talk2us@mastergriotradio.com

    This episode is available On Demand on iTunes & Stitcher Radio * Follow / Like / Talk 2Us: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

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    The Purpose Driven Business -

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    Why, what, and how we conduct business is sometimes more challenging than trying to answer if the chicken or the egg came first. A business plan is more than an item to be checked off of a to-do list. Being true to ourselves and understanding why we started our business is the foundation of a successful business.

    The purpose of our business begins with knowing our own purpose and using that cornerstone to build our mission statement and ultimately our business. Join us and our special guest Sunita Trevino, as we discuss our purpose statements and how it's used to keep us aligned in business.  Listen LIVE from your phone by calling 347-945-6693 or click the link below to tune in from your tablet or computer.

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    A Purpose Driven Business with The Bookert Agency

    in Business

    Every business has a purpose, and is significant in the market place.  On this episode we will interview DeAnna Bookert of The Bookert Agency.

    We want to show you how to impact the marketplace using your divine gifts.



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    Success and Significance -A Purpose Driven Business

    in Business

    Want to know to make your business significant in the marketplace? 

    Success and Significance - A Purpose Drive Business with Charles Johnson , and Katrina Sawa.  


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    A Purpose Driven Life Can Be Yours

    in Spirituality

    In less than one hour you could be on the path to... * A purpose driven life ... * A more spiritual life ... * A life of deeper meaning and greater happiness ... * A life where you wake up every day DOING the things you were meant to do ... * A life that could positively impact thousands, if not millions of people ... * A legacy leaving life Welcome to... A Purpose Driven Life Can Be Yours.
    After listening to A Purpose Driven Life Can Be Yours presentation, you can get started on the path to leaving an inspired life legacy. Just click here.  

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    J. Bass Ministries presents Purpose Driven Life Pt. 1

    in Motivation

    This show will be hosted by Erik and J. Bass as we discuss the 1st 5 chapters of the AWESOME book "Purpose Driven Life" written by Pastor Rick Warren. My brother E. Bass and I have been through SOOO many painful moments in this life and as we rebuild from the ashes, God lead us to this book. I have read it several times now and each time I gain fresh encouragement and insight, so this time to study it with my brother is an AWESOME opportunity that I am ABSOLUTELY looking forward to. I hope that you will tune in with us until we have completed this series and that each one of us will be better as a result making positive impacts in our homes, communities, and world as we realize our purpose even more.
    God bless and MUCH love, J. Bass

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    The 7 Powers of Purpose-Driven Families

    in Family

    Join us in welcoming back author and entrepreneur JD Messinger as he discusses the Seven Powers of Purpose-Driven Families.

    How can we come together with our children (and sometimes our partners) as a fully-functional unit with a common purpose? Can we have more than one purpose as a family? JD will let us know in this enlightening episode.

    Award-winning innovator, visionary and author JD Messinger has a beautifully simple message:  Everyone must choose. JD says, "What we think, is our choice, despite the influence of friends, family and the media, so let’s choose to live by the values we know are right for us and for the world. It is time to consider the legacy we will leave behind us, and whether it is something we can be proud of."

    He has been married to Marianne Messinger for thirty years, and they are blessed with three children. The family is currently living in Texas.He is conversational in Mandarin Chinese, and in his free time Messinger enjoys all things adventurous such as fencing, scuba diving, hiking, and hosting talk radio.

    To find out more about JD, please go to www.JDMessinger.com.

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    Is a Purpose Driven Life... a Spiritual Life for You?

    in Spirituality

    In less than one hour you can be on the path to...
    * A purpose driven life ...* A more spiritual life ...* A life of deeper meaning and greater happiness ...* A life where you wake up every day DOING the things you were meant to do ...* A life that could positively impact thousands, if not millions of people ...* A legacy leaving lifeWelcome to...Is a Purpose Driven Life... a Spiritual Life for You?After listening to Is a Purpose Driven Life... a Spiritual Life for You?, you can get started on the path to more happiness and deeper meaning. Just click here. 

  • Living A Purpuse Driven Life

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    Greetings All,


    As we come to the end of the year, let's reflect. Do you have evidence of a purpose driven life? What is your purpose in the earth realm? Can we stay focused; steadfast and committed in what God has equipped us to do.

    Donise Benton discovered her purpose when she saw the hand of God repositioning her for such as time as this. The spiritual delivery revealed the divine plan and foundation that would propel her life in ways Donise was unable to imagine! God transformed,empowered, and encouraged a young shy girl from the city of Baltimore into an officer in the kingdom of God.

    Let's Talk! Call and let me know what worked and were the problem lies that keeps us from knowing our purpose.

    Call and tune in at (347) 327-9741

    Evg. Donise Benton



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    Purposeful Conversations: A purpose driven life

    in Self Help

    On this show, host Jose AlbinoCoach, will engage in a thought provoking conversation about living a truly purpose driven life with Ann Jenrette-Thomas, Esq., CPCC, ACC.
    Do you feel stuck in your career and often think that you should be dedicating your time and efforts to your life's calling? 
    Ann, an executive, leadership and culture coach will talk about her personal journey of working as an attorney and the reasons she walked away from her prestigious and high paying career over four years ago in order to live her purpose.  
    The conversation will zero in on the roles that culture, family and society play in the decisions people make,  or don't make, regarding living a life that is on purpose and aligned with one's own expectations and value system. Tune in and find out how and why Ann came to her decision and find out how you can get inspired, to at minimum, begin thinking about your life and the level of authenticity with which you are living it.
    You can visit Ann's website at:

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