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  • 02:07

    Late Night Zone Out with punisher

    in Entertainment

    Punisher is pissed and has a few things on his mind then its back to a few topics and god knows what after last nights show and judges epic cherry popping

  • 02:09

    Late Night Zone Out with Punisher the Psychologist

    in Entertainment

    Join us tonight as the late night talk  show hosted by Punisher the Psychologist returns tonight at Eleven pm est

    Word of the night- Interjection

    Tonights Special guests for inteview by pun

    Mrs Bubblez


    I am sure Punisher has lots he can ask these two. Do note this is not an ooc interview he is interviewing thier characters to let people know about thier WU personalities

    Pun has a couple of topics to talk about tonight 

    Why do some people feel the need to speak on others behalfs

    Putting noses where it doesnt belong what happens to you

    where did the fun go?????????


    Join us tonight skype or call in 



  • 02:31

    EWA Late Night zone out with Punisher

    in Entertainment

    come join me tonight as we talk about many things

    its one thing to comment about something or someone but making someone a majo topic of your show and not having them present?? any opinions

    bringing up resolved issues that you not involved in how does this help you

    interjecting yourselves in everyscene makes you

    westling talk one o one, last time i gave a step by step outline to a storyline that was gold

    now pun is going to talk about making things relatible to your gimmik and what is acceptable and what is taking a stretch too far....

    emember this is a radio show, if you call some one out you face the potential of getting them to call in, furthermore the views expressed on this show by Punisher are his opinions, if you don't like it too bad, he speaks his mind and wlcomes you to do the same. if you try to come on and talk trash and fail to do soo, beware pun will jump in and do your job for you, vdue to launguege content and im shure something im forgetting this show is intended for a mature listening audience



  • 02:04

    Late Night one Out with Punisher the Psychologist 12:30am est

    in Entertainment

    Join in toinght as punisher talks about a few things 


    Lines ....again????

    with all the recent issues pun feels the nerve to speak about this

    Stupid news


    beating a dead horse



    Douche of the week  


    Spotlight company of this week RBMW

    Tonights Guest

    Mr. TV" Leo Crazy Danger ~ LCD


    and anything any of the callers want to bring to the show


  • 02:13

    Punisher the Psychologist and Fred Starr - Psych 101

    in Entertainment

    Due to the nature of these two together do know......

    the content in this show may offend you, you may cry and if you doo, Punisher will go around and collect the tears because he loves to give them to white ligthnin who makes the best mile high butthurt pie known to man

    This show is designed for the non late night crowd

    ON this show we will talk about alot of topics pun has a few he would like to accent today

    When keeping it real goes wrong

    what do you do when dealing with a stalker

    and help me help me i suck at life and need a good handout.....i dont deserve it but ill act like it


    and anything fred or any of the guest want to bring to the table


    douche of the week voting 



  • 00:31

    Late Night Radio with Punisher

    in Entertainment

    This is the debut show of Late Night Radio with Punisher where i will welcome all callers to call in and talk about anything having to do with Unstoppable

  • 02:59

    Punisher Talk Radio w spec co hosts/ Bubblez and White Lightnin

    in Entertainment

    Join in tonight as Punisher welsomces Bubblez and Whitte Lightnin on fo the show as his co hosts to talk  about anything on thie minds

    Punisher the psychologist finds out eveything going on cswf by thw owner and lovely Mz Bubblez

    Don't come to this one hungry like my stoned self will, because its like xmas eve for a one white lighnin who im sure had delicious grnadures of turkey and all the fixins dancing in his head.....what else is goin on ion there, well oun the psychologist will find out tonight

    Also he will speak on Black fiday and the curent situation with EWA and recent firings....

    The big topic tonight will be Pun willl be discussing the do's and don't of storylining. If you got some opinons on this matter call in and we will roundtable this idea, and if people all talk at once we will go one by one and get the facts and opinions out there

    Twofaced and why it seems soo cool.....

    Pun also announces his new Segment.......You are not smarter than.....random suggestions welcome

    Anything my co hosts want to bring up will be discussed as well

    If time allows pun will talk about upcomming EWA events and recap toinghts wed night anarchy show


    and im shue there will be more than that


    Do know Punisher Talk Radio allows the freedom of speech. If you call into the show and call out someone be ready for the chance they come on the show and speak up. Punisher and his guests opinions are as stated Opinions, if you get hut upset or dont like then and you fail to call in and voice your own well.....do know they are opinions and just that. Due to the rating of R i suggest the little ones miss the show or the ones with virgin ears listenier discrestion is advised

  • 02:31

    Punisher presents- the late night zone out 12:30 am est

    in Wrestling

    Get away from the glitches and come chat with Punisher tonight as we discuss a wide variety of topcs

    the word of the day is - coatailing/dick swinging- part of the attention series

    Douche of the week votes tallied live and a result

    Pun anwers all inbox submitted questions this week as well tonight

    and much more so escape thos glitches and come have some fun people


  • 02:30

    RBMW presents Punisher Talk Radio - The Late Night Zone Out

    in Entertainment

    Tonight Punisher Talk Radio returns with the late night Zone Out

    12:30 am est 
    Pun talks about count and EWA
    Live Tournament to face me for the radio title
    Pun announces the next EWA PPV
    Talks Holidays in hell event
    EWA douche of the week still accepting nominations

    Punisher talks about what happens when you lay a web and why it can be a double edged sword

    Word of the night relevant

    Seperation of avitar and manager
    -why is this an issue
    -how is this in aissue
    -how can you change it if you dont

    Pun talks about WUhamony and its launch this friday

    WHen looking for a GM what do you Look for???

    and anything anyone brings to the show

  • 02:06

    FreeDumb Radio presents-The Late Night Zone Out With Punisher and AoD88 12:30:00 AM Est

    in Wrestling

    Join in live tonight as Punisher and Angel of Death goes live at midnight

    Tonight we will talk about a few things

    Look back at last nights show -judgement a esq

    Usl- week back off

    WM WTF's

    Does pun sell name plates???

    How to look at GM's when finding a new one

    When finding gm's with no exp what do you look for if you hire them and once they get taught how to go at the job.

    Some guys not getting the point ??

    Anything you want me to talk about let me know



  • 03:00

    CSWF Radio - Presents Late Night zone Out With Punisher Tonight at 12:30am est

    in Sports

    Punisher talks about all the new happenings in the game


    His recent engagement, full patch at BOV

    When things dont go your way..........age Quit, and throw tantrums??

    forcing sides and why you look dumb

    next mondays tt battle with count

    Pun celebrates the holidays with one of the dumbest presents he has ever seen

    Punisher Anyalizes one of the Douche Bags of the week tonight on the new segment a look into the mind of a douchebag.....to do this pun will challenge all the doucheness around him 


    Pun promotes a company  this week is  DPIW tonight Pun talks a little about the company 

    is it fai to invite people to stables just fo fan supports????


    Douche of the week nominations begin again douche of the week is announced tonight as well 




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