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    Psychiatric Drugging of the Military with Dr. Linda Lagemann

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    Dr. Linda Lagemann is our guest today.  Linda is here to discuss the psychiatric drugging of the military and her work with the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.  

    Recently the CCHR released  The Hidden Enemy Documentary which exposes the covert operation behind military suicides.

    Learn more here. 

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    Do Parents Have the Right to Refuse Psychiatric Drugging of Their Kids?

    in Health

    Visit the Able Child Website 

    After Sheila Matthews had her own personal experience with coercion by the education system to label and drug her child, she teamed up with another mother, Patricia Weathers, to found the non-profit organization AbleChild – a national parent’s rights organization, dedicated to protecting full informed consent and the right to refuse psychiatric services.

    Ms. Matthews is a resident of Connecticut and in 2001, she was the first mother to successfully testify on behalf of the first state law in the United States prohibiting school personnel from recommending psychotropic drugs to parents.  She continues nationwide participation in conferences and seminars and testifies on the federal level on behalf of AbleChild and the families who need AbleChild services.

    She has been featured on a number of high profile media outlets, including CNN, FOX, Time Magazine as well as numerous radio stations throughout the country.

    Learn More: Citizens Commission on Human Rights

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    All About Service Dogs With Doc Vencil

    in Pets

    This show will discuss the legal aspects of Service Dogs. We will interview Lawyers, Leaders in the Service Dog industry, Owners who trained their own Service Dogs, and Handlers who obtained their Service Dogs from a Service Dog Organization. We hope to create an environment where people can learn more about their options when it comes to service dogs, The legal issues surrounding fake service dogs, many organizations choices available, the cost of training a Service Dog, personal experiences with Service Dogs, and what handlers wish people would know about them and their Service Dogs.

  • Author Jason Stanton

    in Paranormal

    Feeble Minds: The Ghosts of Letchworth Village by Jason Stanton

    In Feeble MInds: The Ghosts of Letchworth Village, Jason Stanton delivers a riveting tale of his years investigating an asylum in Rockland County, New York, active with the spirits of the dead tortured residents. With the help of a guardian spirt that leads him to safety, he faces menacing ghosts that wander the expanse of this institution closed down in 1996.

    Jason diligently recreates the probable history and characters pieced together in his account of what life was like for residents and staff during the 1940's, including standard and experimental treatments for psychiatric disorders.

    Take a walk through a frightening and mysterious building and cemetery  where all that remains of the former residents are numbers on identical markers,  and energy from the past wandering the rooms and hallways of a place that was so cruel to them in life.

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    Ted Chabasinski--Barbaric Electroshock still used on adults & children

    in Politics

    In coordination with Citizens Commission on Human Rights (cchr.org) we continue our expose' of the human rights violations conducted under the auspices of "mental health". 


    Ted Chabasinski is an attorney and human rights activist in Berkeley, California. In 1944, as a 6-year-old boy so intellectually gifted he jumped from first grade to third he was taken from his foster home in the Bronx to New York’s Bellevue Hospital where he was pronounced “schizophrenic”, because his mother had been labelled “schizophrenic”. There he began a series of 20 electro-convulsive shock treatments. The boy, Ted Chabasinski, was one of hundreds of children used in ECT experiments. Tests since condemned as barbaric. He remained an inmate in a state psychiatric hospital until the age of seventeen. Chabasinski survived and became active in the civil rights movement and ultimately an attorney.

    In January 2007 Chabasinski acted as the attorney for the late psychiatric survivor activist and author Judi Chamberlain, the medical journalist and author of Mad in America and Anatomy of an Epidemic, Robert Whitaker, and the director of MindFreedom International David Oaks in opposing a motion by Eli Lilly to extend an injunction to conceal documents that revealed that the company had known for the previous decade of the potentially lethal effects of Zyprexa ( an antipsychotic )and had engaged in an illegal off-label marketing campaign.

    As a patients’ rights lawyer, Chabasinski continues to champion human rights, and writes, speaks, and blogs on issues of individual rights and freedoms.

    Most recently, he has organized an International Day of Protest Against Shock Treatment, being held on May 16, 2015. There will be demonstrations in many countries and cities around the world.


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    Pharma to Dharma: Pharmaceuticals vs Hypnotherapy

    in Health

    Today Nick & Dr. Joanna will be continuing the discussion on "Pharma to Dharma: From Pharmaceuticals Back to Nature" as it applies to the use of Hypnotherapy in place of, or to minimize the use of pharmaceuticals. The Wetsern model of quick fix medicine is just not working, for doctors and patients alike. Patients are finally realizing that the "quick fix" really isn't giving them the desired result or cure that they are looking for, and doctors are starting to feel that this is not the way to truly practice medicine so that healing on all levels can be invited to occur.  Learn how hypnotherapy can be a very viable and safe approach to changing our consciousness to break thinking patterns that do not serve us. 

    Adverse Drug reactions are the 4th leading cause of death and pharmaceutical companies still continue to rake in billions by marketing and selling disease.  How do they do that?  By creating new diagnoses that fit into the effects of the drug that is already on the market, but that is usually close to patent expiration. This occurs particularly with psychotropics - drugs for anxiety, insomnia, depression and a variety of other psychiatric illnesses. Many people do not realize that sometimes the side effects of these drugs are exactly that which they are designed to treat.  Find out how hypnotherapy can be used alone or to augment any other modality of healing in what promises to be a very interesting discussion. 

    Pharma to Dharma 4-hour Workshops on 17th & 21st May 2015 and will be offered regularly. See more on the Kalyana Centre homepage. Find us always at www.thekalyanacentre.com or Dr. Joanna at www.drjoannacarmichael.com or 484-412-8815.

