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    2016 Psychic Predictions

    in Spirituality

    2016 Psychic Predictions: Events, Trends, Energies, Insights & Healing:

    The most popular episode of Intuitive Transformation of the year returns! In addition to providing his own psychic predictions for 2016, Matthew Engel will chat with 4 prominent guest about their 2016 Psychic, Astrological and Numerological Predictions for 2016. This show will address themes for spiritual growth, the collective consciousness, and healing as well as events and trends for 2016.


    Phyllis King - Renowned Psychic, Spiritual Teacher, Radio Host & Author: www.phyllisking.net

    Sandy Anastasi - Internationally recognized Psychic, Astrologer, Teacher & Author: www.sandyanastasi.com

    Kay Taylor - Internationally known Psychic-Channel, Lecturer, Spiritual Teacher, Healer & Astrologer: www.kaytaylor.com

    Tania Gabrielle - Renowned Wealth Astro-Numerologist to the Stars, Teacher & Author: www.taniababrielle.com

    Matthew Engel will also review his Psychic Predictions from 2015!

    Matthew Engel, MSW, CHt is an Internationally known psychic-channel, astrologer, spiritual teacher, life & business coach, speaker, past life regression therapist and hypnotherapist. He has supported thousands of people in activating their their higher potential for nearly 20 years and has published dozens of articles about personal and spiritual growth, intuition in the work place and more. Matthew is creator and host of Intuitive Transformation Radio. Based in San Francisco, he is available for sessions by phone and in person. He is also available for Executive Coaching, Hypnosis, and Team Building for Businesses. For more info and to sign up for his free newsletter, please visit: www.matthewengel.com

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    Psychic Predictions 2016 & FREE PSYCHIC READINGS!!!

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    You will hear my psychic predictions for 2016 first!!!  I will talk about what I see in my visions regarding war, the economy, any diseases, what Countries we need to watch out for, any disasters, weather, any chaos within the USA, the housing market, what will be good this coming year and even celebrities and politicians if they come through. I will also use the Archangel cards.

    Please call and share your visions.  Please call for FREE PSYCHIC READINGS ON 2 HOUR SHOW!!!

    Private readings at mia0899cs@gmail.com or http://www.kasamba.com/psychic/mia-expertpsychic

    Love and Light,


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    Part II Grounding Yourself &Psychic Predictions 2016 & FREE PSYCHIC READINGS!!!

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    I will continue on how to ground yourself which is important for everyone especially if you are an empath and you pick up energy from other people.  I will also get into 2016 Psychic Predictions and what I see.  There is one that I've seen for awhile and just taked about it with a friend who saw it a couple of months ago and I will tell you right here that President Obama remains our President in 2016.


    For a private reading you can contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com for a phone or email reading.  You can also get a reading from me at http://www.kasamba.com/psychic/mia-expertpsychic

    Love and Light,



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    Voxx The Psychic: Predictions for 2016

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    Voxx The Psychic: Predictions for 2016 (With Celebrity Astrologer, Larry Pines)

    Description:  Voxx The Psychic ® & Master Astrologer, Larry Pines deliver shocking prophecies for the upcoming year of 2016.

    About Voxx: Considered "The World's Most Accurate Psychic, ®" Voxx is a Master Astrologer, Numerologist, and Certified Grand Master of Tarot, and an authentic Trance Medium/Spirit Channel. More

    Follow Voxx: Twitter (Voxx1) & Facebook (Voxx1); voxx.org & voxxthepsychic.com

    Paid Psychic Readings: 323-369-2246 (use caller ID)

    NOTE: To receive an On-Air Psychic Reading, contact Voxx 24 Hours before show time, for instructions.

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    Psychic Predictions 2016 Strange Sitings, Diseases, Visions & FREE PSYCHIC READI

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    Psychic Predictions for 2016 Continued.  Strange sitings will continue in 2016.  I just captured mythical fairites on camera. Friends are showing me UFO sitings but flying in a group and changing directions.  First seen as a triangle and emitting heat. My friends were serious and even shared their coverage with an Airforce base in PA.  Demons have been reported as well as spirits and ghosts.   There wil be even more in 2016.  Perhaps,as we are on a spiritual ascension we can see things now that we couldn't before.  There will be more love relationships in 2016.  I see many couples coming together and new relationships.  Old dieseases are presenting themselves such as whooping cough and last year Measles, Mumps and Rubella were present.  They are getting stronger because the strain has changed and the vaccinations aren't working.  I've had a recent vision that in 2016 there will be a movie coming out for children with Satan, as a friendly devil so to speak.  I will tell you more and explain more to you.


    Private readings at mia0899cs@gmail.com or contact me at http://www.kasamba.com/psychic/miaexpertpsychic

    Love and Light,



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    Psychic Predictions continued for the rest of this year and 2016. ISIS THREATS USA, Economy, Illness to Come to USA, Depopulation, New World Order is here and it will be made known in 2016. Strong Citiies Network will spread to every State.  Syrian refugees and visions, martial Law, chaos, destruction, rioting.


    Private reading at mia0899cs@gmail.com

    Love and Light,


  • Psychic Predictions on Love in 2015

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    I know someone who doesn't want their love prediction to be sugarcoated.  Many psychics do this to please the client but as she puts it, "It is false hope." 

    At the same time when someone asks about someone and if they will have a relationship with them and you don't see it then you have to tell them the truth.  They will probably tell themselves that this psychic is fake because they don't want to acknowledge the truth.  So, they use free will anyway.  Sometimes, people just have to learn from their mistakes and leave it at that. 

