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    The Psychic Coffee round table, free reading and open lined,

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    Tonight Aeson knight Raine love and guest, will be calling in to give you reading, and talking about the art of psychic reading

    Call In and get reading.

    Welcome to the Psychic coffee shop, hosted by Aeson Knight and Raine S Love, where we will be meeting Every Wednesday night, to talk about Current event from the psychic view

    Giving you information on a topics and often will have guest stopping by to share with us a cup of Joe and Some good conversation. So set back enjoy a cup of coffee and join in with the conversation.

     Aeson Knight is a master psychic of more than 22 years. He is a certified clairvoyant who host an international clientele from average house wives to government officials.

    Raine S Love is a trained medium with skills to contact crossed over loved ones and also a wonderful emphatic clairvoyant with specialization in love and relationships.radioshow1

    Sophera Light, is an empath, a clairvoyant and have done some channeling work as well. I am also a tarot reader, Reiki Master, Pow-wow practitioner which all have assisted me in my spiritual journey.

    These three energies combined this promises to be an inspirational, as well as empowering hour of you week. Each week we will be co-hosting the psychic coffee shop where we encourage you to relax with a cup of coffee and tune into a comfortable environment that will provide you with answers and solutions to the issues you are dealing with in life. It is our goal to not only provide you will pertinent subject matters that pertain to your life, including current event discussion, but offer you tools and information to assist you on your life path journey.

    We will be covering subject areas such as; psychic phenomenon, current hot topic issues, how to build a relationship.

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    Psychic Reading; September 17, 2015

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    Find the clarity you’ve been looking for. Call in to the show for your free one question mini reading. 

    Join the fun by calling (657) 383-1936.

    For more information on Ethel Roberts and the services she provides, visit www.ethelroberts.com

    Are you living your life purpose?  FREE training available to Discover Your Life Purpose.

    *Disclaimer – Ethel Roberts will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during readings.

    These readings are for entertainment purposes only. All information and/or advice given to you by Ethel Roberts should not take the place of any medical, legal or financial advice given to you by any qualified professional.  All sessions by Ethel Roberts are not a substitute for medical, legal or financial advice.

    You must be 18 years of age to use this service.

  • Psychic Reading By Chance!

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    Join us for live psychic readings. Chance Pisces is one of the world's most highly accurate psychic there is. Take a opportunity with a private psychic phone reading for 30 mins for the price of $50 for private phone session. Email us at ChancePisces@Gmail.com if interested.

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    Psychic Talk Radio

    in Spirituality

    Psychic Talk Radio is a live broadcast hosted by Psychic Helena Roman, featuring various Psychic Mediums from around the world. Call in to have your questions answered live and on the air! 

    BROADCAST BEGINS: 6:30PM, EST  DIAL: 914-205-5530 




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    In the Metaphysical realm, there are two types of unions: Soul Mate and Twin Flame. While there is a difference between Soul Mates and Twin Flames, niether is better or worse, nor more special, than the other type of union or relationship.

    The Twin Flame and Soul Mate concept has been around for centuries, and has been recognized throughout many different religions and regions all over the world, originating with Plato, more than 2,500 years ago. It is said that there are only 40,000 Twin Flame Counterpart Individuals, leaving only on this Earth, an exact 20,000 Twin Flame Unions incarnated in this lifetime. It is said that these Twin Flame individuals will experience a reunion with his or her own "other half" sometime between 11 November, 2011 and 15 December, 2015. 

    This episode will broadcast on Friday, October 2, 2015 at 6:30pm, EST. It will be exclusively dedicated to answering personal, private questions regarding Twin Flames. If your personal question has not been answered during previous broadcasts, this broadcast will be an opportunity to address your questions.

    GUEST CALL IN: (941) 205-5530 

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    TWIN FLAMES: From the Bubble Love ("honeymoon phase" in lay terms) is the most intense, connected, romantic relationship experience of your lifetime. It feels like no other connection and you can't imagine any other connection possibly comparing to what you feel emotionally and spiritually with this other person. When inner work still remains to be completed between the Twin Flames, the Runner Phase ultimately begins and sabotage begins to cause destruction and stress in the connection. Knowing how to handle the incidents and series of events that always present in the Twin Flame Runner Phase will empower you to take back control of your life and your emotions, thus healing the connection to pave the way for the union and the Joined Divine Mission. 

