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    Positive Impact Hero #4 Brandon Okpalobi

    in Sports

    JW & The Protege host Positive Impact Hero show #4 and will be featuring
    Brandon Okpalobi’s journey from the lively streets of New Orleans to becoming the founder, president and CEO of DIBIA Athletic Development and DIBIA Dream, Inc., is remarkable unto itself. Even more powerful than Brandon’s own story is how DIBIA has grown from its beginnings as a summer camp to its comprehensive scope that helps at-risk African-American urban youth beat the odds, realize their potential and achieve their dreams thorough DIBIA Dream. Join us live @ 9pm 1/31/16

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    Positive Impact Hero #3 Interview with Rich Raphael

    in Sports

    JW & The Protege interview Rich Raphael, President of the Miami Dade Xtreme Youth Football League. We'll get a state of the league status from Rich and talk about the emense work that goes into running a youth football league this big and competitive. We'll also get a chance to talk about past present and future of the league. We'll be taking live calls with questions for Rich all night... join us @ 9pm! 

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    *Celebrating 2 Years on Air & over 200 Episodes!*

    @MYREALTALKRADIO interviews Singer/Songwriter of BG: DUSTIN MICHAELS & Lifetime "The Rap Game" star: LIL NIQO.

    - Dustin Michael Breeding is one of the former lead singers of Diddys protege group B5 which became very popular after releasing a remake of the Jackson 5 song All I do.
    The group released 2 successful albums with Bad Boy records. Then gracefully parted ways.
    A few years later the group signed with the legendary record label Motown in 2010. In 2013, they released one single named Say yes which gotten them over 5.5 million views on Youtube. 

    - The next big rap star is about to be unleashed, when five emerging young hip hop artists, ages 12 to 16 years old, are given the opportunity to rhyme and flow with highly sought after producer, Jermaine Dupri in the all-new unscripted series, "The Rap Game" (#TheRapGame). These young rappers will be immersed in the Atlanta hip hop scene with Dupri at the helm as their mentor. Queen Latifah and her partner Shakim Compere will executive produce under the Flavor Unit umbrella along with Dupri on the series that will air Fridays at 10 PM ET/PT. Each week, special guests such as Usher, Ludacris, Da Brat, T.I. and Silentó will join Dupri to help mold the kids into the next big, young rap star.


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    Know Thyself w/ Master Teacher Ashra Kwesi

    in Lifestyle

    Today we have Bro. Ashra Kwesi, a long time protege of Dr. Josef Ben Yochannan, and Ancient Kemet expert! We will be discussing everything he has found in his research over the last 35 + years. Bring all your questions and note pads because it will be alot of knowledge disseminated. This will be a great dialogue for those that are looking to find out more about our Afrikan heritage, our ancestors and the Afrikan origins of Christianity from an expert that has lived and breathed it for over three decades.

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    The Week In Review On The Randy Report

    in LGBT

    Randy recaps the past week's important news stoires regarding entertainment, pop culture and politics of interest to the LGBT community.

    From the constantly shifting GOP clown car to the most recent polls watchng the upcoming Iowa and New Hampshire contests. Randy talks on the current Donald Trump/Ted Cruz rivalry, and Jeb Bush attacking his former protege Marco Rubio.

    Plus, thoughts on the recently announced Oscar nominations, the passing of rock music legend David Bowie, and Randy's "Favorite Thing Today."

    It's always a circus, so bring your popcorn!

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    2D Sports Radio Presents PWR SLAM! Revisits Georgia Champonship Wrestling

    in Wrestling

    Tonight PWR SLAM! goes back to the early days of cable TV when Ted Turner put his shows on at 5 and 35 after the hour "so you can see how boring everyone else's stuff is then come watch MY shows". In those days, the whole nation was starting to turn to something called Super 17 on Saturday night starting at 6:05 P.M. Eastern for a little show called "Georgia Championship Wrestling". At that time, the Georgia territory, owned and run by Ole Anderson, was part of the National Wrestling Alliance when it was still a powerhouse and part of the Big 3 along with Verne Gagne's AWA and a little promotion then run by Vince McMahon Sr. called the World Wrestling Federation.

    The roster was one of the top groups of its time, from the enhancement guys such as George South, Alabama Jr. Heavyweight Champion Mike Jackson and The Mulkey Brothers to the top stars, NWA World Champion Nature Boy Ric Flair, Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy, who were feuding at the time, Tommy "Wildfire" Rich and many more. Among that group were two good old Southern boys who definately were "rasslers", Joel Deaton and Bob Cook.

    Joel Deaton was working as a personal trainer when Lars Anderson took him under his wing and trained him for an in ring career. Aftera short stint in Anderson's promotion Joel left for his first stint at GCW. He not only wrestled as Joel Deaton, he put on a mask and wrestled as Thunderfoot, where he was managed by the legendary James J. Dillon. Joel has been with us on our Promoter's Roundtable and was part of our Anniversary, but this will be his first featured appearance.

