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    Psych V.I.P With Dj Khasper Bhinks & Coast 2 Coast Djs

    in Entertainment

    Dj Khasper Bhinks goes 1 on 1 in a stripped down, no holds barred interview with Canadian Professional Recording Artist, Psych!

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    Rape Culture and Sexual Assault

    in Lifestyle

    Rape and sexual assault, a convenient tale to sweep under the rug. Tonight's show discusses the current allegations made of Bill Cosby. Should we believe the victims or should we allow Bill Cosby to keep his father of America image?

    We will talk about what drives people to rape, What victims can do after being raped, and how we should be helping those who have been victimized. 

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Rhoda Berger of Integrative Psych NP

    in Health

    Brooklyn, NY – Psychiatry, like most forms of conventional medicine, is often focused on the treatment of symptoms and disease. In contrast, nursing has traditionally been oriented towards healing the whole person. Indeed, nursing was the original healing profession.

    Rhoda Berger is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and the founder of Integrative Psych NP. As an integrative practitioner, Rhoda’s approach to healing begins by getting to know her clients as complex individuals with an innate ability to heal. This holistic approach requires an understanding of the relationship between the physical, cognitive and emotional aspects of the person.

    “Medical professionals, including psychiatrists, tend to take a mechanistic approach to healing people: this is what I’m treating and nothing else,” says Berger. “I really believe when nurses meet people, we meet them in a different way than doctors. I’m not only addressing the specific thing they came for. I’m seeing the whole person.”

    Berger says that when she evaluates her clients’ mental health issues, she’s not only evaluating on the basis of how, for example, their depression may be affected by neurotransmitters, but also how they’re living their lives, what they do for fun, how they sleep, what their relationships are like, what their belief system is. Sometimes changing their diet or learning how to use their breath for healing can accelerate the process.

    “I feel nourished by being present for other people so I’m proud when I see them blossoming. I find it enlivening,” says Berger. “Everyone is born wanting to seek happiness, to become the version of you that you were meant to be. We have to integrate our adaptive selves with our authentic selves. It is a process of remembering who we are.”

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    The 3 Ms : Music, Media, and Messaging

    in Lifestyle

    Is the media corrupt? Is it affecting the way we believe and act?

    This week's show discussing the messages we gather from media on a consistent basis. 

    We will discuss the recreation of the Purge, which occured September 29th at a Six Flags in Largo, MD. 

    Our co-host for the week is Letisha Washington. Letisha is a school based counselor in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan area. She is a Master of Psychology. 

    Our host is Denisha M, a behavioral specialist and Master of Psychology. 

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    Teen Suicide and Bullying: What you need to know to save a life

    in Lifestyle

    More teenagers and young adults die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease, COMBINED.

    On tonight's show we are discussing teen suicide and bullying. Over 3.2 million students are victims of suicide each year. Of that, up to 9 percent victims of bullying are more likely to commit suicide. 

    We will discuss the risk factors of teen depression, suicide, and how to help a student who is being bullied. 


    Our Co-host is Erika Jones. Erika is a Master of Psychology and currently works in the field as a Psychological associate. Using methods of behavior modification, Erika works with clients who have developmental disabilities. She also has experience working with young children who have been victims of bullying and diagnosed with major depression. 


    Denisha M, the host, is a Master of Psychology and behavioral specialist. 

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    The Annulment of Civil Liberties: Are we a post racial america?

    in Lifestyle

    On this episode the host, Denisha M and cohost Candace Simpson discuss Ferguson, Police brutality, murder, mass incarceration and harassment. Listen in as the hosts dissect the notion of post racial America and talk about differences in police interactions between minorities. 

    Topics for the show include:

    Are black citizens protected under law? What prohibits protection for persons of color?

    Police brutality, murder, mass incarceration and harassment--- who is affected, is this an issue and why? Discussion of Ezell ford,  Ramarley Graham, Amadou Diallo, Alan Bluford, Michael Brown, Oscar Grant, Kimani Gray, Mohamed Bah, Sean Bell, Eric Garner etc 

    What is the problem with people wanting to ignore racial issues?

    Is there a desensitization to black and minority issues? 

    Prediction and foretelling of Ferguson over the next months as they wait for a grand jury decision and arrest.

    Vonderitt Myers. Will this affect the tensions in the next few months? Is this a different situation. Can we be upset for this killing as well?

    What can be done in America to truly move past race? Is it possible?

