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    Turning Up The Gospel With Stanice Anderson and EssenceMcGowen & COGIC

    in Religion

    Stanice Anderson

    I was a heroin addict who has been clean and sober for 29 years. I overcame abusive relationships, sexual assault, and low self-esteem. God resurrected my life and love resurrected my dreams. 
    Sharing my Life-Stories is what I've been spared to do. Hope is contagious. Spreading it is what I do. Visithttp://STANICE.com/

    Essence McGowen and COGIC

    We are ministers who travel from state to state winning souls to Christ. We appeared on TV multiple times (e.g. TBN, CMV, the Yes Show), also on radio (e.g. 102.3 and 88.9 both in Chicago). We are obeying and we don't charge what we do.

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    Turning Up The Gospel With JKingdom and Montez McCamish

    in Religion

    Montez McCamish is his name, Born and Raised in the country side of Rineyville Kentucky. Blues is his Passion,  Tongues of Fire is the name of the Brand that he Promotes Along Side of The R.AT.E Group. 
    The Creative untamed sound that comes from the soul of this young man has Truly lived The best of Both worlds. Raised By a Loving and caring Lady of another Race installed in him The ways of LIFE it but it wasn't until Later when Reuniting with his Birth mother the Painful ,Disturbing but yet Loving gut wrenching howling and hollering that comes from deep inside of his Lungs and soul Had been Discovered.  His music will connect with Your listener on ALL Demographics Being that he is to a product of all Deferent Demographics.   

    J. Kingdom

    Every once in a while an exceptional and incredible talent impacts the gospel industry who leaves an indelible impression. Pastor Michael Fisher (aka JKingdom) is one of those rapidly expanding musical virtuosos who have done just that!  He is the dynamic Pastor of the Greater Zion Church Family.

    His gifts and talents continue to revolutionize the gospel music industry. Besides, he has provided inevitable proof of his great talents and an even greater future on his recently released awe-inspiring hit single “Complete Deliverance.” This single is a remarkable musical story ending well from his forthcoming project titled “Reconciled.”  Please hear JKingdom in his finest hour!


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    Turning Up The Gospel With Shonda English and Cassaundra Ratliff

    in Religion

    Boston native, Shonda English is a multi-gifted, spiritually-grounded force to reckon with, now residing in the state of South Carolina. With the ability to compose traditional music to satisfy the most conservative church goers, then blend gospel music with an urban twist to make the young generation get their praise on, she is highly sought after as a songwriter, arranger and producer.
    Meet Shonda English this evening on Turning UP The Gospel With Lady T.

    Cassaundra Ratliff 

    Cassaundra Ratliff was not envisioning a future as an Author when she spent 15 years abusing cocaine and heroin.  She was more interested in soothing her unwelcome wounds, which left many holes in her soul.  But from these painful beginning, 16 years later, emerged one of the most compassionate Writer, Motivational Speaker, Mentor and Entrepreneur.

    From a young age, Cassaundra always felt it was something different about her and often wondered why she didn’t fit in most crowds. She would be in her thirties before she would discover just how peculiar she really was; not realizing she had been set apart for an appointed assignment- to encourage, empower and promote healing and self-discovery within others; whereby, giving birth to BeCause I am a Woman Under Construction, LLC in 2001.  


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    Turning Up The Gospel With Lady Voncile Belcher and Simply Moe

    in Religion


    "The Voice that Rejuvenates Traditional Gospel Music"

    Born in the small town of Ozark, Alabama, she enjoyed singing for her family where she hails from a strong religious background; her father was a noted Minister while her mother was a well-respected Missionary. With deep gospel roots her yearning to sing thrived. Today, her love for Gospel Music has awarded her many opportunities to minister in song and has led Lady Voncile Belcher to pursue her fourth solo project.



    "My mess has become my ministry and my test has become my testimony".

    Simply Moe

    Indie Gospel recording Artist “Simply Moe,” born Edmonia Blount in Mount Vernon, N.Y., now based in Bronx, N.Y. is a Singer/ Songwriter, Evangelist, and an assistant to the Praise and Worship leader at The City of The Lord’s Praise Temple in Yonkers, N.Y.under the leadership of Overseer Hazel Perry. Simply Moe started to sing at the age of four in the church choir. Her mother realized she had a gift and talent and that singing made her happy and thus began to make strides in cultivating Moe’s gift. 