    Joining Joel will be another stalwart from those Georgia days, Bob Cook. Bob is also a protege of Professor Boris Malenko so his heritage is stellar. We will discuss his beginnings in the ring, wrestling new WWE Hall Of Fame member Sting and donning a familiar mask.

    Questions will be taken by Skype or (347) 826-9418.

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    DRAKO SPORTS IMPACT HOUR with guests DJ Linderman and Alasdair Mackenzie

    in MMA

    Tonight on the Drako Sports Impact Hour we have two good friends stopping by. First up is Pro MMA fighter and Boxer DJ "The Protege" Linderman. DJ has fought in every corner of the world in MMA and now is making a run at boxing as well. With a fight set at Rogue Valley Rumble III to start 2016 and a monster 2015, we have a lot to talk about. Next up will be one of the men behind Prime Fighting Alasdair Mackenzie. Alasdair and I, have had a lot of great conversations away from the public eye on many of the issues in MMA today and will address some of them on the show. Before we get to that he will tells us what's on tap for 2016 with Prime Fighting including a great card to kick off the year in January. Tune in Wednesday night at 11:00pm(Eastern/8:00pm(pacific) and DOMINATE YOUR WORLD

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    Dr. Paul Clark on Paul Foster Case

    in Radio

    On Thursday December 17th, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. PT the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will have as our very special guest Dr. Paul Clark, Steward of the Fraternity of Hidden Light and author of the recent biography "Paul Foster Case" his life and works. Its Dr. Paul on Dr. Paul. Quite a fitting combination, as Paul Clark is certainly Paul
    Case's successor in his Great Work in the Western Tradition. Paul Case (1884-1954) was a Golden Dawn adept who specialized in a study of the Tarot. When the Golden Dawn deteriorated in America in the 1920s Case carried on the tradition in his own school The Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.). After Case's passing in 1954 the B.O.T.A. was continued by Case's protege Ann Davies. Paul Clark joined the B.O.T.A. under her tutelege and in 1982, after Ann had passed on Paul Clark and two others
    founded The Fraternity of Hidden Light which carries on Paul Case's school in an G. D. style initiatory structure. Paul's biography of his Master is a labor of love and a must read for anyone interested in the history of occultism in America. You will learn more about the Golden Dawn in New York, Philly, Chicago and California than you ever expected to see in print. This book is a treasure of occult history and lore. And no one is better qualified to write it than Maestro Paul Clark, so tune in and spend an hour with Doctor Paul on Doctor Paul.

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    A Jilted And Crazed Randy White Set On Getting Revenge On Paula White! (237)

    in Christianity

    For months now, a jilted and heartbroken Randy White has been quietly smimmering like an active volcano.  But recent internet chatter reveals that "Mount Dumbo" is about to explode and the toxic fallout will head straight for Paula!  It seems that a spurned and enraged Randy has decided to get some PAYBACK (ala James Brown) by adding two tell-all chapters about Paula in his soon-to-be released book.  Yes indeed, it is truly a Dod-Eat-Dog world and the mud-slinging is about to begin.  No doubt, Randy White wants to dish out a full plate of vengeance on his former protege but can he dish it out cold as it needs to be served?  Tune in as Wolf Tracker shares his ever insightful perspective!  In addition, Wolf Tracker University has made the decision to put Paula White's First Fruits Offering Teaching on trial since she has repeatedly refused to debate Dr. Elisha Coles.  This historic mock trial will start Friday January 1st 2016 and end Sunday January 31st.  E-mail us at wolftracker14@gmail.com if you desire to follow "The Trial of the Year" and receive the WORKBOOK containing ALL OF THE DATED OUTLINES that will cover the proceedings in this 31 day mock trial.  There is no cost for WORKBOOKS.  YES, WORKBOOKS are yours FREE OF CHARGE!

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    Black Defendant, White Jury Is Justice Served? The Case of Judge Olu Stevens

    in Current Events

    In criminal cases are are ALL-WHITE juries capable of rendering justice to BLACK DEFENDANTS? Louisville, Kentucky's JUDGE OLU STEVENS doesn't think so, and he chooses to remove ALL-WHITE juries for BLACK DEFENDANTS in the cases over which he resides.  The district's prosecutor, THOMAS B. WINE, believes STEVENS is overstepping his legal bounds with this practice, and has moved to remove STEVENS from his judgeship.  Rallies have been held in support of Judge Stevens and Saturday we speak with his protege, JAY ALEXANDER, and the STEVEN family's spokesperson. Tune-in  this SATURDAY 10AM-12NOON EST as we discuss this monumental case IN SEARCH OF JUSTICE  in our legal system.