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    In the Metaphysical realm, there are two types of unions: Soul Mate and Twin Flame. While there is a difference between Soul Mates and Twin Flames, niether is better or worse, nor more special, than the other type of union or relationship.

    The Twin Flame and Soul Mate concept has been around for centuries, and has been recognized throughout many different religions and regions all over the world, originating with Plato, more than 2,500 years ago. It is said that there are only 40,000 Twin Flame Counterpart Individuals, leaving only on this Earth, an exact 20,000 Twin Flame Unions incarnated in this lifetime. It is said that these Twin Flame individuals will experience a reunion with his or her own "other half" sometime between 11 November, 2011 and 15 December, 2015. 

    This episode will broadcast on Friday, October 2, 2015 at 6:30pm, EST. It will be exclusively dedicated to answering personal, private questions regarding Twin Flames. If your personal question has not been answered during previous broadcasts, this broadcast will be an opportunity to address your questions.

    GUEST CALL IN: (941) 205-5530 

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    Destiny Radio, Psychic Messenger Ken Robert

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    Saturday night let's all take off together and find your destiny with me Psychic Messenger Ken Robert, on my radio show airing live @ 10:00 Pm Est on Destiny radio,I will do a few short free message readings just by calling in to 1714-242-6120 or listen @ www.blogtalkradio/kjrobert13 you can start calling in 10 Min's before show time that you can be on top of our phone call in list this show is 2 hours long, I can see visions, psychic impressions and details about your life, your future past and those who have crossed over around you My skills, Psychic, Seer, Messenger, Presenter, Clairvoyant, Medium, Healer, Remote Viewing, Paranormal Activity. my show is to try too help people out there to help there self to move on in a better way of life you can get to hear my capabilities as well, we do like playing some fun in-fight get down nice cool music as well on this show, website www.kjroberts.net Office @ 201-822-5310 ,Please share this on your page for all your friends to see and call in for a reading.as well here is my page www.facebook.com/seer911

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    Psychic Talk Radio

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    Psychic Talk Radio is a live broadcast hosted by Psychic Helena Roman, featuring various Psychic Mediums from around the world. Call in to have your questions answered live and on the air! 

    BROADCAST BEGINS: 6:30PM, EST  DIAL: 914-205-5530 



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    The Neil Baker Psychic Hour

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    On Wednesday, September 30, Neil and Kristin discuss what constitutes the difference between the universal soul and the earth soul, what transformation occurs once the universal soul enters the earth, and how the concept of the universal soul applies to karma and our planetary journeys, as opposed to our spiritual existences on other planes. 

    World-renowned psychic Neil Baker and host Kristin are featured on this hour long show which deals with the vast, expansive world of psychic phenomenon. This show delves into the extraordinary mysteries that reside beyond the physical realm of common experience. Neil and Kristin are your guides and teachers as they establish a stage that is both personal and universal, while callers have the opportunity to connect with Neil for one-on-one readings. The call in number for the Neil Baker Psychic Hour is 914.338.0164.

    ***ATTN.: All content of "The Neil Baker Psychic Hour"© is protected by copyright. No copyrighted material may be reproduced, stored for retrieval, or transmitted in any other form or by any other means without the prior written permission of "The Neil Baker Psychic Hour"© and its agents. All rights reserved. ***

  • Ron Head visits NOPR october 2015

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    No Ordinary Psychic Radio and it's hosts Rubbizfire and Cassandra the Celtic Psychic are pleased to welcome Ron Head who is a practioner of QHHT (past life regression ) Join us to learn about the process, experience and how you can set up your appointment too.


    No free readings on tonight show.

    Stay tuned for tonights Annoucement for October/ Halloween contest challenges


  • The Half Hour Psychic

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    Find the clarity you’ve been looking for. Call in to the show for your free one question mini reading. 

    Join the fun by calling (657) 383-1936.

    For more information on Ethel Roberts and the services she provides, visit www.ethelroberts.com.


    *Disclaimer – Ethel Roberts will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during readings.

    These readings are for entertainment purposes only. All information and/or advice given to you by Ethel Roberts should not take the place of any medical, legal or financial advice given to you by any qualified professional.  All sessions by Ethel Roberts are not a substitute for medical, legal or financial advice.

