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  • EMDR Part 2 and Starting a New School Year.

    in Psychology

    We wrap up our conversation on the basics of EMDR psychotherapy and start discussing beginning the new school year and what that really means. What are some of the challenges that we face at this time? What are some of the things we should make sure to have done before we start? What's the best mental state for success?

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    Helping You to Improve Your Physical, Spiritual and Mental Health

    in Spirituality

    Wendy Marks 12pm ET

    Wendy’s extensive abilities provide her with the skills to conduct medical intuitive body scans, integrative psychotherapy, energy healing, soul retrieval and energy medicine, and Shamanic studies sessions to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health.

    Your Soul's Companion: Tools and Tales for Your Spiritual Journey Are you spiritually curious? If you have heard that little voice in your head and wondered, "Where do I begin?"  If you are seeking to discover your own spiritual path, Your Soul's Companion is a practical guide to the spiritual tools you need to thrive in challenging times. We'll discuss straightforward explanations of such topics as shamanism, the chakra system, meditation, the different types of intuitive gifts, and more. 

    Karen Tate 12:30pm ET

    Voices of the Sacred Feminine: Conversations to Re-Shape Our World  How do we counter beliefs that there is no option but the authoritarian father? How does society go about making a course correction? How do ideas that permeate every level of society from womb to tomb, boardroom to bedroom, voting booth to the workplace shift into a more fair, equal, and just world of partnership, sharing, caring and peace? Those are exactly the questions we'll discuss.

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    Everyday Angels with Marie Elisa ( Leonard Szymczak, The Roadmap Home )

    in Spirituality

    (Replay- an interview loaded with transformational tools to live the life you were meant to have)


    Blogtalk LPS Radio Network - Everyday Angels with Marie Elisa, welcomes Leonard Szymczak, MSW, LCSW is a writer, speaker, therapist, and writing coach. For the past 40 years he has worked both in Australia and America and has helped thousands of individuals rewrite their personal lives. He’s the author of The Roadmap Home: Your GPS to Inner Peace, an Amazon Bestseller, as well as Cuckoo Forevermore, a light-hearted satire on psychotherapy. He has ghostwritten a memoir for a Holocaust survivor, and his current book, to be released in 2014, is Fighting for Love: The Gift in Conflict for Couples, co-authored with Mari Frank, a mediation attorney. He has helped 12 authors get their books published. He provides spiritual psychotherapy, coaches clients, and conducts seminars on writing and personal growth.


    Leonard will take us on a journey to awaken our inner guidance. Does your life feel you have taken a detour? Do you wake up in the morning feeling stagnate, like you have not moved beyond yesterday? When you pray, meditate, or want to hear your inner voice do you feel a void instead of a healthy inner dialog? Where is the audio? Did someone hit the mute button? Join Leonard as he provides a road map to connect with our inner GPS to our heart center.

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    Lisa Bahar - Psycotherapy Expert

    in Lifestyle

    Approaching or turning 50 can be one of those experiences for some women that has feeling of impending doom despite all the insight a woman may have gained through her life.
    It is a life change that one can prepare for, but not fully understand her experience until it comes, and this can be perplexing as one accepts this transition into her next stage of life which is laced with a sense of loss and yet a purpose of gain.
    Acceptance is the first step to allow for new growth and experiences to occur and we are fortunate as women to be living in an age that has finally come to a place that accepts a maturing woman as interesting, intriguing, fascinating and endearing.
    The 10 tips on achieving balance and health at age 50 and beyond are intended to help with this transitional, physical, emotional and spiritual process.

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    Anushka Jordan

    in Psychology

    Anushka I. Jordan DGBS, CHP, DHP, CPSH, was originally trained in Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy, qualifying at The National College for Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, UK. She has been in practice since 1983 working with analytical, cognitive, behavioural, gestalt and experiential modes and has professional insurance.

    She also has experience and some training of EFT, TA, Transpersonal Psychology, Energy Healing and Meditation, has obtained a Certificate in Basic Touch for Health Kinesiology and is a Reiki ll practitioner. Further more she studied about Huna and additionally in 1999, has completed 3 years training in Shamanic Healing for Practitioners under Leo Rutherford, Eagle’s Wing.

    In the past, she has lived and was educated in several countries in Europe and South America, gained a Diploma in Business Studies in Germany, worked as interpreter in 6 languages and as language teacher in the UK, which also contributes to her current work.

    She lives in London, England and is based at The Green Centre. Widely travelled and an explorer of religion, mysticism, philosophy and healing, she is now an experienced Psycho-Spiritual guide.

    A. I. Jordan has pursued a life-long quest to explore and understand the mysteries of human nature and sought for practical applications for the acquired insights as therapist, workshop leader, teacher and author. She is also the founder of Transcendental Progression and developed its unique principles and techniques.


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    Dr. Ruth Rosenbaum

    in Psychology

    Ruth Rosenbaum, Ph.D., is a licensed psychoanalyst in private practice in New York City with individuals and couples. She is an adjunct professor in the graduate clinical psychology department at Columbia University, where she teaches a course on psychotherapy and spirituality. She is also on the faculty of the National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis (NPAP), and teaches a Freud class at the New Seminary for Interfaith Studies in New York. In addition, she is a certified biofeedback therapist, and certified yoga and meditation instructor. Dr. Rosenbaum has lectured on a variety of topics related to the integration of concepts from psychoanalysis, psi research, spirituality and Buddhism.

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    Alliance for Pelvic Pain Interview!

    in Health

    Please join us in for this very special show in which we will start to "Connect the Dots" of your experience with pelvic pain.
    In celebration of ENDOMETRIOSIS AWARENESS MONTH we are pleased to bring here 3 members of the ALLIANCE FOR PELVIC PAIN. They are here to discuss the upcoming 1st ever patient conference, designed to help women figure out how to truly heal and help living with chronic pelvic pain.
    Join us live , as we take call and talk in depth with:
    Internationally known GYNO, AUTHOR and CPP specialist:
    Dr. Deborah Coady
    Author, CPP psycotherapist: Nancy Fish
    Author and Internationally known pelvic pain physical therapist: Amy Stein

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    Talkin' Scents about Spiritual / Energetic Transformation with Essential Oils

    in Health

    You are more than just a physical being; each cell of your body contains the memory of all of your experiences. Your energy body consists of chakras and fields not seen by most people but most people do sense energy. Energy doesn’t die, but it can be transformed easily. Essential Oils have a frequency and vibration and also a life-force or consciousness in them and when used with awareness, can create miracles in your life. Discover how to empower yourself with essential oils in transforming spiritual/energetic issues and raising your vibration to attract people, places and things of a higher frequency.

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    Talkin’ Scents about Life After Breast Cancer

    in Health

    Have you ever wondered what a woman’s life is like after she has had breast cancer and all of the traditional traumatic treatments that can go along with it? Well, this is your chance to hear and ask questions from a Young Living Distributor who is alive and well first through her faith in the grace and healing power of God and then through her being led to better lifestyle choices including Young Living Essential Oils.

    Over 19 years ago Bonita Shelby had a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, radiation and Christian Psychotherapy along with developing a closer walk with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    She will also share with you how she was led to Young Living and how the phrase, ‘YOUNG LIVING, IT'S A LIFESTYLE!™, not only explains part of her life now but also has become one of her business tag lines.