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    Elaine Garcia Helps You Before You Publish

    in Writing

    Elaine Garcia and Before You Publish offer an array of services to authors, and others, such as:

    Copyediting: This is a word for word check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structuring, chapter numbering, and consistency of facts.
    Developmental/Content Editing: This process checks for plot structure, believability, and story flow. Does your story have a clear beginning, middle, and ending? 
    Comprehensive Editing: Includes both developmental and copy editing. This is COMPLETE editing  designed especially for the novice writer or first-time author. 
    Proofreading: This is a final read of the edited work before it goes to print (usually the typeset manuscript). They strongly suggest that this phase of the editing not be skipped.
    Transcription: This service will take your audio tapes and turn them into written documents. They will transfer your information from audio recordings into typewritten format from an audio dictation or recording.
    eBook Conversion: Do you already have a published book that you need converted into an ebook? Let them take on the tedious task of turning your book into an electronic file, ready for all major ebook publishers.

    To help you decide if Before You Publish is a good fit for you and your work they are happy to provide a FREE sample edit. To receive it send BeforeYouPublish.com the first 5 pages of your work; double spaced with 1" margins; and typed in Arial or Times New Roman font.

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    The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

    in Books

    Meet author/comic Gordon Bushell. Gordon will be 'chatting' with me about his new children's book, Panic in Punctuation Land!

    About the book:

    Did you know that all writing was once threatened by the actions of a famous punctuation mark...and then saved by the valiant actions of another? These shocking secrets have been kept TOP SECRET. This tale has never been revealed...UNTIL THIS BOOK.

    About the author:

    Gordon Bushell started his career as a copywriter and quickly climbed the ladder of success becoming a real life "Mad Men" as the top executive and chairman of a major New York Advertising Agency. Gordon lives in Boca Raton, Florida, and continues using his talents writing a humorous weekly newspaper column.

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    Authors, Gordon Bushell and Keith Zafren

    in Books

    Gordon started his career as a copywriter and quickly climbed the ladder of success becoming a real life “Mad Men” as the top executive and chairman of a major New York Advertising Agency. Gordon lives in Boca Raton, Florida, and continues using his talents writing a humorous, weekly newspaper column. He is the author ofHumor is a Funny Thing and Panic and Punctuation Land! 

    Keith Zafren transforms fathers into dads. He is the founder of The Great Dads Project, a fathering expert and coach, and an engaging speaker and author. For 30 years Keith has inspired people from all walks of life to reach their highest potential. He has touched thousands of lives, from executives to inmates, and brings his enthusiasm for personal transformation to dads-and moms-across the country through radio and TV interviews, speaking engagements, live workshops, webinars, and his new book.

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    Lucretia Torva - Sex: The Good, The Bad, & Hilarious

    in Self Help

    Lucretia Torva, born in Peoria, IL, spent her early childhood abroad - living in both Glasgow, Scotland and Grenoble, France, before returning to Peoria around her tenth birthday. Torva earned both her Bachelor and Master of Fine Art degrees in painting from the University of Illinois. While pursuing her passion of art, Torva held many jobs before becoming a highly-rated instructor of art, teaching both studio and lecture classes on numerous art-related topics. Torva, a single mother of two, currently resides in Phoenix, AZ and is a celebrated artist and owner of Torva Fine Art (Torvafineart.com).  SEX! The Punctuation Mark of Life is her debut book offering

    We'll be talking all things sex and you do NOT want to miss it!!! 



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    Writer Gordon Bushell

    in Entertainment

    Ever wonder where those clever commercials you see on TV come from? Wonder no more, because they might have originated from the creative and very funny mind of Gordon Bushell, an award winning and one of the original "Mad Men" who started his career as a copy writer at Macy's and retired as the chairman of a major N.Y. ad agency. After writing his first book, Humor Is A Funny Thing, a book that turned everyday hum-drum moments into a laugh-out loud funny book of comedy sketches (and a winner of the International Book Award), Gordon turned his attention to Punctuation and published a clever children's book called Panic In Punctuation Land! 

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    Money Making Mondays

    in Entertainment

    Gordon Bushell started his career as a copywriter and quickly climbed the ladder of success becoming a real life “Mad Men” as the top executive and chairman of a major New York Advertising Agency. Gordon lives in Boca Raton, Florida, and continues using his talents writing a humorous, weekly newspaper column. He is he author of Humor is a Funny Thing and Panic and Punctuation Land!

    Cody and Kyle Mead A.K.A. "TwoOuTOfThree" are Twin Brother R n B/Soul/Pop/ artists in a set of TRIPLETS, Born and raised in Herkimer NY. We are both Singers/Songwriters. and have been singing since we were old enough to pick up the microphone. Our passion is to make history with the Inspiration of what we love to do. We get the strength and dedication from God, family, friends, and fans. Ever since it was just take off from there, We love to sing and perform for everyone. We have been from talent show to talent show placing with many first place prizes. State fairs, weddings, funerals, etc. We have always been there for you and always will be, so let's stay together and accomplish what we all love to do. 

    Alice Crespo is Author of the book "Never be discouraged". It is a book about her life and how she started a non-profit organization for the disabled although Alice iscompletely blind herself.