    GUESTS PLEASE DIAL: (914) 205-5530



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    Spiritual Ascension 5th Dimension Vibrational Energy High &FREE PSYCHIC READING

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     I told everyone that 2015 was going to be a spiritual awakening for many and it is increasing now and wil continue in 2016 with many new Lightworkers coming into being.  In this episode you will understand why this spiritual ascension began and how we are shifting into the 5th Dimension.  Vibrational energy will be high and you won't be brought down by lower energies.  As the vibrational energy is increasing it will continue to do so with many more people and even those who do have a low vibrational level.   So, as the Earth is spinning faster and faster our vibrational level is going to keep up with the Earth.   As I did my psychic predictions for 2016 nothing has to be set in stone and anything negative can definitely change because of this Spirtiual Ascension. This is going to be explained in detail and it is very interesting.


    Private readings contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com or http://www.kasamba.com/psychic/mia-expertpsychic

    Love and Light





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    Ghost Whisperers&Spirits Attaching- Past Life Regression,NDE, & PSYCHIC READING

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    I will go into detail what a Ghost Whisperer is and the truth by a Ghost Whisperer.  Some movies get it right that you see and others are not even close.  It is true that someone who dies traumatically like Patrick Swayze's character in, "Ghosts" do not go into the light until unfinished business is completed.  So, they are there to bring justice to who killed them and they may also be there to protect someone who is in imminent danger.  Once they cross into the light they do remain on the other side.  However, they can come and visit us from time to time especially when they know their loved ones are very sad and going through very troubled times. These loved ones who passed are your true spirit guides.

    There is someone who I feel was murdered and did not commit suicide. This was brought to my attention and I believe from a ghost whisperer.  Without knowing anything I had visions that there were powerful people behind it and it's regarding the death of Sandra Blank. It's on Youtube when the TX cop stopped her for a traffic violation. I need to see more of the vids. As she was upset when asked how she felt the cop made her get out of her car and handcuffed her and said she was under arrest. You could only hear her as her head was banged into the sidewalk and the cop saying he was kicked. Three days later they said she had committed suicide in her cell.

    FREE PSYCHIC READINGS 2 HOUR SHOW! NDE's and past life regression sessions can attach spirits. I will cover all.

    Private reading mia0899cs@gmail.com.

    Love and Light,



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    Free Reading Sunday PLUS Psychic Development

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    Today's topic is psychic development and connecting with spirit!

    Call in at (929) 477-3771 for your free on-air reading!

    Check out Barbara's website ReadingByBarbara.com and learn how you can get your free ebook, "Reading for One!" or sign up for it now via her email list!


    Barbara Graver is a metaphysical author, professional tarot card reader and online shop owner.  She has been reading cards since the age of 13 and has never looked back!  

    After years of reading for herself and for friends, she began reading professionally in 2001. In that time she's read locally through her website ReadingsByBarbara.com, in her own home, at psychic fairs, over the phone, through psychic hotlines, and live on-air on this show and others.  

    Barbara is largely self-taught but hasstudied with some wonderful people including John Holland, Debra Katz, Christiana Gaudet, Doreen Virtue, and Denise Lynn.

    Barbara is a Doreen Virtue certified Tarot and Oracle Card and tarot reader and a Denise Lynn certified Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader.  She obtained my Clairvoyant II Certification from the International School of Clairvoyance (Debra Katz).

  • Get a psychic sample reading

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    Contact Chance Pisces for a private phone reading 30 minutes for the price of $45 email us at ChancePisces@gmail.com

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    The Psychic Tena Marie Show

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    Welcome to the Psychic Tena Marie Show on the Psychic Radio Network.  A radio network designed to reach out to the public with each program that is packed with valuable advice, commentary and special inside information from Psychic Readings, Psychic Medium, Inspirational, Sprits, Guides, and Paranormal. Psychic Radio was started by Psychic Tena Marie who is internationally recognized for both her Psychic & Paranormal abilities. Tena Marie has spot on psychic reading over the phone and Skype.

    Tena has performed hundreds of investigations for people in crisis with the paranormal. Tena Marie founded the Dixie Boo Research & the Gulf Coast Paranormal Resource to assist people with Paranormal Investigations.  For more information and to schedule a psychic reading please visit her website at www.MissTena.com

    We hope you check back to the Psychic Radio Network as we add shows to help inform & enlighten you.

    NOTE: All programs are recorded and maybe used for rebroadcast on our websites on Facebook, YouTube, and www.misstena.com