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    Marco and Roberta of Beautifulpuglia.com - Puglia has to be on your list!

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    Marco and Roberta have the best resource on Puglia you'll find.  Their site beautifulpuglia.com helps you discover Puglia and plan your trip start to finish.  You'll find tips on where to stay, where to go, what to eat, and things to do.

    This neatly organized and easy to use site will help you understand why Puglia is becoming one of the hottest regions of Italy.

    Imagine visiting the Trulli or Alberobello, soaking in the sun of the pristine beaches, eating Panzerotti, orichiette with broccoli rabe and anchovies, sipping glasses of Negroamaro, Primitivo, or Locorotondo, visiting the sun-soaked white stone towns that hug the coastline as the sea and village mingle with daily life.

    This bread-basket region of Italy produces most of the Italian olive oil we all love so much and the ancient, wise olive trees are everywhere.  

    Visit beautifulpuglia.com, plan your visit, rent a car and get to it.

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    Paul Cappelli of Villa Cappelli in Puglia

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    The Villa sits majecstically on the ancient Via Appia in the town of Terlizzi, just northwest of Bari in Puglia.  Only 20 minutes from  the Bari Palese airoport and 7 miles from the Adriatic.


    The garden was begun in the 13th century as a monastic garden, the farm buildings were built in the 14th and 15th centuries, and the newest portion in the 17th and 18th centuries.  The garden's grott was pre-Christian dating from the Bronze Age over 4,000 years old.


    Roman legions, Crusaders, Saints, and Pilgrems have traversed the area and there is a stone cross built by the Knights Templar.  Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent and his royal family have stayed at the Villa.  He's Queen Elizabeth's first cousin.  You can also buy products from the Villa online.  This is a must stay for foodies.

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    Enjoy the Glory of Southern Italy and Puglia with Victoria de Maio #3

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    Victoria de Maio of postcardsfromtravelpizazz.com joins me live from Puglia in Southern Italy for our third episode of her Living the Dream series.

    She's just outside of Lecce and you can join her as she visits the Trulli, enjoys an espressino, dives into a sea urchin, and explains why the South of Italy is just perfect.

    Why don't more travelers visit Southern Italy?  I have no idea, but Victoria describes how wonderful the locals are, how great the food is, and what life is like in the heel of Italy.


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    Silvestro Silvestori of The Awaiting Table in Lecce Puglia

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    In the delicious segment Sivestro Silvestori of The Awaiting Table in Lecce, Puglia delights us with why his cooking school is located in the city center of Lecce, how to get to Lecce, his 2 month long journey to wineries throughout Sicily and Southern Italy on his bicycle, and his unique approach to his cooking school.

    Silvestro also educates us on how the food of Lecce is different even from northern Puglia and the towns nearby.  We also go into wonderful details about how the besieged region incorporates food from throughout the Mediterranean proving that There is No Such Thing as Italian Food.

    Join us for a wonderful discussion that will temp your tastebuds, help you understand Southern Italian Wine, and meet an expert that will bring you into his world leaving you full, happy, and educated.


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    Anna of I Sette Coni a Bed and Breakfast Trulli in Puglia

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    Anna Zizzi joins Jennifer Schwartz on the show to talk about why  the Trulli in Puglia make for a terrific stay, what the "grafitti" means on their roofs, some fun history, and what makes them so wonderful.

    Anna and her family own I Sette Coni which translates to 7 Cones and welcome you with a warm smile to stay in her family's B&B.  Imagine staying in your own Trulli.  Few people in the world can say that!

    Visit their site at http://www.isetteconi.com to enjoy their pictures and book your reservation.

    The interview is in Italian while Jennifer translates.  It makes for a wonderful interview.

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    Travel Italy Live with Victoria DeMaio of Postcards from Travel Pizzaz

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    Enjoy every step of Victoria's trip through Italy from Florence, to Rome, to Puglia, and back as she joins me on the air to chat.

    We'll be connecting live to talk about her favorite gelato spots, getting lost, her discovered travel tips, favorite wine, and much more.

    Join us as we explore Italy together bringing each day to life through the show and her wonderful trip throughout Italy together.

    Visit her site at http://postcardsfromtravelpizazz.com/ to learn more.

