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    Kathleen Geier: Women, Public Policy and the Workplace

    in Politics Progressive

    Jay talks with public policy researcher Kathleen Geier, who writes about economics, labor, feminism, politics and culture. See Inequality Matters, The Baffler, The Nation, The Washington Monthly, Salon, The American Prospect. etc.  More at: http://inequalitymattersblog.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html#sthash.9UqWAHEM.dpuf

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    501c3 & Public Policy

    in Religion

    Pastor Jason Cooley and Christian Attorney Jerald Finney discuss 501c3 and public policy.  Dont miss our WAKE UP section t the beginning of every show.  You can listen live or call in at 646-915-9266.

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    The Ghetto As Public Policy - Whose Responsibility Is it?

    in Current Events

    In the wake of Baltimore and Ferguson, we're going to be discussing the public policy that created the ghettos in America.  What did the government do to contibute these situations?  At what level of the government did they occur?  Was there any legislative remedy to these issues, and were they adhered to?  What affect did these issues have on African Americans then?  What effect do they have on African Americans now?  If there is a lasting legacy we are seeing today, what can we do to address it?

    We'll try to cover as much as we can in our next broadcast.  Please join us!


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    Tarhaka presents Law vs public policy

    in Current Events

    Special guest Chief Paul Murray


    Don't miss this powerful broadcast


    Employment with the Dept. of Justice as a Deputy U.S Marshal, his primary jurisdiction nationwide in conducting and investigating felon fugitive matters involving escaped federal prisoners, probation, parole, and bond default violators, and warrants generated by Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) investigations and certain other related felony cases. Domestic Criminal Investigations,Fugitive Task Forces, International    Investigations, Electronic Surveillance   Unit provides covert support such as telephone monitoring, electronic tracking and audio-video recording. Analytical Support Unit   researches  information during fugitive investigations and also oversees the Warrant Information Network, Protecting the Courts Providing personal protection to federal judges, court officials, witnesses,Prisoner Custody and Transportation of individuals arrested by all federal agencies and responsible for the housing and transportation of prisoners from the time they are brought into federal custody until they are either acquitted or incarcerated. Prisoner Medical Care, Witness Security provides for the security, health, and safety of government witnesses, and their immediate dependents. http://www.newdebtelimination.com

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    in Politics Conservative

    Join host Flint Engleman of "The American Maverick Show" for great informed guests and news beyond the headlines.
    Listener calls are welcome!  Dial (434)964-1075 anytime during our live broadcast.
    8:15pm EDT David Almasi - Executive Director of the National Center for Public Policy Research.  We'll discuss his efforts to approach major corporations about their policies that cater to big governement.
    8:35pm EDT Dave Schwartz - VA State Director for AFP.  We'll talk about Americans for Prosperity's efforts to engage grassroots volunteers.
    Also, we'll have the American Maverick's Chief News Correpondent, Vandon Gene, reporting on news beyond the headlines.
    The American Maverick Show is a syndicated production of Maverick Media.  A national affiliate of Red State Talk Radio Network.

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    Marvelous Monday

    in Current Events

    Tune in to Marvelous Monday on BlogTalk USA!  Dr. Shirley McKellar and Bishop L.J. Guillory will be discussing the question "Do the religious-extremists who have infested Congress simply ignore the wall of seperation between church and state in our country, or do they intentionally use overreaching public policy as a tool to chip away at the wall of seperation?"  Using a particular religion to supress the rights and freedoms of others is a dangerous and hypocritical game to play. Of course, that may just be an added bonus for the extremists who have hyjacked the right wing of the United States Congress.  Call in to Marvelous Monday and share your thoughts on the influence individual religious beliefs should  have on creation of public policy for all citizens. 

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    Florida Public Policy - Voter Alert

    in Politics

    Florida Voter Alert!

    Seek the Truth and Face the Truth.  Then we can save Florida and America.

