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    PSU Radio Special! Thanksgiving Day Massacre: We Declare National War on Terror!

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    There will be wars and rumors of wars. Nations fighting other nations. Nations creating adversaries to fight. The majority of the people continue to languish in poverty, ignorance and destructive lifestyles. Instead of hoping for who, we should focus on what WE can do! Most attempts at solving these problems, don't seem to be working, as we hope or anticipate that they should. What will it take to liberate ourselves from all forms of oppression? You must declare that you are the solution! We must declare a National War on Terror/Oppression, as it pertains to Black Lives, Economics, Politics and Our Culture!

    If not now, when? If not you, who?

    The Problem Solvers United among Us must Unite First. We then set the tone and be an example of mutual power buildiing!

    Learn more about PSU S.aving O.ur S.elves Monthly Power Plan and updates on National Blackout and Christmas Boycott.

    PSU Network       404-840-7332       psu101050@gmail.com            www.ctbconnect.com

    Join Our FB Group Page: Making Black History with 10-10-50

  • After 10.10.15 What's Next? Make Black History with 10-10-50 every month!

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    20 years after Historic Million Man March in 1995, we must ask the sober question of, what went wrong? Why do we find ourselves as a people, still working to achieve a tangible and functional unity? What have we not done over last two decades, to properly address the pressing issues facing the masses of black people. We are now making a SOS Call to our people, and declaring a State of Emergency for ourselves, families and communities! We must join and help to strengthen the PSU S.aving O.ur S.elves Plan. Over the next 90 days, we are uniting 10K problem solvers, to help lay a firm economic foundation, to begin building mutual power perpetually. This is our time and we are making Black History with 10-10-50 each and every month. Let's Go...

    for more information or to get involved contact us:

    PSU Network - FB Group Page: Making Black History with 10-10-50

    404-840-7332 or psu101050@gmail.com


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    The Harriett Tubman Effect: Liberating Ourselves From Oppression in Plane View!

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    Why not the $100 Bill?   Why not a full and complete freedom from Amerikkka's control, influence and jurisdiction?

    Who among us ready to walk in her footsteps, face her dangers, trust in strangers?

    Welcome to the Overground RailRoad! All aboard!!! 

    Destination: Freedom from Oppression in all forms!

    The Problem Solvers among Us must Unite. We become the example of mutual power building, which will also, set the tone for mass duplication in Black Peoples Collectives. 



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    After 10.10.15 What's Next? Justice or Else? What could that be?

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    At PSU, We are looking for those, who are looking to be part of the solution!

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    The Next Movement is Of, By and For Us! The Revolution: Do We Revolt or Revolve?

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    Justice or Else! Black Lives Matter. Hands Up Don't Shoot! No Justice No Peace! Vote or Die! Just Say No! Click it or Ticket! Many successful campaigns have come and galvanized the masses into action and participation. Why have we not yet achieved the goals? Why are we still singing, We Shall Overcome? When, How? Now! Join with the Problem Solvers United and build a network of 10K Problem Solvers, who open a personal savings account and commit to a lifetime of monthly $50 deposits! 90 Days to reach the goal and then...........Unlimited Possibilities!

    PSU Network     404-840-7332        psu101050@gmail.com                FB Group Page: Making Black History With 10-10-50

    www.ctbconnect.com    Citizen's Trust Bank

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    FB Lynching Part III: We Identify the Hidden Hands, Their Motive and Intent

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    Why me? Why now? Why Facebook? Let's take a closer look and open the first chapter of this good book. Truth is what we seek and shall find, as the exaggerated lies continue to unwind. Problem Solvers have United and We are looking for those who are looking for Solutions! What would you do, if you were me? Victory is Ours!

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    10K Problem Solvers United around S.aving O.ur S.elves Plan. Yes We Can!

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    There's nothing more powerful, than an idea or plan of action, whose time has come!

    We are blessed to be in this awesome space and place in this journey, to a full and complete liberation from oppression in all forms!

    The Problem Solvers among us must Unite! 

    We must lay a firm financial foundation, upon which we build a new reality for ourselves and future.

    Contact PSU - Atlanta for more details on joining S.aving O.ur S.elves at Citizen's Trust Bank and all other Black-owned Black Banks/Credit Unions.

