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  • Jesus Heals the Demonically Beseiged Personality

    in Spirituality

    This episode of A Sound Heart will explore the need to recognize the existence of evil supernaturalism in this age.  The belief that the robust misery and shocking examples of heartless violence in our society and in the world are merely of human origin is terribly flawed.  Therapies will come and go but until the mental health community wakes up to the reality of evil supernaturalism little will be accomplished.  Evil supernaturalism is embedded within the institutions that we revere and celebrate.  Darkness has a way of walking with us in such a way that we fail to detect its destructive presence.  During his public ministry Jesus encountered the demonic and he overthrew its tragic claims over human lives by the power of God.

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    in Psychology

    In his books and lectures, Author, Thomas Sheridan, outlines what the psychopathic personality is, along with the effect these manipulative individuals have upon people and organisations they decide to target for their own gain. Thomas’ research takes an introductory approach into neuroscience, psychology, and pathology to explain the nature and behaviour of psychopaths – also known as sociopaths (and often mistakenly misdiagnosed as narcissists), and how to recover from this often horrific emotional experience when a psychopath passes though a person’s life. Thomas expands significantly on this in layman’s terms in his books, Puzzling People: The Labyrinth Of The Psychopath, and Defeated Demons: Freedom From Consciousness Parasites In Psychopathic Society.
    In the mainstream, we are surrounded by these personalities in positions of elitist power, ruling every facet of our lives behind the curtains of what may seem to some as their own puppet show, in a global fit of viral domination. Those we term ‘the powers that were’, ‘new world order’, ‘Illuminati’, etc, fit the profile of a psychopath like it was a term built precisely for them. The psychopath is a predatory individual who pretends to be someone they are not, gaining the trust of the target, in order to exploit them in some way. Most times it can be just for the sheer rush of enjoyment he/she gains for having broken another human being and then casually walking away as if they never existed. Sound Familiar?
    Continued here . . . http://truthconnections.wordpress.com/2012/10/11/thomas-sheridan/

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    The Value of Grandparents

    in Current Events

    How many times have you heard a Christian who was raised in a non-Christian home explain his / her faith by saying, "I had a praying grandmother?"

    Studies reveal the enormous influence grandparents have on their grandchildren. One study concludes that spending time wtih a grandparent is linked to more pro-social behavior and fewer behavior problems among adolescents. Other studies show that the stronger the ties with grandparents, the less likely children were to develop significant psychopathology in later life. Adults who have had strong relationships with grandparents tend to be much more positive to the value and importance of older citizens.

    With that in mind, radio host Joyce Oglesby has written a novel about how grandparents can pass on values to grandchildren and how our choices can effect future generations. She'll chat about that on The River today. Don't miss it.

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    That Black Conservative Chick

    in Politics Conservative

    Join me every Sunday from 10 am to 11 am EST as I eviscerate the lies of progressivism. Good tymez.

    *Obama's Ebola Czar a Population Zealot?
    *A discussion of Marxism & PsychoPathology
    *My Efforts this upcoming Saturday to spread Conservatism In Real Life in NYC!

    Questions? Opinions? Rants about liberal hypocrisy? CALL in to the show: (914) 338-1458

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    War on the Horizon with Irritated Genie

    in Current Events

    War on the Horizon (WOH) is an organization designed to prepare Afrikan people worldwide for survival in the 21st Century.  As a Race of people, we are under the international threat of an active program of genocide.  If we do not prepare to defend our interests and those of our future generations, we will face the same fate that the Native inhabitants (Red man and woman) of the Western Hemisphere faced in the 19th Century – genocide. 

    white-sex is a term coined by the PanAfrikan community to describe the psychology of european thought and action.  It provides deep insight into european thinking and a primary social reference point from which to analyze european culture.  More than anything, it provides the most useful paradigm ever created to understand european psychopathology throughout history to include white aggression in the world today.  Traditionally, Black people have discussed white sexual misbehavior separately and distinctly from white aggression and/or racism.  For the first time in modern psychology, and perhaps the history of the world, a paradigm exists that can be used to comprehend white social misbehavior as a collective, organized mentality that governs the way whites behave in:


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    Catch Your Spirit - Ditch your Money Karma

    in Spirituality

    Featured Guest:  Christinia Sander

    Christina is a Goddesspreneur and Money Magic Expert. She is passionate about helping female lightworkers, healers, coaches and spiritually centered entrepreneurs to magically tranform their money and their life so thy can live their purpose and create a lifestyle of freedom and abundance.