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    Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings and corporal punishment vs discipline

    in Lifestyle

    This episode will discuss the current situation with Vikings Player, Adrian Peterson. The two hosts, Denisha M and Fabian Brown will expound on the topics of physical discipline and the overlaps of abuse.


    Show topics include:

    Defining and outlining abuse versus discipline

    Cultural implications of physical punishment

    Gender differences, fathers physically disciplining daughters

    Expectations and proactively discussing child rearing practices

    Long term affects of child abuse

    NFL's handling of the case


    Denisha M. is a Master of Psychology and behavioral specialist with 7 years of experience in the Psychology field. 

    Fabian B. is a former psychotherapist with 7 years of experience in the Psychology field. 


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    Realize Your Dreams Easily With Psych K

    in Self Help

     What if you learned that it is possible for you achieve your goals easily and quickly. If so, how would you live your life today?

    Author of The Thought That Changed My Life Forever and Thank God I Am An Empowered Woman, Rita Soman, an expert in helping people with healing the root cause of addictions, mental health related issues and numerous other challenges we all face, will join Dr Paula Horan and describe PSYCH-K®, a process that helps in identifying and healing the root cause of our problems. Because 95% of our beliefs reside at the level of the subconscious mind, most of our behavior is unconscious and robotic. PSYCH K helps us address this level of the mind and clear it. Profound and life-transforming, the process is a game changer and works synergistically with most other healing modalities. In just few a sessions people restore their happiness and well-being and realize their dreams.

    HOST:  Paula Horan Ph.D. (Laxmi Dechen Wangmo), is an American psychologist who lives in Asia. A Reiki Master for twenty five years and an author of eight books on meditation, alternative health, and non-dual awareness. Her new book Fierce Innocence, which conveys the wisdom of her Jnana Yoga retreats in fostering a radiant self-confidence, is now available at amazon.com/author/paulahoran.                    

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    Intimate Partner Violence, Ray Rice and the NFL

    in Lifestyle

    Intimate partner violence (IPV) is defined as threatened, attempted, or completed physical or sexual violence or emotional abuse by a current or former intimate partner. IPV can be committed by a spouse, an ex-spouse, a current or former boyfriend or girlfriend, or a dating partner.

    Today's show we will be discussing Domestic Violence and The NfL's handling of Ray Rice and other players who have demonstrated this behavior in the media. 

    Topics for the show include:

    What we saw with the Ray Rice elevator video and what we saw after the media spill. 

    NFL's handling of the case. Should there be a zero tolerance policy.

    The prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence

    Victim Blaming

    Cycle of Abuse

    Rehabilitation for perpetrators

    How to counsel a couple that has experienced Domestic Violence

    Today's hosts:

    Renee Stokes-Domestic Violence Advocate http://www.cherylsresilientgirl.com/

    Fabian Brown- 7 years in the field of Psychology

    Denisha M- Behavioral Specialist and Master of Psychology

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    Seattle's psych-pop rock band Branden Daniel & The Chics Returns for an Update

    in Indie Music

    NWP is proud to welcomes Branden Daniel! 

    VH1 and MTV U are airing “In Light”, the new single from Branden Daniel & The Chics and they’re getting airplay with KEXP, Japan’s Inter FM (Equal to Clear Channel) and Chicago’s Fearless Radio.  Click to hear the song:  http://bit.ly/1mPQJGH  In Light has also been picked up in the upcoming major motion picture Ditch Party.

    Their previous single, “Missionary”, was among the Top 10 Songs of 2012 on SiriusXM’s Underground Garage with both DJs Steven Van Zandt and Andrew Loog Oldham who also managed The Rolling Stones for about 30 years.

    They previously recorded a set of singles with Grammy-winning producer Dennis Mackay (David Bowie, Jeff Beck) at East West Studios in Los Angeles. The first single, “Melt Chyo Heart” with b-side “Don’t Have the Time”, garnered major radio nationwide. “Jersey Shore” and “Beavis & Butthead” (MTV), “Baseball Wives”, “Mob Wives” and “X-Life” (Vh1) and “Heart of Dixie” (CW) have all featured their music. More Info http://bdandthechics.tumblr.com/


    This show is sponsored in part by http://audibletrial.com/northwestprime1st book is Free! Click & see if audible books are right for you, 30 Day FREE trial

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    Ep. 104- Psych Out

    in Comedy

    The boys are back!Well, not quite but soon! After a long break Psych is back, and we’re taking a moment to talk about Psych. Grab a Japadog and watch out for 

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