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    Cannabis Education: John Hardesty

    in Entertainment

    On occasion we like to bring you people whose quality of life has been enhanced through medicinal Cannabis use.

    Join us as John Hardesty opens his life to us and you for the pupose of education on why Cannabis could be right for you.


  • The Power of Love888: A Spiritual Spin on Relationships

    in Self Help

    The topic I will be covering on this episode is "A Spiritual Spin on Relationships".










    Relationships you need them no matter what, the first very one you developed was with your mother, in your mother's womb, then with your father, then with our siblings (if you have brother(s) or sister(s). The relationship journey continues.

    How many of you are struggling in your relationships with your husband/wife/child/a friendship/boss/co-worker/business acquaintance.

    Struggling to find Mr. Right and Mrs. Right/the relationship your heart desires.

    Or Maybe you are attracting challenging relationships though out your life and you don’t understand why.

    From this show you will learn the key spiritual/metaphysical principles and thoughts to apply to your relationships; whether it be with your: spouse/partner/family/children/boss/co-worker.

    Come join me and listen to a spiritual perspective on relationships.

    The energy that will be shared on my show will be healing, uplifting, inspiring, delicious, come and have a taste of it.

    Call in share your opinion on relationships and ask questions LIVE.

    Guest call in number - (347)850-8743

    Love and Light,






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    Create a Life You'll Love w/Susan Gonzales: Healthy Living Begins on the Inside

    in Self Help

    Most of us want to have a healthy lifestyle. Weeducate ourselves on nutrition and exercise yet, there are still times whe we haven't been able to develop consistency in taking care of ourselves. There could be more to having ahealthy lifestyle than just nutrition and exercise.  Join Susan Gonzales, Jann Jaffe, and Alison Graddock for a discussion on creating a healthy lifestyle that emcompasses the mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of health. We'll be sharing the mind/body/spirit connections to build a healthy self-image, getting to the root of unhealthy habits vs just treating symptoms. We'll share some easy steps you can take to start making changes now.

    Susan Gonzales (MA.Ed, PCC, ELI-MP) helps people create a life they'll love at any age. Considered the "Go To" coach, she helps her clients tap into their unlimited power to live a life of pupose and fulfillment.She is the creator of the Make it YOUR Mark personal growth program, author of the book Make it YOUR Mark, professional coach, corporate trainer, & public speaker. Contact: Susan@MakeItYourMark.com

    Jann Jaffe (MA, CPC, ELI-MP. C.O.R.E. Well-Being Specialist)  Traumatic brain injuries cut short her international opera/concert singer career and drastically altered her life. Jann helps professional women achieve optimal success, realize their potential, passion, purpoose, & well-being in all aspects of life. Contact: info@forwardtosuccess.com

    Alison Graddock (BA, CPC, ELI-MP, Health/Sports Performance) Alison helps her clients become their best by focusing on the mental/emotional/physical/spiritual to look, feel, and BE great. She is a high energy, passionate, and people centered coach who believes that everyone has the potential for greatness. Contact: Agraddock@gmail.com


  • Eleventh House Radio: Jupiter Into Virgo, Moon Phases And 4 Purpose Inc

    in Paranormal

    On today's show, we'll continue to look into Jupiter's move from Leo to Virgo and how it might impact us on a personal and collective level.  We'll also be looking into Moon phase astrology, where the cycles of the Moon take on an added depth and dimension to the art and interpretation of astrology. In conjunction with the Moon phase discussion, I'll be speaking with Charlotte Abel from 4 Pupose Inc, a group dedicated to the Moon phase work of the late Buzz Meyers.  I'll be speaking at their conference in Virginia Beach from the 16th through the 22nd of October.  Charlotte will give us some more insight into the group and the life and work of Buzz Meyers.

    Please join us.




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    Peace To Tha Phoenicians: Future Friday "Living in The Common" Imagination Layer

    in Education

    This discussion will be on the Layering of imagination. A thought must be beleive before it can come to fuision. This means that you must see that it is possible in order to bring it into reality. Your shakells are in reverse... One needs a direct interface with the ether to will desires into existance. Imagination severs this pupose. long thought to be for children or young adults, imagination is the single most imortant item when it comes to your existance. If you would like to test your imagination?, Try and imagine a color that has not been seen. 