    You must be 18 years of age to use this service.

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    The Wendy Powers Show: Psychic Readings and Spiritual Topics

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    The Wendy Powers Show: Psychic Readings and Spiritual Topics. Join "Psychic/Medium Wendy Powers "First Saturday" each month. Topic: October's show will go into a deeper discussion of: what happens after we graduate from the Earth's school of lower karmic vibrations? Call into the show a few minutes early so you can get into the queue for your mini reading, the phone lines fill up quickly! www.bodymindspiritradio.com

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    Psychic Readings for You

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    Welcome to Psychic Tuesday.     I am here to do short readings for callers.   You may want to take notes, often I can give you small details that come up in the future.  Please just give me your first name, and the state you are calling from.   I can tune in and give you what I pick up on.  I appreciate it if you limit yourself to one call to the radio show for a reading, I am available at readings@lindaschooler.com.     See you on the radio!


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    New ! Free Psychic Readings! Psychic Medium & Matchmaker! Christine Nicole!

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    Christine Nicole was blessed with the gift of being a Psychic Medium and began giving readings and connecting with spirit at the age of two. Her earliest memories are of hearing, seeing, and feeling the presence of those in the spirit and angelic realm. She may also experience a sense of their personality, names, scents, memories and other specific details.

    She has helped many with the grieving process by connecting with loved ones who have passed. She is known for her ability to deliver messages that bring healing, closure and a deep inner peace.

    Christine Nicole also helps clients gain a broader insight into their life’s purpose and path including relationships, love, family, career or business.

    She has a uniquely direct and clear style. Her straightforward and honest presentation of information is a breath of fresh air that helps you understand the information that comes forth with clarity and ease.

    She does not use Tarot cards or any other divination tools in her sessions.

    Her special perspective on life has allowed her to create meaningful and inspiring events with recognized speakers and topics that appeal to everyone seeking personal growth and wisdom. (See Events Tab)

    Christine has always known that she was different and destined to do great things. In fact, as I child, she would often role-play that she was being interviewed by Oprah and her dolls and toys were the audience!

    Christine Nicole has her Certification and completed training as an Enneagram Personality Coach. She uses this training during her personal evaluation while she is working as an Intuitive Matchmaker. She is able to intuitively determine any barriers and false expectations connected with your vision of a successful and fulfilling relationship and your future.


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    Baby without brain turns 1, Psychic Readings, SpookHunt Planned, + much more!

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    Join us!  Today we are talking about the MOST AHUNTED ARTICLE OF CLOTHING KNOWN TO EXIST.

    A Baby born without a brain turns 1 year old last month.  Is this good or bad?

    The American Ghost Adventurers charge $30-$50 to meet you someplace haunted and to tell you ghost stories.  WE ARE DOING IT FOR YOU FOR FREE!  OCT 10, in Mt. Dora Florida, here are the details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1632421457046110/

    Also, Psychic Steve will be in the studio today to give you FREE PSYCHIC READINGS in you so desire.  So, get on line and call in!



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    Psychic Horizon

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    Goldylocks Productions Presents the Psychic Horizon Show with Shelley Hofberg.

    Shelley Hofberg is a Clairvoyant, Medium, Tarot Reader, Pet Psychic and Healer. Her multi-faceted gifts are reflected in her multi-faceted psychic career. Shelley has appeared on NBC television, the Discover Channel and is included in feature articles of newspapers such as the Hollywood Independent and Ventura Star.  As a staff member of the West Coast Well Being metaphysical publication, Shelley was responsible for writing a pet psychic column and as a pet psychic, was mentioned in Lisa Barretta's published book, ‘The Street Smart Psychic Guide to Getting a Good Reading.'


    Special Guest: Bryan Rawls

     Bryan has worked as an Intuitive Medium on high-volume hotlines such as KEEN, Psychic Live, Psychic Source, and Hollywood Psychics through which he has undergone a battery of tests. From 2006 to 2010 he studied Reiki, becoming a Reiki Master in 2010. He can channel many energies to help you with your questions, from spirit guides, Angels, Archangels, faeries, elementals, gods, goddesses, celestial beings, and other galactic energies. Bryan devotes himself in helping people find purpose in their life, provide guidance, as well as provide closure and comfort to those who have had loved ones pass beyond the veil.