    Vote No on Amendment 1 - Florida Land Grab
    Stop Common Core Education - The Indoctrination of the next Generation of Americans.
    Florida Notary Public - Demand Criminal Background Checks and full Accountablity.
    Stop Expansion of the Orlando Orange County Expressway Authority.
    Stop Excessive Taxation of Highway Infrastructure - Toll Taxes
    Stop Public Private Partnerships - The Collusion of Government and the Private Sector.
    Stop Transportation Corruption
    Stop Quazi Governmental Public Boards - Non-Elected Individuals Writing Public Policy. This power must be reserved for elected Public Servants.

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    in Current Events

    POLITICAL ANIMALS---President Warren G. Harding-   -  America's first President with African Heritage(Black)--"I can't help it if one of my ancestors jumped over the back fence!"

    Other little known historical facts about Harding--"Was Harding America's first modern president to espouse civil rights for Negroes?

    Other little known accomplishments of President Harding--Bureau of the Budget--Press Office--International Naval Disarment Conferance

    James Knox Polk--One Term President

    PUBLIC POLICY ISSUE--Should Public Officials--Judges and Appointees be limited to TWO TERMS IN OFFICE?

    Arthur Balfour--British Cabinent Official who authored "THE BALFOUR DECLARATION" which Britan would sponsor a homeland for Jews after WW One

    SAN FRANCISCO COUNTY JAIL--That other Jail's abuse of detainees --

    ***Male Rapes Case(s)

    ***Brutality inflected on detainees--Breaking an arm of a detainee]

    ***US Mail tampering and destruction of US Certified mail

    ***Conducting a voter registration using the address of the San Francisco Jail in violation of federal law

    ***Destruction of  Ballot boxex containing ballots from black precients


    MAJOR WOMEN DRUG DEALERS & TRAFFICKERS---Why BOLIVIAN Rosario Aramburu Anaya is important

    Political Animals

    Who Was James G. Blaine?

    November 2nd Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)

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    Jonesing for Jessica Episode 1 AKA Ladies Night

    in Television

    Marvel's Jessica Jones is the newest comic character to be adapted from comics to a live action series on Netflix. After a tragic ending to her short-lived Super Hero stint, Jessica is rebuilding her personal life & career as a private detective in Hell’s Kitchen. It’s time the world knew her name…

    In the first episode of the show Jones is hired to find a pretty NYU student who's vanished, but it turns out to be more than a simple missing persons case.

    Hosts Brett & Elana will discuss each episode one by one with special guests joining in. For this episode they'll be joined by Sarah Jaffe & Steven Attewell.

    Jaffe is a reporting fellow at the Nation Institute & a giant nerd who once upon a time wrote about comics more than she wrote about politics, believe it or not, and she has lots of feelings about superhero movies AND their politics. She is working on her first book which is about social movements since the financial crisis & will be released next August from Nation Books. Follow her on Twitter.

    Attewell is a political & union activist. He got his PhD in Policy History from the University of California, Santa Barbara & teaches public policy at CUNY's Murphy Institute for Labor Studies. His essays have appeared in Esquire, Salon & two books on the subject. He co-hosts the Game of Thrones Podcast & is the founder & writer of Race for the Iron Throne.

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    Rap It Up LIVE with Pastor A.F. Riggins

    in Current Events

    Pastor A.F. Riggins is BACK, and he is ready to Rap It Up LIVE with you every Sunday night at 8pm on BlogTalkUSA!  Rap It Up LIVE is an opportunity for Pastor Riggins to discuss current events in news and politics with YOU!  Tonight we will discuss Donald Trump's continued racism and Islamaphobia on the campaign trail.  We will also discuss the protests in Chicago, the video threat upon protestors by masked white supremacists, and the subsequent shootings of 5 #BLM protestors, as well as the lack of media coverage of the connection between those events. Call (347)855-8118 to join the discussion!

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    in News


    Events of Racial disparities in the criminal justice system continues and evolves


    The MOVEMENT and The MEDIA are both TELL-LIE-VISED and MOBIL- LIES for control of the Mis-informed

    News that Matters - Federal prisoners released early, Northern District of New York

    Prisoner's Perspective - secret list of 6,000 freed early from prison: See who's out

    The Site Seeing tour bus is on a High Powered roll to many sites.

    Events od Interest - House of Dreams

     UN -RIDDLE - where people gather to read on Pinterest