    Receive 20% off an initial consultation with Nick or Joanna when you mention this show. 

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    Health and Wellness

    in Health

    Each week Dr. Epley, D.C., C.C.W.P, and Dr. Gofourth, D.C. will discuss current health news and noteworthy studies, and their impact on our health.  Our emphysis is primarily on toxicity and deficiency and how this stress negatively effects our health.  Creating sufficency and eliminating toxicity by eating well, moving well, and thinking well can reverse the negative effects of stress and can lead to a lifetime of health and wellness.

    This week we will cover GMO's, dog food, Vaccinations, dark chocolate, medical marijuana,  antibiotic resistance, microbiome, psychiatric drugs, doctors overtreating, light and obesity, Vitamin D and deperession, fast food ban in LA, Excessive vitamins in pregnancy, medical expansion, osteoarthritis, Vitamin D related to diabetes and clogged arteries, TB and superbugs, Fish oil, the pain med Lyrica, ADHD meds, Strawberries and pesticides, health diet in relation to cardiovascular disease, fish oil and prostate cancer, IOM was wrong again, the importance of breakfast, newer side effects of diabetes medications, folic acid supplementation, CAM therapies and cancer, Breastfeeding,

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    SOS Emergency phone support needed for homeless & victims advocate Tammy Stroud

    in Current Events

    Emergency phone support needed for truth Activist, homeless & victims advocate Tammy Stroud She is being abused by the Connecticut courts & state police She moved from Tenn to care for a disabled brother the state police took her car after a traffic stop and demanded 6000 dollars for its return Tammy has been walking to work for 7 years now After posting bail and while leaving the jail she was forced into a van by York Correctional Institution staff and taken to a psychiatric ward and held against her will without charge First Habeas Corpus ignored and buried Tammy held for 6 months Finally released and now facing charges for walking on the side of road & refusing to fingerprint Neither investigator Bryan Fahey nor Sgt Supervisor Mark Juhola provided a signature on the DPS-683-E report - a printout does not qualify call state atty Micheal Kennedy 860-443-8444 and atty Thomas Griffin 860-889-5284 judge Timothy Bates 860-889-7338 and the vicar general Steven Boguslawski 860-541-6491 because a call from him could make the abuse stop

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    From Battlefield to the Neighborhood: Dr. Billings Examines Vets in Trouble

    in Health

     We will examine: What is the problem with mental health treatment programs in the United States -from a Military and Civilian Prospective. Treatment of Combat Stress Now and Throughout History. Suicides and Homicides Within the Armed Forces and Civilian Community - A Direct Link to Psychiatric Medications. “ Dead in Bed Syndrome”& Traumatic Brain Injury. Psychiatry and The Pharmaceutical Industry Join Forces. ADD/ADHD, Scotopic Sensitivity/Irlen Syndrome. Dr. Billings Congressional Hearings Testimony.  Recommendations for Effective Mental Health Treatment . The 1920 Smith Fess- Act  – The National Civilian Vocational Rehabilitation Act.  THE Truth About Mental Health Providers. Human Assistance Rapid Response Team Program. Making the Transition From Military to Civilian Life.  What most medical staff don’t know and overlook.Veteran Lawsuits Against Government Facilities.  The Evolution of the Tri Service Combat Stress Conference. 

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    Mary Diaz and Human Conflicts Org Demand More Paroles 05/08/2015

    in Politics Progressive

    Mary Diaz and Human Conflicts Org. demand is on air Fridays at 3pmEST. Call 347.857.3293 to join the discussion. We demand compassionate release for elderly and terminally ill prisoners and paroles for all inmates who served their minimum sentences unless parole boards prove that releasing such inmates would endanger the community. Taxpayers should not continue paying to warehouse rehabilitated inmates who have served their minimum sentences just to enrich private prison owners. Mentally ill prisoners should be transferred to mental hospitals and stabilized, then released under assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) programs that mandate their continued psychiatric treatment and provide them with subsistence assistance. Americans with mental disabilities should not be punished as criminals in the nation's prisons and jails where hundreds of thousands of them suffer in solitary confinement torture, deprived of visits with their families for years and some for decades. Human Conflicts Org. demands human rights for prisoners in the USA.

    Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has, and it never will. ~Frederick Douglass

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    Expressive Mom Show- An Overview of Death and Grieving with Lisa Athan

    in Radio

    On this episode of The Expressive Mom Show, the topic today will be about why it is important for children to understand that death happens, as well as grief. My guest today is Lisa Athan and she is a Grief Recovery Specialist. 

    Lisa serves on the Traumatic Loss Coalition for Youth as a Lead Responder in Union, Essex and Middlesex Counties. Lisa also is on staff at Camp Clover, a NJ bereavement day camp for children and teens. There she is the bereavement specialist and facilitates sharing circles as well as runs the staff trainings and conducts screenings for the camp. She also was a co-developer of the camp. Lisa is currently writing a book for teens, their parents and teachers on grief, loss and other tough stuff that teens experience.

    Lisa has experience working in the fields of bereavement, addictions and mental health. Lisa worked at Fair Oaks Hospital in the outpatient recovery unit working with people dealing with drug and alcohol addiction and their families.  Lisa also worked at The Center for the Treatment of Eating Disorders and ran groups for people dealing with eating disorders and their families. Lisa worked at Overlook Hospital on the in-patient psychiatric unit as a counselor and facilitated daily group therapy, and met hundreds of teens and adults suffering with often unacknowledged and unresolved grief which presented itself through addictions, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, psychosis, self injurious behavior including suicide attempts. In order to connect with Lisa, go to her website http://www.griefspeaks.com/. 

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