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    The Sheila Ingram Show "A Moment with Sheila"

    in Women

    This show is designed to help move women from pain to power and from power to victory, Our Sidebar segment is our inspirational 30 minute spot with invited guest sharing their stories.

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    What's Your Excuse?

    in Spirituality

    Are you doing what you really want to do.. and making money?

    Or are you stuck in the same ole place… unhappy and not following your dreams.

    In this episode, we will look at what it takes to get out of the way of your life of purpose.

    With the release of my upcoming book, Confessions of a Shower Tapper, we will explore all the many things that keep us from taking that leap.

    This book explores 21 different confessions like.. I’m not good enought.. I’ll never make it.. I can’t charge that … I’ve got limiting beliefs!

    I will be taking calls to talk to you about what’s in your way and what you can do to move it out!

    We’ll do some readings and some tapping on the issues… EFT.




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    The Audible Bible From Jeremiah Chap 46:17-51:33

    in Social Networking

    The pupose of the Audible Bible, so that all can hear the word of God alive in the hrearings of believers as well as unbelievers. We started it, we will finish it. On the mission with an undivided, fully committed purpose to read the entire Bible by end of the year. For all the previous episodes from Genesis through Jeremiah Chapter 23 as well as The gospels through Acts of the appostles, that is Matthew thorugh Acts go to my website at wwww.harvestrevivalchurch.com or www.blogtalkradio.com/dominiquemichelministries. We are left with Jeremiah 24-Malachi and Romans through Revelation. Listen and be blessed

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    Probing into the Treasures and Amazing Insights of how a Child leads the Way

    in Spirituality

    TO be as a child is to return to our inborn state of grace and communion with Higher SELF...Interestingly, I 've had the wonder-filled experience of talking directly to the Higher SELF of many an infant. 

    All these babies knew their purpose and had very Principle oriented concerns regarding their pupose for being born into their current life and circumstance. 

    They spoke brilliantly about their intention and the outcomes they fervently hoped to take care of as their reason for their incoming life opportunity. They even sought to counsel their parents enough to help them with this, too!

    They know their soul purpose, and as adults we wonder about soul purpose. This speaks to the wisdom of "the lead of the child" before they are corrupted into thinking and believing as our world is so inclinded to instruct them into following. 

    We teach what we know and that passes on teaching our children to get so entangled, even to the point of our own destruction. What is wise about passing on our confusion, hates, and ignorance? 

    Children are not incomplete adults NOR are they stupid idiots. They are incoming Christos-Spirits adjusting to the limits of life and body-mind. They are transitioning from their more aware self as being a Spirit. That is our gift to tune-in to and reinvest within ourselves. 

    Initially, when we look into they eyes of our innocent children, we SEE our HOLY GROUND of BEING. Do we appropriately recognize this?

    Child is not to be positioned as leader of community, adults, or family per se because thery not skilled to do that. That is ludicrious. But the Essence, as in Spirit, is to be our lead back  to our essential and lost qualities of being.

    Join us, Sharon Quinn and Will Gable

  • Gratitude Gems Meditation : January Week 2 : Commitment

    in Self Help

    When we commit to life, goals and gratitude we build our self esteem, strength of pupose and achieve our heart's desires.  Join us for a dose of gratitude and commitment.

  • Soo Many Questions about Jesus: Fact or Fiction? Sorting the TRUTH of it Out

    in Spirituality

    We've had listeners ask us questions about the fallacy or reality of Jesus. Was he a person of Divine grace and Awareness intentionally born to help us sort out our Spiritual roots? Was he an icon created by religions setting the stage for an idolic hook for spiritual allegiences to an indoctrination?  Those two questions cut to the core of the many other questions that have surfaced.

    We have the further implications to consider, too. What about John the Baptist who seemed to arrive on the scene at the same time. Coincidence or Divine Plan? 

    Why should it matter to us thousands of years later? Were the persons Jesus and John a team? Were they both realized or not of their Christos-Spirit connections and realities? 

    What pupose did each serve to the TRUTH-telling genre of HU-man story telling relaying how HU (Spirit) is the Heart of Heart of any man beyond the shell of a body-mind?  Did they make a point worth knowing about? Did they succeed or not in their message delivery or was it skewed beyond recognition?  

    Soo many questions needing timely answers. JOIN us and be informed from a TRUTH-telling perspective as only the Christos-Spirit Point of View can share.

    Join us, Sharon Quinn and Will Gable