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    Bleed Purple And Gold Radio: Quarter Season Review

    in Basketball

    The Los Angeles Lakers are a quarter of the way through the season and things have not gone well for the purple and gold. Join host Corey Hansford as he discusses everything that has happened throughout the season. Who has surprised and who has disappointed? What has Byron Scott shown us so far? Can Kobe Bryant keep this up all year? What possible moves could the Lakers make? All of that and, as always, your phone calls as we look at the Lakers leading into their game against the Sacramento Kings.

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    Bleed Purple & Gold Radio: Opening Night Special

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    Opening night is finally upon us and the Lakers host public enemy no. 1 former Lakers center Dwight Howard and the Houston Rockets. The Lakers had ups and downs all preseason, and injuries continued to plague the team, but now the games matter. Join host Corey Hansford as he takes you to tip off discussing everything about the purple and gold. How will Kobe hold up?? Will the team be able to keep a healthy point guard at any point this year?? Will the young guys, Julius Randle, Ed Davis, Jordan Clarkson continue their great play?? All of that and of course your calls heading into the Lakers first game of the regular season.

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  • Bleed Purple & Gold Radio: The Pros And Cons Of Kobe Bryant

    in Basketball

    With the Los Angeles Lakers on a three game losing streak, and a scary road ahead on this holiday week, join host Corey Hansford as he looks at the positives and negatives of Kobe Bryant this season, and whether or not Byron Scott is using him properly. Should Kobe sit out games for rest purposes? Who could step up if he's not in the lineup? We'll also have the latest on recently released Josh Smith and the Lakers' chances at bringing him in. All that as we lead up to the Lakers matchup against the team with the NBA's best record, the Golden State Warriors, and, as always, your calls, on the latest edition of Bleed Purple & Gold Radio from LakersNation.

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    Bleed Purple & Gold Radio: First Week Struggles & Kobe Being Kobe

    in Basketball

    Host Corey Hansford is here to discuss everything Lakers after their first week of the season and you can call in to have your voice heard at (914) 205-5612 to ask any questions or just rant about your frustrations. The first week of the Lakers' season is in the books and it was a rough one as the team lost all four games against teams who won at least 48 games last season. The competition was defficult to be sure, but there were some positives to be had. Kobe still looks like a top player in the league. Jordan Hill and Ed Davis have both been excellent up front. On the other end, the defense still has a long ways to go, Jeremy Lin is struggling, and the Julius Randle injury was heartbreaking. Despite everything, the season is long and a lot of things can happen and we here at Bleed Purple & Gold Radio will be going through everything with you right up to tipoff of tonight's game vs. Phoenix.

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    Bleed Purple & Gold Radio Draft Recap

    in Basketball

    After an exciting draft night, Bleed Purple & Gold Radio recaps everything that happened with the Lakers. Initial thoughts on Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson and what they can provide the team. What this means for Lakers options in free agency. As always this is the show for the fans so we will get all of your phone calls with reactions and questions on the Lakers draft and future this off-season.

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    The Purple Girl Show Holiday Special

    in Fun

    We're kicking off The Purple Girl Show 1st Annual Holiday Give Away with Celebrity Designer Angel Brinks! Chatting with Manny of Sweet Bitch Wines and Melissa Henrius Plus Size Model, Host & Graphic Designer. Happy Holidays!!!!!!!

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    Bleed Purple & Gold Radio Episode 1: NBA Draft Preview Special

    in Basketball

    Lakers Nation presents the inaugural episode of Bleed Purple & Gold Radio where we look ahead to this Thursday's NBA Draft. Rumors are flying surrounding the Lakers. Will the team keep or trade the pick? Who's the choice at seven, Julius Randle? Marcus Smart? Joel Embiid? What is the best trade package for the pick? Join host Corey Hansford as he answers all of your questions leading into the off-season. Call in and give your opinion on what the Lakers should do.

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    Bleed Purple & Gold Radio: (Pre) Season's Greetings

    in Basketball

    The preseason has finally begun and there are already some issues with the Lakers. Minor injuries have already popped up on Jeremy Lin, Jordan Clarkson, and Ryan Kelly. Steve Nash is experiencing some issues as well leading many to believe he just needs to retire, and the Golden State Warriors made the Lakers defense look as bad as it has ever looked. On the plus side, Kobe is back and can still do some things on the court and young bigs Ed Davis and Julius Randle have flashed some potential through three games. What are your thoughts and feelings on the season so far?? Who has caught your eye and what has you most worried?? Call in to host Corey Hansford to ask all your questions and voice your opinion on everything Lakers.

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    Bleed Purple & Gold Radio: The Kobe Conundrum & The Swag Effect

    in Basketball

    Join Host Corey Hansford as he discusses all of the issues hindering the Los Angeles Lakers so far in this season, leading up to the team's showdown with the Memphis Grizzlies. Kobe Bryant has gotten a lot of flak recently for his shot selection, especially down the stretch. Fair or Foul? Speaking of shots, the return of Nick Young is supposed to help relieve the situation. Is it going right or wrong so far? The Lakers have also been granted another disabled player exception from the Steve Nash injury and lost another player for the season in Xavier Henry. What does the team do now? What should it do? Discussion on everything and of course your phone calls at (914) 205-5612. Call in and let your voice be heard.

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