    This wonderful segment series is brought to you by the Italy Travel Marketplace.  Check it out at www.italytravelmarketplace.com


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    Arte al Sole - A Camp in Italy for Kids with Shannon Kenny

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    I am joined by the Founder and President of Arte al Sole, Shannon Kenny.  We talk about her camp, Arte al Sole for children in six locations throughout Italy and how the camps allow children to embrace, food, art, culture, natural history, and history.  We talk about Shannon’s awesome background in Medieval and Renaissance History and what motivates her, and more importantly, the children at Arte al Sole.

    Visit their site at www.artealsole.com for a profile of each of her programs and to catch up on the details of each location.  There are six to choose from.

    Arte al Sole is a summer day camp for international children offering week-long sessions based on the art, culture, and natural science of Italy with locations in Panicale, Umbria; Lucca, Montepulciano, and Florence in Tuscany; Rome; and Puglia. Children ages 6-12 will explore the artistic and natural wonders of these inspiring environments through exciting and engaging activities in art history, fine arts principles, nature walks, sketching and painting, collage, architecture, sculpture, craftsmanship, and science. Each session includes a cooking lesson preparing regional dishes and a fieldtrip to local museums and architectural sites. The program is entirely in English, offering an optimal language immersion experience for children of all ages and languages. A teen leadership program is also offered for students ages 13-17.

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    Valentina Cirasola's Design Universe

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    Discover Ancient Puglia, Italy with Valentina

    Italian born designer and author Valentina Cirasola in her radio show will focus on style in any expression of life. She will talk about interior décor, fashion, colors, food, even manners and etiquette. Valentina’s show will be filled with curiosities from around the world, trends, ideas, suggestions and inside stories. 

    In this show she will bring her wisdom of decades in business as a designer, she will give you the courage to dare and will resolve any challenge you might have. Stay tuned and be part of Valentina’ Universe once a month.


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    Liz Knight of Rome if You Want To - Attorney and Travel Writer

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    Liz Knight lives in Rome and works as an attorney and a travel writer.  Her story of how she landed in Rome is a great one; one that we're all familiar with.  It goes like this, traveled to Rome with family in high-school, fell in love with Rome, moved there to live after college.  

    Liz has dedicated herself to two jobs.  She's both an attorney and travel writer.  That translates into wonderful articles about travel, not just in Italy, but throughout Europe.  

    On the show we talked about her fun and well written blog Romeifyouwantto.com (sing the name of her blog and I'll give you 52 guesses to get the name of the band that wrote the song who inspired her blog's name).  It's packed with articles about all over Italy like Puglia, Tuscany, Venice, and of course Rome.  You will also find articles about Krakow and Auschwitz.

    Liz is full of life, full of surprises, is a great writer, a great attorney, and a great guest on the show.

    Don't miss a single post.  Be sure to follow her amazing blog at www.romeifyouwantto.com.

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    Lets' Travel Into The Sinful Luxury Of A Queen

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    Valentina Cirasola Valentina Cirasola Italian born, transplanted in California is an Interior Designer by trade, food lover by passion and author of three books. Her business has evolved into various avenues. She is now taking groups of curious travelers to her native country. She has organized theme trips in the fashion industry; cooking and wine tasting trips; design trips and shopping for antiques or free-spirit trips just for fun. Valentina is NOT a travel agency, she only wants to spread the Italian culture to America and take lovers of Italy to visit her country and her native region of Puglia.
    Puglia is a Southern Italian Region situated East on the Adriatic Sea. Here the majestic past is written on the walls of small towns and cities. The past is still so very present and the nights are magical in Puglia! The tones in Puglia are simple and limpid, the air smell of salt from the Sea, pasture from the country and wines from vineyards. Romanic Cathedrals, Baroque architecture, conic shaped homes, along with cozy beaches and caper plants characterize the area.
     Valentina’s guests will stay in ancient farmhouses with modern amenities for today’s living and she will take a personal attention to each one. The program include visit to museums and castle, potteries and food in the making; markets, shopping in hideaway boutiques and tasting the wines that “Wine Enthusiast Magazine” raved about in this article:
    Valentina will meet you in Puglia. Sign up here to register:

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    Caron McConnon of CMC World Travel part 2

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    Caron McConnon, CEO and Founder of CMCWorldTravel.com is an expert in the Travel Industry who lives in Rome and has dedicated her life to bringing the best of Italy to travelers through her tours, vacation planning services and has extensive global destination insight! She will focus on the riches of the Apuglia Region on this session of How To Tour Italy! 

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