    PSU Network    404-840-7332              psu101050@gmail.com         FB Group Page: Making Black History with 10-10-50


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    S.aving O.ur Selves is the only Solution! No one is coming to save us.

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    The foundation of any building, is the most significant, and yet, the most insignificant aspect of that building. We must lay a firm financial foundation upon which we can secure a brighter future for ourselves and our youth! It's the monthly practice of unity in making $50 deposits into our personal savings account at same Black-owned bank/credit union. 10K new savings accounts is the goal for every financial institution in the U.S. is the goal. Starting here in Atlanta at Citizen's Trust Bank, founded in 1921. 90 Days to 10K Problem Solvers United and working a clear plan of self-improvement and community development. Join Us and become part of the solution!

    PSU Network       404-840-7332             psu101050@gmail.com               FB Group Page: Making Black History with 10-10-50


  • After 10.10.15 What's Next? 90 Days and We all Make Black History! You Ready?

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    Black peoples #1 problem is a lack of Black Unity around those issues, that we all have in common. Which are providing for our basic needs, a village to help raise our children and a complete healing/restoratiom of our families and community. Only black solutions for black problems! The problem solvers among us must UNITE, as We set the tone and be the example of mutual power building. We are laying a firm financial foundation, upon which we all can stand and build wealth. Remember, there's no I in WE unless you're playing games! This is our time, to realize positive change we all can believe in and achieve.  Join Us!

    PSU is looking for those who are looking for us!

    PSU Network     404-840-7332          psu101050@gmail.com     FB Group Page: Making Black History with 10-10-50

    Open your saving account now at Citizen's Trust Bank, and commit to a $50 monthly deposit for life!


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    After 10.10.15 What's Next? The Plan is More Important than the Man!

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    Where there is no vision for the people, they will continue to perish and languish in poverty, ignorance and death. Those of us who know, we must show. Set the tone and be an example of mutual power building. Over next 90 days, the problem solvers among us will unite and work our monthly PSU S.aving O.ur S.elves Plan with black-owned banks across this nation. 10K new savings accounts opened in 90 days, will then give us $500K every month of leveraging power! Join us for a 1/2 hour of people power on purpose with promise. We are beginning this effort in Atlanta, GA.(Black Mecca), at Citizen's Trust Bank founded in 1921. We must lay a firm financial foundation, upon which we all can stand and build wealth, as a group. Join with PSU and let's begin the process of systematizing black unity, which will give us power to control what happens to us.Are you a problem solver? At PSU, we are looking for those who are looking for us!

    PSU Network   404-840-7332       psu101050@gmail.com    Join our FB Group Page: Making Black History with 10-10-50 www.ctbconnect.com


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    A Facebook Willie Lynching at its Worst! Black Minds=Oppressors' Weapon

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    Look, Listen,Learn, Lead.

    The accusations leveled against me by Tancy Wheeler are absolutely false. The damage done to her face, was not done by me. We are shocked, saddened, disturbed and extremely concerned about her mental, emotional, spiritual and physical state.

    We want to know who put her up to this. We know she is not working alone. To see this viral response to public accusations, that have resulted in hundreds of calls, texts, inbox messages threatening my life and calling for vigilante style justice against me, with no full knowledge of events, details and culprits/conspirators is not wise and counter productive.

    I am not on the run. Based on the numerous and public threats against our family, we had initially chosen to not answer phone or make a statement.

    I have not been contacted by the authorities, regarding circumstances surrounding Tancy Wheeler's injuries. I did immediately speak with leadership in 10K Fearless Movement, after learning about this claim of my brutalizing Tancy. It was shared with me, that Tancy contacted the 10K Fearless and asked for community conflict resolution.

    I was told that this matter was to be handled expeditiously, with transparency, equity and a true pursuit of justice.

    I declared then and now, of my not being guilty/responsible/complicit in any injuries sustained by Tancy on said night.

    She has declared her truth and I have declared my truth. Now together as a community, we must explore and discover the truth, that will set us free from the lies, confusion, distractions and knee jerk reactions and hold all responsible parties accountable.

    I thank all my family, friends, colleagues who have reached out in love and concern, during this very difficult time.

    10K Fearless Men&Women Movement   678-974-7514