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    Turning Up The Gospel With Authors Tonya Wilson and LaQueisha Malone

    in Writing

    Tonya Wilson - Author of "The Time Is Now"

    It is the story of my life and journey of recovery from alcohol addiction. It is Tonya's  God given mission to reach out to others who suffer with addiction, mental health issues, and to give encouragement, inspiration, and empowerment to those who are in recovery. Tonya is also the Producer and Host of The Recovery Corner Blog Talk Radio Show which is sponsored by The Literary Corner Blog Talk Radio Show.

    Tonya has been sober for 4 years and counting.  "I thank God every day for this beautiful journey of recovery. My prayer is that others who suffer will accept Him and surrender to His will for their life. I pray that my book and my blog talk radio show will give others the courage and the strength to reach out for help, because God is always there to help them as well as others who are in recovery. It is a beautiful life".

    LaQueisha Malone - Author of "A Walk In My Shoes" and Owner of Strawberry Publications

    Writing has always been a part of her life. She began writing fiction stories and poetry about the age of 13. It was her way of coping with everyday situations. She accredits Dr. Maya Angelou for her love of writing poetry.

    Her poetry has been entered into numerous contests, and many of them were published in book and CD compilations through The International Library of Poetry. She also won many awards for these publications.

    She has been featured several times online from Blogs, Radio, and Magazines such as Sledge Rock City, NuSouth Magazine, KnowUrEnemy BlogTalkTadio, The1Essence Radio, One West Radio, and Urban Grapevine Magazine.

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    Turning Up The Gospel With James Willis and Carnell Murrell

    in Religion

    Please join us as we welcome two awesome gospel recording artists,

    James Willis and Carnell Murrell. 

    James will discuss his song "I'll Praise Him"


    Carnell Murrell will discuss his song "My Atmosphere".

    Invite your friends and family to join us for this exciting evening with two anointed men of God.

    Special shout-out to Nikki Smith and Bruce Knight.

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    A Pure Heart Seeks Wisdom - Join The Journey Through Proverbs 22

    in Christianity

    Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.

    Children are pure of heart and open for knowledge and wisdom.  


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    Turning Up The Gospel With Authors Tonya Barbee and Mike Anderson

    in Religion

    Join us as we talk with TWO dynamic authors: Tonya Barbee and Mike Anderson. Tonya's book is entitled "The Little Girl Inside. Tonya is also a playwright and speaker. 

    Mike's book is entitled "A Polished Soul". Hear his testimony about how he went from prison to being an established author. 



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    The Prayer Line...Keep A Pure Heart And Sound Mind And The Rest Will Follow!

    in Prayer

    How much did it cost you to be who you are?   That will be the discussion of the show.  Tune in with us to share in God's word and find the answers you seek.  Everyone and Anyone is welcome to prayer in God's word with us here on Blogtalkradio.com/ThePrayerLine.  We will see you again next Sunday at the same time and same online station at 6:30pm est.



    Matthew 5:16 [Full Chapter]
    "In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."

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    Turning Up The Gospel With Lady T - Kelli Bolton ~ The James Patterson

    in Religion

    This evening's guests are 

    Gospel recording artist, The James Patterson
    Kelli Bolton - Author

    The James Patterson
    In 2011 Patterson nearly lost his life. Almost 150 pounds overweight; he was hospitalized due to complications with diabetes.  Realizing he was called by God he knew there was greater work to do. With the support and encouragement of family, his artistry was birthed. 


    Kelli Bolton
    In 2000, Kelli received a prophetic word concerning writing, and in 2001 that she did just that. In March 2009 Kelli was inspired to write a book about teen dating and domestic violence after the incident between young Hollywood’s hottest couple. Through Kelli, God is showing young people what real “love” looks like in her book “You Said You Loved Me”. In 2012 she released her second novel “Church Gossip” and is currently in production with the film version of the book.

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