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    Christian Doctrines: Can you prove what you practice and believe?

    in Christianity

    Traditional Christianity leaves a lot of missing pieces to the picture of salvation, real change, and achieving the status of Jesus Christ, which is required by the true Plan of God. Most plod through life, even as an alleged "Christian" and still feel empty, frustrated and not really connecting to what they long for in "spirituality."

    Christ warned of a false "Christianity" which would sound and look "Christian," and would be coming from people who purport to "be" Christian teachers, but would be deceiving many...

    Matt 7:22  "Many will say to Me in that day , 'Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?'  23 And then I will declare to them, 'I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!' NKJV

    Here's another warning...

    Matt 24:5 "For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ ; and shall deceive many."

    Most believe this is teaching that "many" would be coming trying to say they are "Christ," and by this, would deceive "many."  That is NOT what this is teaching.  You don't come in the "name" of Christ, and then pretend to "BE" Christ.  Look at it again with proper punctuation and true meaning...

    Matt 24:  "For many shall come in my name, saying I, (Jesus) am the Christ; and shall deceive many."

    Do you see the deception?  Christ is here warning that many would be coming in His name, saying that He was the true Christ, yet that this message they carried would deceive the many?  How can this be.  How can people "preaching" Christ be deceiving people with that message?

    If you do not understand the true plan of God as taught in the bible, you will NOT escape this deception!



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    Episode #2: Take Your 'SoulPulse' If You Want, But Sheep Don't Keep Track!

    in Christianity

    [Episode #2] Please join us for our next broadcast of Just A Lutheran Layman where we'll spend some time discussing the following...

    * "News With A Lutheran Layman's Views"
    (Story of the Week: 'SoulPulse' App)

    * "Sheep Don't Keep Track" By Todd Wilken
    (Bible Exposition: Parable of the Sheep and Goats)

    * What Does Punctuation And Math Tell Us About The Gospel?
    (One of my favorite blog posts by Pastor Matt Richard!)

    * "What Does The Wolf Say?"
    (Forget about the fox! We'll help you identify who the "wolves in sheep's clothing" are and to discern what they're saying...)

    * "Apologetics Q&A The Lutheran Way"
    (Catechisis: Answers To Common Criticisms, Objections, Questions)
    (Question #1: On What Should We Base Our Assurance of Salvation?)
    (Question #2: Will Our Souls Be With God When We Die?)
    (Question #3: Does The Athanasian Creed Promote That Our "Good Works" Save?

    Of course, we'll take your comments, questions, and prayer requests as time permits. You can send me your questions or comments to: info@lutheranlayman.com or @LutheranLayman

    [AUDIO: "Bittersweet Symphony" Instrumental; "Wedding Song" By City Harmonic; Some Additional Sound Bytes from Table Talk Radio, YouTube Clips From Public Domain; Concordia Publishing House]

    [NOTE: All Bible readings from ESV unless otherwise noted]

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    in Health

    Hannah McDonald is the author of the geekiest diabetes blog anywhere, Dorkabetic. Advocate. Poet. Social media enthusiast. Office support. Writer of all kinds of things. Bragging rights BA in Communications, 2nd Most Emo Poet in Philadelphia, Still Uses Capitalization and Punctuation in Text Messages, Met Matthew Caws from Nada Surf on the street in Delaware because she was wearing a Nada Surf t-shirt, owner of a robot pancreas.  

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    Robert Blechman writes a mystery from Twitter messages

    in Books

    Authors on the Air is pleased to present Dr. Robert Blechman and "Executive Severance", his murder mystery comprised of Twitter messages.   "On May 6, 2009, I began a literary experiment: Was it possible to maintain a narrative structure and attract a reading public in Twitter, live-tweeting 140 characters at a time? Posting a new "tweet" twice a day, every day, never missing a deadline, I completed his twitter mystery or "twitstery" in 15 months. The 140 character limit of Twitter required intensive wordsmithing, creative editing, and the omission of punctuation in some cases and a lot of counting. To succeed I adopted the narrative strategies of cartoon artists Al Capp, Chester Gould and Will Eisner as well as canonical mystery writers Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett and Robert B. Parker."
    Dr. Blechman teaches at Fordham University in the Department of Communication and Media Studies. His areas of expertise include the creative use of social media, advertising and media industries.   RKBs_Twitstery http://www.twitter.com/authorsontheair
    This is a copyrighted podcast owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC and produced by Pam Stack.

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    Black Girls and Media Perception

    in Dads and Family

    Join us on Ties Never Broken-OnAir! on August 26th at 7pm as we talk to Andrea Butler; Editor-in-Chief of SEIS Magazine. The magazine focuses on creating positive messages for black teen girls. http://sesimag.com   Andréa Butler is an entrepreneurial writer, editor, publisher, and public speaker who focuses on creating positive messages for black teen girls. Prior to launching Sesi magazine, Andréa worked as a high school English teacher for five years; currently she also holds a position as an associate editor at LivingSocial. Her friends call her Ms. Correcto, as she crafts witty, compelling, informative content on the regular and slays errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation with a passion. She also enjoys sharing her knowledge of how to launch an independent magazine by conducting hands-on workshops for groups looking to delve into the wondrous world of self-publication.  

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