    As a Goddesspreneur Christina trusts and follows her intuition which lead her to take big leaps in her life. At the age of 26 she was guided to give up her old life in Switzerland. She was called to Hawaii where she met her soulmate. She now lives in Orange County, CA with her husband and travels to Hawaii frequently while simultaneously running her business.

    Christina is also an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, certified by Doreen Virtue as well as an Atlantean Healing Practitioner™, certified by Birkan Tore and holds a Master’s degree in clinical psychology, psychopathology and mathematics from the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

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    Good Science, Bad Science - Psychology and Psychiatry

    in Psychology

    In this second in our series of shows on the topic of science and its benefits and negative consequences for mankind, we'll be taking a look at the use and abuse of psychiatry and psychology.From the psychotherapist’s chair to anti-depressant drugs and diverse therapeutic modalities, psychiatry and psychology have come up with as many solutions for mental health issues as there are theories of what makes people tick.While many individuals have benefited from some form of intervention or another, the application of psychological knowledge for propaganda purposes, mind control experiments and pure corporate greed has apparently left most people’s psychological health more fragile than ever.This week, we will attempt to sort the good from the bad and the ugly by 'psychoanalyzing' some of the questionable practices and theories of the mind, and untangle the confusion produced by psychological terminology that frequently overlaps the same basic underlying problems people encounter in our stressful modern world.

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    Mitchell Rabin, Creative Coach, Therapist, Eco-Entrepreneur

    in Culture

    Wednesday, May 15, 6pm EDT: This evening, Mitchell Rabin will be inviting calls from anyone about anything.  He will open by speaking about what psychopathology has wreaked on both our inner & outer eco-systems, plus what we, as Sacred Stewards of our planet & species, can do about it.
    Mitchell is a relationship & communication coach, therapist, teacher and story-teller. Tune in, call in, and become part of the story.
    Mitchell evolved his own form of eco-psychology which places Mother Earth as the "other mother" we so need to cherish and relationship to whom, for our optimum wellness, need to work through every bit, if not more, than with our personal biological Mother.
    As mentioned, there will be open lines for calls so do tune in and join in with questions and solutions. Please join us!
    You can Listen on-line at www.abetterworld.tv
    Or listen by phone! 602 753-1860.

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    in Current Events

    Our show tonight will be about REAL MONSTERS IN THE NEWS.   My co-host actor and make-up artist Edward X Young wants me to discuss these accused killers in the current news such as Jodi Arias.  Also the Bladerunner Killer trial and the Cannibal Cop.  This will be a FUN show about Necrophilia, Cannibalism and other psychopathology.   YUM YUM. 

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    Dr. Michael Nuccitelli,Tina Church-ipredator predator-bridge

    in Internet

    iPredator Bridge:  iPredator Bridge is a theoretical tenet of iPredator representing the psychological, perceptual & behavioral trajectory of people who use Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to harm others. Similar to the iPredator, they are motivated by personal convictions, greed, power, control, narcissism or psychopathology. Different from the iPredator, they have yet to fully engage in criminal/deviant activities using ICT or use complex perceptual distortions to validate the harm they cause. iPredator Bridge investigates why some people draw near to this nefarious and malevolent realm and either proceed in their maladaptive trajectory or cease and desist. Dr. Michael Nuccitelli, NYS licensed psychologist and certified forensic consultant, and Tina Church, Indiana licensed private investigator, will be joining us to discuss the realm of cyberspace where moral turpitude and common sense are lacking.

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    Handling Psychopaths 3 with Thomas Sheridan and John Lash

    in Education

    Note: the date given by Cliff High is July 10th, not June.
    This third talk with Thomas Sheridan and John Lash we shed some light on the shenanigans of certain members of the alternative media scene. Listen with an open mind even if some of your favorites get a bit of a chewing out. This was a fast moving talk that is easily digestible and yet effective in disinfecting rather contaminated air waves of the so called alternative news and interviewing sites on the Internet.