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    MeetThe Publicist with Michael Bentley

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    Michael Bentley has started a new record label, Slam House Music Group, with the help of some of the industries best behind the scenes workers including co-founder, Neil Foggie. Bentley’s label was featured on The Source website and you can read the news at the links below. Bentley and company want to focus on finding the best unsigned musicians and given them an outlet to release their music to the masses on a major level!

    Join the conversation as we talk about how he got in the publicist industry and find out how he turned down Love and Hip Hop Hollywood after two interviews. I want to know why he decided not to go through with it.


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    Tracy Lamouri- Publicist

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    It takes a great Publicist  to get your brand out there. Tracy Lamouri happens to be one of the best. From straight out of Canada she has this knack to make your project or the artist shine.Marketing, Branding,Promoting, is what Tracy Lamouri is all about.

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    Celebrity Publicist Terrell Everett

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    Terrell Everett, better known as The SocialiteTee is a celebrity publicist, socialite and CEO of Social Marketing PR Firm. He has established his business at a well positioned level by introducing his numerous clients into the world of "social media" and keeping them trend worthy! To date Terrell has worked with acts such as Rockell, R.M.A, Estelle, Mama Jones, Sassy, Ying Yang Twins and countless others. Terrell is popularly known for his role in the development of vh1's Mama Jones book Mama Jones: My Guide to Love & Romance, her fragrance "Pum-Kash" and newly placed Psychotic Vodka. You may also remember his face from Season 2 of Chrissy & Mr. Jones. Currently, Terrell is pushing his company proactively into a new frontier; The United Kingdom. Terrell has successfully done this by partnering up with The Concert Company, a newly established London based concert company. The duo is starting their venture June 3rd ,2014 by booking the iconic rapper Cam'ron to perform live at the Forum Kentish Town. The next show is projected to be Nas in October for UK Black History Month.

    Fun Fact:Terrell's Mother is Vh1's Chrissy & Mr. Jones Sassy

    Be sure to follow Terrell:

    Facebook:Terrell Everett

    Concert Company: Concert Company

    IG: thesocialitetee on Instagram

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    Publicist/Author/Photographer Bernadette Giacomazzo stops by #ConversationsLIVE

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    Bernadette Giacomazzo is a walking, talking brand that has found success as a publicist and photographer but is also known for educating others about the perils of the entertainment business. She talks with #ConversationsLIVE host Cyrus Webb about the journey to where she is today and how she is celebrating the re-release of her book SWIMMING WITH SHARKS: A Real World How-To Guide to Success and Failure in the Business of Music.

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    Publicist for Torn Between 2 Fathers visits Brunch In The Basement With JaVonne

    in Music

    . In this segement of Brunch In The Basement with JaVonne, singer Keith Washington was supposed to stop by, however, the publicist for the new play he is in stops by to tell us about his new role in the play, "Torn Between 2 Fathers" written by Priest Tyaire co-starring Debbi Morgan and Angela Wnbush. We're also hoping to have  someone close to the production come by and join Nathan James, and Meka Rae for Brunch In The Basement With JaVonne! 

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    Publicist & Marketing Expert Travis Shortt

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    ASPYR Communications is the leading communication, branding, imaging, and public relations firm on the market. With ASPYR, Travis works with all clients on their positioning, language, imaging, and brand ownership.

    Join our chat to find out more about a special offer for authors.


    Our business, Nesckire Systems, LLC, is competing for the Mission Main Street Grant. We need 250 votes to be considered for the next round. Please support our small business. Visit our Agent-Morgan project site for more details and to vote. You'll be re-directed to the Mission Main Street site. If you want to bypass that, and simply vote, then go directly to Mission Main Street Grants. Search 68025 OR Neskcire Systems. Thank you for your help! 

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    An in depth chat with Antoinette Kuritz, Book Developer and Literay Publicist

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    We are joined by, Antoinette Kuritz Book Developer, Publicist, Media Coach, Author, Publishing Expert and  Founder of the LaJolla Writers Conference …is up-to-her-keyboard in the art craft and business of writing.  Former educator and bookseller, Antoinette turned her love of words into a multi-media enterprise, taking writers from inspiration to publication; and representing authors from new to New York Times Bestsellers. Antoinette has inspired Chicken Soup mogul Mark Victor Hanson, launched the national career of psychic medium John Edward, worked with Carl Reiner, Betty White, Joseph Wambaugh, Depak Chopra, and her favorite, Dr. Benjamin Spock.

    Going Gray- with something to say! - Getting your words out  in the new world of Publishing. Wisdom is often associated with grey hair, especially among those with grey hair.  And yet, with the democratization of publishing, the people who write to publish run the entire spectrum of age, gender, race, and sexuality.  What they all have in common is the need to learn the business side of the art craft and business of writing.

    Those of us grey enough to remember the “ Who’s on first” skit, perhaps the best remembered, best written comedic skit of all time, performed by the greats Bud Abbot and Lou Costello- is a great description to the confusion, misinformation and outright fraud that is now part and parcel of the newly democratized world of publishing.

    Now that you have joined the 80% of Americans who think they have a book in them, you had better learn the game before you get up to bat! Self- publishing and the internet surely did open the gate for you to get onto the field. But the tenfold increase in published books has also helped the crooks, so the publishing game just got bigger---not easier!


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    Publicist Lori Lenz-Heiselman

    in Movies

    Publicist, Lori Lenz -Heiselman will be on Breaking News Journal On Air Radio. She works with such superstars as Breaking News Journal Swat Team, Former Victoria's Secret  Nicole Weider, Sean Dunn of www.groundwire, and the new 
    Erica Galindo Launches Sophisticated Online Magazine For Christian Women:  Sonoma Christian Home

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    Steven Cuoco Intuitive Publicist on LGRCC

    in Self Help

    My guest tonight on Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine is Steven Cuoco; he is an Intuitive publicist…and his bio shows some very dynamic principles which he uses to help people be their best selves…you can read more about Steven by going to the ‘What’s Cooking’ part of the website, the link is on the Show listing page (lgrcc.com)…and it’ll give you his contact info too! The last time Steven joined me we talked in detail about his own journey and you are welcome to go back and have a listen…but for tonight  Steven asks this question: Are you ready to find out how you can help yourself live a healthier life?  Are you ready to accept the fact that in order for you to feel better, and live a healthy lifestyle, all it takes is thinking healthy thoughts?”

    Intuitive Publicist Steven Cuoco will be chatting tonight on how easy it is to lift your spirits and enrich your health by simply thinking simple.  You have all the tools to help slim down your weight, sleep better, and digest a healthier you without relying on medications and diet fads that are only making someone else rich, and causing you to collapse into the mental debt of self doubt. Tonight you will receive simple answers to questions that should have been answered a long time ago.

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    What Type of Publicist Are You

    in Business

    Host Anje Collins will talk with guests and listeners about what type of publicist you are.  We will talk about the industry and about new publicist devaluing the industry and more.

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    Celebrity Publicist "CeCe Vance"

    in Entertainment

    This week we welcome celebrity publicist  CeCe Vance.  Her clients include Recording Artists, Atheletes,   Models and more. Vance NYCC manages everything for thier clients from Booking Castings, Red Carpet Events and media liason CeCe is a force to be reckon with! Tune In and Find out why call 323-443-7518 with your questions and comments Let's Go!

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