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    On It's Story Time with JD Holida onRRR

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    Above Should say: It's Story Time with JD Holiday on Red River Radio

    Duke Day For Annie by AgyWilson & The Adventures of Sir Buddy and Mr. Pupples: The Rescue by Richard McEwan. www.blogtalkradio.com/rrradio/2015/01/27/its-story-time-with-jd-holiday-on-red-river-radio

    Duke Day For Annie ~ Young Annie prepares for a famous guest. We see the summertime temptations as she whisks through her day's preparations with flair and fun. Based on true events, Duke Day for Annie is set in Old Orchard Beach, Maine circa 1937, as Ann Cummings Searcy readies for her friend Duke Ellington. Large Print.

    Buy at: www.amazon.com/Duke-Day-Annie-Agy-Wilson-ebook/dp/B00IBGMN0K/

    Agy Wilson's site: www.agywilson.com/

    & The Adventures of Sir Buddy and Mr. Pupples: The Rescue~ 

    This is an engaging story for children to read or have read to them about a lost puppy. Hopefully, it will encourage young ones to think about the story when they come upon a stray dog or cat; and seek the guidance of an adult in helping to find it's family...or new home.   

     Buy at: www.amazon.com/Kids-Book-childrens-nutrition-Preschool-ebook/dp/B00LUS1MG2/

    Richard McEwan's site: www.twodogstales.com

    Plus, Book Picks with Author Agy Wilson  Agy Wilson's site: www.agywilson.com/


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    Pet Radio-How Far Would You Go For Your Dog's Quality of Life?

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    On this Show you will meet Gunnar, a sweet dog that was left a parapalegic after a car accident, which did not deter his lifetime companion Jason Parker from going above and beyond to make his dog's life as comfortable as possible. It is a heart warming story that is sure to inspire you.

    Following this you will hear the story of Sophie the shy mill dog who was used as a breeder in a puppy mill before being rescued. She requires some special attention, but most of all LOVE and and the warm touch of human hands and companionship which she never before experienced.

    Join us to celebrate dog's loving spirit.

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    The new social media, internet socialization, the hap.py spot to be

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    Puppy Mills (The Truth You Didn't Know)

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    Most people have probably heard something about puppy mills.  But how much do you really know?  In this episode of The Missy Show, we define just what puppy mills are and explore the living conditions these dogs find themselves in.  Before you get your next puppy, be sure to tune in to this episode.  Join hosts J and D, Saturday, January 17th at 5pm Central as they tackle this heartbreaking topic.

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    Francis Chan's Antinomian Puppy Love

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    An review of Francis Chan's best selling book, "Crazy Love." 

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    Dryuary Chooses You Take the Challenge Today And Start The Year Healthier

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    Today's topic is "Dryuary" "What is Dryuary"?  My special guest is Dr. Marc Kern, Ph.D  Dr. Kern will speak about the Dryuary challange and give more details about it.  Dr. Marc Kern, Ph.D., and he is the Co-Founder of Alternatives Treatment Center, Chairman of the Board of Moderation Management, and the creator of Dryuary.  The Dryuary Challenge is an opportunity for individuals to come together in an online community to commit to 31 days of abstinence from alcohol, setting themselves up for a healthy start to the New Year. Staying dry in January is already a global movement with the United Kingdom in it's third year. Dryuary is bringing the concept to the United States.  According to US government, drinking less alcohol is one of the most popular resolutions that Americans make each year. Drinking less is a sure way to become healthier, as alcohol increases fat around the liver, increases blood glucose level, and increases calorie intake- all of which can lead to serious health risks.The holiday season comes hand in hand with parties, work, socialization, dinners and family time, which all tend to encourage higher levels of alcohol intake. Healthy habits are often forgone during this time.   Dryuary makes the abstaining month motivating and practical. Participants have the opportunity to challenge and/or sponsor friends and family, and support one another throughout the process. Participants will be able to track their progress through the website, along with the progress of thousands of others. Individuals will have a vast support system and will not go through the challenge alone.  For more information about Dr. Marc Kern go to  http://addictionalternatives.com/

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    The Pet Place Radio Show Orig. Airdate 11-22-2014

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    This morning Marie is going to talk technology.  She loves reviewing new products that can help keep pets safe so she have invited Lorien Clemens from PetHub to stop by in a bit to give us all the details on a new product that will help locate a lost pet quickly. Then, after our halftime break, she’ll be speaking with Dr. Matthew Wheaton, the veterinarian who treated a puppy who chewed off its foot after its owners left it tethered and unattended in the back yard.  This practice is unsafe and illegal yet it is still so commonplace.  It’s a sad story that needs to be told, and fortunately, it has a happy ending.  

