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    Guerrilla Radio with American Spring

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    Friday, at the Camden County courthouse, citizens from across the spectrum gathered to protest the reinstatement of Planning and Zoning Administrator Don Hathaway after his recent suspension without pay.

    The Usual Suspects flocked around embattled Presiding Commissioner Kris Franken in support of Hathaway.  Their endorsement of Hathaway speaks volumes about the state of affairs in our courthouse.

    ALSO: LORDEC, an alphabet soup organization created in collusion with the Chamber of Commerce, announced two open seats on Friday.  We will look at this panel of technocrats and how they have skirted the political process while selling out the taxpayers for the county.

    The Mid-County Fire Protection District has stated that "everything is on the table" after the public defeated another levy increase.  We will look at what that means for the tax paying citizens of the county.

    AND: Common Core presentations across the state are reflecting a real movement on the part of parents to combat corporate education.  Recently, provacateurs have begun to attend these meetings in the hope of derailing informational presentations.  Someone must be doing something right!

    PLUS: Duane Lester of the Missouri Torch joins us to talk about a campaign to livestream the Missouri Congress, his investigation into the Coleman family and money in media.

    Call in and join the conversation.


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    False Flags erode our Rights, Security, and Sovereignty

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    The term "False Flag" originates from the Military concept of flying "false colors" or a flying the flag of another country, rather than their own.
    This idea goes back to the days of wooden ships, whereby an attacking ship would fly the flag of their enemy, so as to get close enough without being suspected of being the enemy of their helpless victim.
    This technique is not limited to seafaring vessels, and likewise is not restricted to times of war. Other synonyms for false flag operations include, but are not limited to; misinformation, disinformation, fear mongering, propaganda, agent provacateurs, and even psychological warfare, all in an effort to sway, and control public opinion, and implement furthered laws, which facilitate the removal of freedoms and rights.
    These covert or black ops operations have become mastered by the western powers Military Industrial Complex; forces are either sent in, or created inside countries to perform guerilla, or clandestine operations in overthrowing Unions, Organizations, and even toppling governments.
    The King David Hotel bombing (In Israel) on July 22nd, 1946 was 1 such operation, where Israeli loyalists dressed as Arabs/Muslims ; 91 people died, and another 46 were injured.
    The Gulf of Tonkin affair in 1964 is another such false flag operation, which largely was responsible for the beginning of the vietnam war .
    The Reichstag fire on February 27th, 1933 is another case where German loyalists set the fire, and was blamed on supposed enemies, and used to suspend all civil liberties.
    The attacks on 9/11 were likewise false flag events, which led to the Patriot Act, which largely mimicked what Hitler was able to do.
    Please join us as we continue revealing this Zionist Illuminati 1 World Order Elite; their Military Insudtrial Complex, and continuing efforts to rule the world, largely through deceit and the murdering of millions.

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    G20 - Live Coverage and News Excerpts

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    Join me as I follow twitter. The g20 summit has turned violent from some in black masks. Anarchists? Agent provacateurs? Other? We look for answers.