    Love in 2015 - I will tell you what I see is going to happen for most people.  

    I will also answer your psychic questions. 

    If you want a reading go to http://www.Kasamba.com/psychic/mia0899cs

    So, is love in the air for you?


    Love and Light,




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    2015 Psychic Predictions, Summer Review, Terry and Linda Jamison, Psychic Twins

    in Current Events

    Psychic Predictions 2015 Summer Review! On January 15, 2015, Intuitive Transformation Radio with Matthew Engel broadcast the annual 2015 Psychic Predictions episode with the world renenowned Psychic Twins, Terry & Linda Jamison. Dozens of predictions were made and many have already come true. Download this popular episode again to see how accurate the Twins and Matthew have been so far in 2015  - and take a closer look at what's to come later this year!  

    Terry and Linda Jamison, known internationally as “The Psychic Twins,” are the world’s most documented psychics, with an unrivaled track record of over 1,000 accurate world predictions. They are most famous for their stunning predictions of the 9/11 World Trade Center terrorist attacks, the Pentagon attacks, and the May 2000 stock market crash (all made on international radio, Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM, November 2,1999).

    The Psychic Twins are the authors of the world #1 bestseller PSYCHIC INTELLIGENCE (Hachette). Their autobiography SEPARATED AT EARTH: THE STORY OF THE PSYCHIC TWINS describes their amazing life journey, and how they developed their highly unusual work. The Psychic Twins are profiled in the new Hay House bestseller Conversations With Mediums (2014 Balboa).

    Terry and Linda have hundreds of appearances to their credit on international TV and radio, including ABC NIGHTLINE BEYOND BELIEF, THE VIEW, GMA, OPRAH’S OWN NETWORK, JEFF PROBST SHOW, THE TYRA SHOW, THE RICKI LAKE SHOW, CBS THE INSIDER, THE UNEXPLAINED (BIO Channel), DR. KEITH ABLOW, THE OTHER SIDE (NBC), SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, THE TODAY SHOW, and SUNRISE AUSTRALIA. They have also starred in sixteen documentary films, including PSYCHIC CHILDREN (A&E), EXTREME TWINS, TRUE BELIEVERS, and HOLLYWOOD GHOST STORIES. www.psychictwins.com


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    Psychic Predictions Happening - Earthquakes and Cern and Psychic Questions

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    My psychic predictions are happening.  I talked about Cern and the large hadron collider bringing dark matter and opening portals with demons coming out.  Nepal, India just had a devastating earthquake and volcano erupted in Chile.  The same time that the earthquake happened in Nepal, India is the same time that Cern was cranked up.  This is not a coincidence. 

    I also talked about civil unrest occurring in the USA.  Recent video confrims training our troops in VA for riots.  Civil unrest is coming.  A recent shooting occurred where a white cop shot a black unarmed man eight times in the back.  I watched the video several times and I feel it wasn't real.  I feel they were crisis actors and it's to start civil unrest.  We can't fall for this. My prayers do go out if this was real but in my heart I feel it wasn't.  Many other people who watched the video feel the same way. 

    I talked about Jade Helm 15 which is a military exercise to occur primarily  in the State of TX for eight weeks starting in July. 

    They refer to TX as a hostile State.  Why did they put up all these dorms in TX?  They call them storm shelters but they are so flimsy that they would never survive a hurricane.  I am picking up that these are going to be used for Fema camps. 

    I had visions of illnesses and pneumonia was so deadly this year. A close friend of mine who is healthy and always on the go got pneumonia and almost died.  He couldn't talk for weeks when he was hospitalized and it temporarily shut down his kidneys. It's a terrible strain.  He is recovering in a nursing home and will be discharged Tuesday. 

    Ebola will come back with a vengence. 

    I will also take your psychic questions. Contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com for a detailed reading for $25.00.




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    Psychic Predictions, Ebola is back, Civil Unrest Ferguson, MO, Flu Vaccine

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    I will discuss my psychic predictions and new ones. The flu vaccine made for 65 and older is bad and I will discuss it. There is civil unrest starting again as I predicted. The USA is under turmoil in every direction and it's starting. 

    I will take your psychic questions as well. 


    Love and Light, 


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    My Experience With a Demon and Psychic Predictions Continued

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    One night I was awakened by a demon.  No matter what people might call it such as an incubus, a fallen angel, vampire, or alien (grey) it was most definitely demonic.  I was sleeping and it landed on me somehow whether he jumped or flew on me that I do not know. His skin felt clammy and cold and he was very lanky and tall with slender and long fingers.  He was dressed in a dark cloak.   I was startled for one and I knew this was not a dream.  I yelled adamantly, "Get off of me!"  Then I blessed myself by making the symbol of the cross. 

    He got off immediately and was crouching down on the floor.  His head was tucked in so I did not see his face or his eyes. Someone told me that I did see his red eyes but I cannot remember. So, apparently I did meet people who had similar experiences where I lived. It seemed like in an instant he dissipated.  I don't know how he left my bedroom but he was gone. This really freaked me out and I played this over and over again in my head all day.  I wish I could have convinced myself that it was a dream but it wasn't.  

    Now, that the Gates of Hades (Hell) are now open I think it's very possible that these creatures will freely enter anywhere they want.  There is no veil stopping them anymore.  The veil between Earth and the other dimensions were already just about diminished and that's why there has been so much activity with the paranormal. 

    I will also ways of protecting yourself and I will take your comments and questions. Psychic questions will be answered so please call in. 

    If you would like a private reading please email me at mia0899cs@gmail.com. 

    Love and Light,

    Cindy AKA MIA