  • Oprah: Is She Qualified To Speak On The Ferguson Protesters?

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    In case you didn't know, Oprah Winfrey is NOT the Messiah!

    But somebody needs to tell her that as soon as possible!

    Now that statement was sprinkled with a bit of sarcasm so please don't think that I despise Ms. Winfrey, that's not the case at all.

    My dislike is toward her actions - or rather lack of them - is when it comes to addressing the issues in the Black community she treats them like they don't exist until she has a movie coming out.

    It's almost as though she sees the pain and suffering that Black people must endure on a daily basis as merely a way to get the money pot stirred so that she can reap the benefits with the high box office numbers that happen whenever we as Black people see someone that looks like us on the screen to bring in the big bucks.

    I mean DAMN OPRAH! Are Black people simply trained monkeys to you that are to jump through your cinematic hoops every time you have a flick to hustle to the masses?

    .......do you feel as though we should feel that your movies are some kind of reward like a puppy feels when he gets a doggie snack?

    We jump for you all of the time Oprah, but in recent memory - and NOT so recent memory - you don't seem to care for us enough to give us the support when the people who look like YOU - male AND female - are shot down in cold blood with no hesitation or remorse whatsoever!

    How does it feel to look down on the poor city of us common working stiffs knowing that you for the most part have been given a pass to what most of us will have to endure for the rest of our lives in this country called Amerikkka?

    How does it feel to look in the mirror to know that you will always be Amerikkka's favorite Mammy and be paid well to continue a well known tradition that has been going on here for hundreds of years?

    How does it feel?

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    The Honorable, The Dishonorable, and The Estranged

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    The 'angel' of Skid Row: Cop who made one of America's worst areas 'safer and cleaner' by helping homeless find housing, teaching women self-defense and not focusing on arrests - and never once fired his gun

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2895858/The-angel-Skid-Row-Cop-one-America-s-worst-areas-safer-cleaner-helping-homeless-housing-teaching-women-self-defense-not-focusing-arrests-never-fired-gun.html#ixzz3Nrxi5FZX

    Pregnant Miami singer whipped her son with a rope and killed family's puppy by slamming him on the floor 'because she didn't want to clean up after him'  

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2895133/Pregnant-Miami-singer-whipped-son-rope-killed-family-s-puppy-slamming-floor-didn-t-want-clean-him.html#ixzz3NryCGIVi

    Man Turning In Stray Dog to Animal Shelter, Killed by the police



    and other topics.

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    The Open Mick Podcast bids Farewell to 2014

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    Check us out on line!

    @wrestlingandy and @chadsheridan on Twitter

    The Boys take you through one or two hours of live entertainment, in-studio guests, a variety of callers, special Open Mick Podcast interviews, and discuss current events.  Talent of this nature does not require a script - which makes a fun, informational and comical podcast event.

    Basically free of FCC violations, you can pop the top off a cold one and enjoy!  Please pour some out for the Open Mick ... they are currently in prohibition.

    Friendly reminder from the OMP:  Always remember to say the code word "Irish" for specials and deals.  Never assume it's perfectly normal, you may need to see your doctor immediately ... or not.

    a Chris 'the Yance' Yancey Production 2014

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    The Pet Keeping Magazine and Radio Show

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    On Sunday December 21st 2014 at Midnight Europe Time, 11 PM UK Time, 6 PM EST, 5 PM CST, 4 PM MST, 3 PM PST Wacko Bob of The Wacko Radio Network will produce the next episode of the Pet Keeping Magazine and Radio Show that is hosted by Marine Biologist John Brandyberry and Willy The Beast Forrestk. The Topic of the Show is "What should I know about a Puppy from the aspect of a Veterinarian and A Dog Groomer before I get one for Christmas?" With the guests being Dr Chad Harris from the North Austin Animal Hospital and retired Dog Groomer April Ross from April's Aquarium

    The topics will go from Poodles to Pitbulls and the show wishes to thank Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc. and the I Have Standard Poodles Group for the images.

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