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    What to do if there is a shooting at your school

    in Politics

    With the recent shooting at Fort Hood, and the upcoming 1 year anniversary of the Boston Bombing, Linda, John and I will discuss what to do if there is a shooting at your school or college campus. 

    We will also discuss workplace safety and knowing your jobs protocals in case of an incident. 

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    Online Privacy

    in Entrepreneur

    Online Privacy and how your computer, smartphone and tablet provide data.


    Eleven15 Talk Format-

    Questions drive the topics of Brigette's Eleven15 Talk on safety, tech and community; work, schools, campuses. Send topic questions to twitter @searchkidd or connect on Linkedin, (include 11:15 in the invite)

    Strategies with online safety and privacy with mobile apps, email, e-commerce, websites and database security.

    Weekly spotlights on some of the best socially conscious apps, and causes that are helping make the world a better place, especially for women, children and seniors.  

    Brigette is a tech entrepreneur and speaker.  

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    Prophetic People: Getting Along With Other Ministers

    in Spirituality

    There is a lot more to good prophetic teamwork than giving an accurate Word.  Prophetic people see life in black and white and represent God to the people.  But Pastors and many other ministers see life in shades of gray and tend to represent the people to God.  Prophetic people have to learn how to honor the church vision, the protocals, how to work in team, the importance of pastoral wisdom plus revelation and what to do when no one else discerns what they discern.  Do ministers see you as supportive, humble, respectful and a valuable asset?? or as challenging, intimidating, presumptuous and proud?

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    NYT Bestselling Author Jeff Pearlman & NFL's Bob Whitfield

    in Sports

    As RGIII undergoes reconstructive surgery under the careful watch of Dr. James Andrews this morning, the GCL Crew will discuss the current state of medical protocals in professional & collegiate sports with New York Times Bestselling Author Jeff Pearlman and retired NFL offensive lineman Bob Whitfield.
    Join us as we debate & discuss the implications of RGIII's injury, pending lawsuits about the usage of Toradol, teams failing to disclose injury information (i.e. Andrew Bogut), failure to follow concussion protocals, and more.
    Tune in Wednesday at 1:00pm ET for A New View from the Sidelines!

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    Jews plan to take over the world

    in Politics

    Tonight is documentary night and I have a good one for you.A book written years ago details the plan of Jewish domination of the world.Tonight just sit back and listen because I will not be answering the phone thought most of this show.The name of this documentary is "The Protocols Of The Elders of Zion".plus I'll also add some more clips to entertain you as well.The chat room is open and your comments are welcome.So cut me on and turn up your speakers and trip out with me.listen too what the people have to say about 911 and the fact that no Jews died that day because they were warned not to show up at work in the towers.Can any of you verify that as true.And did the 911 incident kill Jews as well as Americans.I forgot to mention clip dump tonight as well so stay tuned in. Nuff said

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    Land of the lost

    in Culture

    11. And every generation of living flesh, of Fruit, Seed, and all Handicrafts,
    though they be lost, must of necessity be renewed by the renovation of the

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    The Ginnnah Muhammad Talk Show

    in Lifestyle

    Today 4/16/11 What is The Shariah Law ? Gas Prices in Michigan ouch, Then we read from The Protocals we are on 10 now. Hear you on the show.  The Ginnnah Muhammad Talk Show hits on all topics such as all the Balderdash , the falsehood the senseless, stupid or exaggerated talk or writing nonsense of the Islamic life style .The misogyny hatred of islamic Women Dress. Dignity of Women, Civil Liberties what are they ? Is freedom now in the hands of The Opinions Of the Peoples Likes and dislikes ? Politics, who's behind the scene pulling the cords of the Politicians ?  Is It  the laws they abide by ? Who are the lawers behind the sence creating the chaos we see on Captial Hill, In our States. This World Wide Misogyny against Muslim Women.
    Then we touch on worldly topics such as BET, Sports, Life, Foods, Children Rights, Sex, Transgender Childern, Rights Of the Parents , Racism Today, Love in the Black community and so much more.

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    Boston Aquarium Society-Bill Gill

    in Pets

    Thursday October 13th at 2PM EST,1PM CST,11AM PST, Mr. Bill Gill President of the Boston Aquarium Society ,President of the Boston Guppy Club and Director of the IGEES will be on the UNDER THE SEA RADIO program for a discussion on proper arranging of an aquarium society as to protocals of the FAAS.
    Mr. Bill Gill will also be discussing other issues involving the IGEES and GUPPY CON in Boston.

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    The Fall of the American Empire...

    in Current Events

    What the hell is going on here? Why are there no jobs? Why is all of the industry leaving? America is changing drastically right up under our noses and we will be discussing the reasons why.