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    Bhyy-Prov. 31:28

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    Prov. 31:28: "Her children shall rise up and call her blessed..."
    Women are naturally closer to the children; what are some tips to help us to train up today's youth? Why is our Prov. 31 woman blessed by them? The relationship between her and her children, why is this important?

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    what have you done for Me lately ?

    in Christianity

    How you serve determines who you belong to.  The question to us is what have you done for Me lately?  So many serve with the wrong motive at Heart, such as, what's in it for me or what can I gain from this. If you focus on the "me" and "I", it reveals a goat (self centered) attitude and not a servants heart.  Jesus (The Prefect Lamb) came not to be served, but to serve and that is what he exemplified in his ministry.  He set the example for us to serve ... the least of these my brethern, ye have done it unto me. Matt 25:40 Remember it's not WHO you serve, it's HOW you serve.  Join Carnita Smith as she exposes Matthew 25:31-46

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    The Hockey Guys Podcast: Episode 28 -- Steve Dangle

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    Hockey YouTuber and Sportsnet contributor Steve "Dangle" Glynn (@Steve_Dangle) joins the guys and talks about the Toronto Maple Leafs, their ghastly season, and what the future holds for the blue white. Mr. Dangle also discusses his career in sports media, the blogosphere, and the rise of analytics. 

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    The SmackDown ReBound with Chrisss

    in Wrestling

    Join your host, Super Chrisss, as he recaps and reviews the latest episode of Thursday Night SmackDown while sharing his win & fail for the night. Will Brock Lesnar or his advocate, Paul Heyman, make an appearance? What about his WrestleMania 31 opponent, Roman Reigns? Does Bray Wyatt have more ominious words for The Undertaker? Will John Cena respond to Rusev? Can Bad News Barrett finally reclaim the Intercontiental Championship stolen by Dolph Ziggler? And will WWE continue to #GiveDivasAChance?

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    Karen Pittman is an accomplished American actress and singer, born in Mississippi and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. She received her Bachelor of Science in Voice and Opera at Northwestern University and received her Masters of Fine Arts from NYU's Graduate Acting Program. Karen is starring in the Pulitzer Prize winning Broadway play "Disgraced," written by Ayad Akhtar as well as co-starring in the third season of FX's "The Americans." "The Americans" which premiered on January 28, 2015.

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    Parables, Preparation and Provisions 1

    in Lifestyle

    In this monthly series (March 2015), we'll be discussing and learning [together] on the principles of PREPARATION and how it impacts your PROVISIONS while receiving what God has to say in two very important PARABLES.  You will be equipped to make any necessary adjustments in your life and ministry.

    Week 1:  Matthew 25: 1 - 13                                 Week 2: Matthew 25: 14 - 30                                              Week 3: Matthew 25: 31 - 40                                Week 4: Matthew 25: 41 - 46

    Thoughts for the leader: As pastors, ministers, & teachers, how do we emphasize the importance of planning ... more than just spiritually?

    Thoughts for the individual:  How do we bounce back when proper preparations weren't made? Do you have the tools or know where the resources are to begin planning for your prosperity?

    PRF Table hosts:  Rev. N. Dunlap, Jr.; Adia Sanders; Warren Feaster,  Mary Ann Williams,and Shatara Sherwood

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    Today on The Boochcast, Booch talks about how he celebrated his birthday, Gives Facebook shoutouts to EVERYONE who wished him a Happy Birthday, plays The Miz's new commerical, Alundra Blayze going into the WWE Hall Of Fame, Paul Heyman's Promo on RAW, recaps NXT and Paige calls in to talk about Referees in Wrestling and what Booch did on his Birthday. 

