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    Norfolk Public Schools and sexual harassment of students

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    Education reporter Cherise M. Newsome joins Pilot Radio to discuss a federal investigation that found Norfolk Public Schools negligent in handling complaints in middle and high schools about sexual harassment and treatment of students with disabilities. Newsome was first to break the story about the investigation, which concluded earlier this year. School leaders heard about the results in May, but not the general public. The Pilot published her story Sept. 27 after Newsome obtained a copy of the report from the U.S. Education Department's Office for Civil Rights. On Sunday, The Pilot is scheduled to publish Newsome’s exclusive interview with the family that spurred the investigation. 

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    Starlee Coleman formerly of The National Public Charter Schools Association  has set me up with Bob Bowdon who is an expert on school choice  and runs "Choice Media' and we are going to discuss the stae of Philly and I don't mean Pennsylvania. I'm a K-12 grad of Philly Public Schools and we'll get some good insights from Bob.

    Thanks Starlee!?

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    Minneapolis Public Schools don't alert parents about abductions

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    There is a white male, maybe more than one abducting little black girls in Minneapolis. Co-host Ronald A. Edwards called the Minneapolis Public Schools and asked why an “AMBER ALERT” or “ROTO-CALL” was not done. School officials said it did not meet the threshold. The Minneapolis and St. Paul Public Schools have failed children of color one to many times. Join us as we talk about education, some history about Minnesota and current events.

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    Churches Now Can Prohibited From Worship In Public Schools

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    The US Supreme Court has refused to hear the case of Bronx Household Of Faith. This statement is heard from co-chair of Right To Worship Rev. William Devlin "Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has denied our writ in Bronx Household, we will go humbly to Mayor DiBlasio asking him to change the NYC Department of Education policy-the mayor as public advocate marched with us in 2012, we hope and pray he remembers his commitment to faith-based institutions." 


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    Has Public Schools Failed in United States of America

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    Public education in poorer urban and rural areas is in crisis. Too many of the students are dropping out well before high school graduation. Too many are receiving high school “certificates of attendance” that do not certify academic confidence in basic subjects. Too many are being left unprepared for the world of work. Too many are being left unprepared to go on to higher education and advanced technical training. We are condemning the American society to the perpetuation of inequalities across lines of race, ethnicity, and class that we've been struggling to overcome in recent generations. The disparities in education concord with racial inequalities and socioeconomic class in America. The present system leaves a substantial portion of America behind. School problems are reflected in student apathy, student absenteeism, student disrespect for teachers, and student tardiness. Behaviors and attitudes of students are problematic particularly in the “senior high school level”. Restoring safety and discipline and backing up teachers who are determined to maintain discipline in their classrooms  are imperatives to recruit and retain high quality teachers. 

    Everyone I know see “No Child Left Behind” as a detriment to the public education environment. There is lip-service to reforming “No Child Left Behind” policies, but the focus in education continues to be in the testing process. The conversation about education is really about who will be part of the intellectual capital of this nation. Who will have access to the resources that that intellectual capital commands? Who will have access to the marketplace? And how will they access that marketplace? All of this is predicated on who has computers and uses technology now. Who is becoming technologically literate?

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    NSPRA Executive Director Rich Bagin is joined by  Dr. John Draper, founder of "Public Schools That Work" program.

    www.nspra.org @nspra

    Presented by SCHOOL MESSENGER

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    Yes, We Should Teach Religion In Public Schools

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    Now, now, calm down! I am not saying we should teach creationism in science class, but we should have a  religious studies class or at least introduce religion in public schools. There is a great way to do it without it overstepping or promoting one religion over the other. Want to hear how? Make sure you tune in! 

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    Mental Health Challenges in Public Schools

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    Mental health in public schools is a major concern.  According to HHS, the figures usually indicated for diagnosable mental disorders suggest that between 12% and 22% of all youngsters under age 18 are in need of services for mental, emotional, or behavioral problems. The Center for Mental Health in Schools reports that the reality for many large urban schools is that well over 50% of their students manifest significant learning, behavior, and emotional problems.  For a large proportion of these youngsters, the problems are rooted in the restricted opportunities and difficult living conditions associated with poverty.

    We have two special guests in December:  Dr. Sally Baas, President - National Association of School Psychologists who will discuss these challenges nationally.  Our second guest is Irene Spence, the founding principal of Brooklyn Gardens Elementary School, a new school in East New York, Brooklyn. She has been working diligently to create partnerships with organizations to support children's social, emotional and academic needs. Join us at 2pm on December 18 for another amazing discussion!

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    Temporary Insanity (in the public schools)

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    Join us as we discuss the things in the public schools that almost drive you insane! We encourage all middle school and high school students to take our survey at www.surveymonkey.com/s/S6Z97NF and tell us what you think.

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    "What can be learned from the most effective district & charter public schools?"

    in Education

    How might charter schools become more diverse?
    How might district & charter public schools work together?
    What are some strengths and shortcomings of the charter public school movement?
    Are there important differences between being forced to attend a school because of your culture, and being given options including the option to attend a school with people who mostly represent your culture?
    What are key features of Higher Ground Academy that has led it to being name one of Minnesota's outstanding public schools by US News and World Report.
    What can be done to encourage more high school students to take dual (high school/college) credit courses?

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    Back To School with Tanya Anton, author of the Go Mama Guide to Public Schools

    in Lifestyle

    We're going back to school with today's Mommy Monday guest Tanya Anton.

    Not only are we helping to take the stress our of this process but make sure your family has the best school year EVER!

    How? Tanya share her popular "5 Ways to Learn About Your Los Angeles Public School Options".

    Are you looking for a school? Feeling overwhelmed? We'll break down the differences & options for your child.

    What's with all the buzz terms? Charters. Magnets. Permits. Lotteries. Immersion. 

    Kristin & Tanya will talk you through (and maybe off the ledge) about the sometimes confusing and daunting public school journey.

    Find out more about Taya Anton, author of Go Mama Guide, Demystification & Guidance here. And yes, she'll totally come over to your house if you need her to.

    Happy Mommy Monday girls! Let's rock this week! XO, Kristin