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    The Fairness Doctrine

    in Politics Progressive

    While partisans fight over a so-called "war on Christmas" The Fairness Doctrine looks at the war over Christmas - the national argument over Nativity scenes in pulbic, tax-payer supported placed.  In Hour 1, Constituional Law expert Alber Navarra tells what the First Ammendment does and does not protect about those Christmas displays in your public park. In  Hour 2, what is with Tim Teabow?  Is "Teabowing" a PR campaign, a religious display, none of our business because NFL teams are private companies and can do what they want?  Larry Tauton, Founder of the Fixed Point Foundation and a defender of faith and values, talks to us about Tebow and Teabowing - putting Christainity into pop culture.  A new concept in the opinion-driven world of talk radio, The Fairness Doctrine  is a daily two-hour on-line and on-air radio show that  brings together two dynamic hosts from different sides of the country and different ends of the political spectrum with a shared dedication to entertaining radio.  Conservative Chuck Morse and liberal Patrick O'Heffernan interview national guests and experts ranging from Senator Jim DeMint to Howard Dean to explore news, politics and culture from all sides.  With a team of award-winning contributors in the US and the UK, The Fairness Doctrine keeps progressives, conservatives and independents informed and engaged with news, interviews and opinion heard nowhere else.  

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    Education is Failing and What You Can Do About It

    in Education

    1/3 of all pulbic high school grads are dropping out. Of those who graduate, nearly 70% desire to go onto college. Most never graduate. And according to recent reports college students are not learning.

    Things have changed in the world, especially in the last 15-20 years, and educaiton hasn't kept up. Besides, the model used for schools is over 200 years old, built for a different time, different economy, a different world. But even our colleges are failing: 

    “Colleges and universities, for all the benefits they bring, accomplish far less for their students than they should."

    “Many students graduate without being able to write well enough to satisfy their employers . . . reason clearly or perform competently in analyzing complex, non-technical problems” Derek Bok, former pres. Harvard

    “For most of the 1990s, the United States ranked last among 14 nations in raising college participation rates, with almost no increase during the decade” Patrick Callan, Pres. National Center for Higher Education and Public Policy

    "Industry has already largely adapted by turning to graduate schools and foreign sources, often regulating U.S. college graduates to routine non-manual occupationswithin firms”  Academically Adrift 

    Join me for this most critical of conversations