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    Spiritual poet, Jeff Ferraninni, reads poems and takes calls

    in Spirituality

    JeffF/Jeff Ferrannini (Ferr-ah-nee-nee) is creator, producer, and host of Planetary Spirit, an internet radio program started in March of 2006. For 2 ½ years Jeff shared production and hosting with Magdalena. Since June 2009 Jeff is now sole producer/host. In June 2010, Jeff began broadcasting Planetary Spirit “Live” from ETIN (Emerson Talk & Information Network) studio at Emerson College, in Boston, MA. In November of 2012, Planetary Spirit affiliated with Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network on the East Coast and their two West Coast internet radio affiliates.

    In 2007 Jeff was ordained as an interfaith minister after he completed a two year ministerial program. Jeff feels Planetary Spirit is his ministry. “I believe Planetary Spirit offers an opportunity to connect to a deeper part of life and explore new spiritual perspectives”. Jeff is a poet, having written 400+ poems in the last 15 years, mainly spiritual. He self published two books of poems. His second book “Star Songs” is now on CD and contains 31 poems. Jeff has written feature articles on spirituality for 11:11 magazine and Body & Brain magazine.

    Jeff is on the Council for Spiritual Connection, an interfaith organization producing annual events, showcasing musical/spoken presentations to celebrate diversity, interconnectedness, and sharing spiritual traditions.

    From an early age Jeff has been on a quest to find a house of worship that welcomes all faiths traditions, spiritual perspectives, equally. This continues to be the driving force behind his work with Planetary Spirit. He believes his in-depth interviews/conversations offer listeners new ways to explore paths towards becoming fully awakened conscious human beings. 

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    Simone Da Costa-Canadian Author, Freelance Writer, & Publisher

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    Simone Da Costa is a writer, author, publisher, and freelance magazine writer from Vancouver, Canada.  She has written for many North American publications such as Africulture, Planet Africa, Mudd Magazine, and The Caribbean Current, to name a few.  Simone was a nominee in the media category for the Women on Fire Award in 2014.

    Simone has published a devotional day planner, Remember to Pray, a 2013 Day Planner, as well as two children's books.  A Silly Rhyming Alphabet Book About Animals from A to Z, Emily-Rose's Day at the Farm, and a coloring book; Coloring and Activity Book:  Based on A Silly Rhyming Alphabet Book About Animals from A to Z. Simone's fourth children's book is called I Am Beautiful: When I Look at Me, I See...is set to launch on February 28, 2015 at the Toronto Urban Book Expo.  This inspirational book, created for middle school aged Black girls, aims to empower and liberate them to believe that they are beautiful, despite society's notion of what "beauty" is.

    In an era where the popular idealistic images of beauty are based on the western world's realism of beauty, it illustrates that beauty begins with knowing who you are, believing it, and accepting yourself as you are.


    Simone Da Costa

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    The Shelly Wilson Show with Guy Finley

    in Spirituality

    Author Guy Finley focuses on his new book “The Secret of Your Immortal Self”
    Learn how to open the door to a deeper self-knowledge that alone makes possible the perfection of your soul. In this book made up of more than 80 short, poignant, sometimes humorous, always inspiring essays, Guy Finley examines a different facet of the spiritual journey where the aspirant will discover how to:
    • Free Yourself From Dark Thoughts and Feelings
    • Stop Useless Suffering Before it Begins
    • How to Stop Hurting Yourself and Others
    • Discover Who You Really Are
    • Start Living a Fulfilled and Authentic Life

    Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master and Spiritual Growth Coach Shelly Wilson would love to assist you on your spiritual journey. She offers private readings, intuitive coaching, Reiki sessions, and teaches workshops. She is the author of 28 Days to a New YOU, Connect to the YOU Within and Journey into Consciousness. In addition, Shelly is a featured columnist and the Metaphysics Editor for OMTimes Magazine.

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    Series Telling Jesus; '' Telling Our Failures'' Rev Frankie Dorsey

    in Religion

    Scriptures; Mark 9:28; Luke 5:5

    We invite you to join us for the teaching of God's Word every Tuesday and Thursday @ 10:00 Am Est. Listen in @ 347-237-5593 or join us on the web @ www.blogtalkradio.com/in-his-presence-ministrywe

    May God bless You!!

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