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    Positive & Negative Implications of Child Protective Services Programs

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    On today's Brian The Hammer Show "The Positive & Negative Implications of Child Protective Services Programs and the impact their activities have on families with:

    -Michael Chiacchio, Attorney who has strong opinions in the area of issues related to vrious jurisdictions, believing many of them, unbridled-power with, in his view, the almost total cooperation between the States' Executive Branches and the Courts to remove children from their families with little or no real legal basis to do so. Michael will talk about some of the core reasons why many families find themselves being unjustly devastated, emotionally and financially, by child protective service agencies. The resources that the State brings against these families is unlimited.

    In Michael's view; The following are some of the contributing problems:

    -The "Preponderance of evidence standard" that is used to effect the initial removal of children from the home

    -Some Courts conduct in camera review of CPS Documents, then dictate to defense what documents can be reviewed

    -Closed Court Proceedings

    -Federal Funding

    -Total Immunity from Liability for false substantiations

    -States engagement in Social Engineering

    -Placing individuals on a "Central Registry" (NJ) and other such lists for life

    Join us LIVE at 9am pacific - 12pm eastern time - Call in 646-595-3032

    Sponsored by:

    -Max Ivy, Midway Marketplace

    -Mirthell Bazemore, Author "On The Backburner"

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    Dr. Fearrington Show and Child Protective Services

    in Dads and Family

    Join the Dr. Fearrington Show and hear Mr. "KP" (Child Protective Services) discuss child-support, custody, and family dynamics. Be sure to get your questions answered by calling (347)-850-8364. Best, Dr. Fearrington

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    Child Protective Services: Friend or Foe?"

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    Today's  show topic :Child Protective Services: Friend or Foe?"The beauty of living in America is being able to have the freedom to choose. The freedom to choose what you do with your life, how to raise your children, where you live, etc. – That is unless you are involved with CPS. If that is the case, you have no rights and no choices what so ever. You must do whatever CPS wants, whenever they want it, whether what they are asking makes sense or not.Hear is a question, have you had any good or bad experience with CPS?  We like to hear from you 646-716-6296Tune in at 11:30-2:30  SEE YOU THERE!!www.blogtalkradio.com/dreoradioonline

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    Organized Crime in Child Protective Services

    in Politics

    James Roger Brown from The Sociology Center joins the show this evening to discuss the organized crime rings operating in Child Protective Services.  Federal funding dependent on a quota system plays a large role in the abduction and kidnapping of children from their homes to then be placed in foster care for profit.
    We will also cover Mr. Brown's "The Family Defense Manual", a book he has published with essential tools for protecting you and your family from state actors and agencies in complete violation of the law. 
    1. Services that detect and document pseudoscience, science fraud, structural corruption and organized crime in government agencies and programs; 2. Specialized knowledge publications such as THE ESSENTIAL SKILLS OF CRITICAL THINKING for Home Schooling parents and other parents who want to enhance their children's skills for college, and THE FAMILY DEFENSE MANUAL, the only publication that integrates corporate legal strategy and model legal forms designed to discourage false child abuse allegations being made or pursued by corrupt or extremist government employees; 3. Application of advanced intelligence collection and analysis methodology;
    BIO: James Roger Brown, Sociologist, Intelligence Collection and Analysis Methodologist
    Called by some “The most dangerous mind in North America,” Roger’s general field is sociology of knowledge with specializations in the sociology of intelligence operations, cultural reality models, and how cultures define and relate to the spiritual world.
    P.O. Box 101
    Worthington, KY 41183-0101
    (606) 836-7613

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    Child Protective Services - Child Trafficking - EXPOSED!

    in Legal

    TUNE INTO CIVIL ALERT to discuss an issue that many are very familiar with; Child Protective Services & Child Trafficking. Child Protective Services is known by various names throughout the terrestrial United States however, the nature of their affairs are parallel.
    The roundtable panelists will consist of Rahsmariah Bey, Anaid El and a host of Parents that will provide first-hand testimony of their experience. 
    Be sure to have your pen and paper ready. After the show assist with helping to uplift falling humanity by writing a writ.  Your writ shall contain your cause of action, at least 3 points of Law. Next, demonstrate how the actions violates the 3 points of law. Then, close out with your demands and the time-period in which you want a response.  7-10 business days or less.  The write can be emailed, mailed and faxed. We will provide you with the links to the points of contact on the show.  Feel free to put your writ on the Moorish National Public Record and on RV Bey Publications.  Amongst the food, folks and fun and amongst the material aquisitions and grandeur there exists a multitude of issues in the Land where adults and children are being affected.  It is our civic responsiblity to preserve ourselves and to be our brother's and sister's keeper.
    Civil Alert Rising Radio Informative, Engaging & 3rd Eye Opening  858.357.8450 Option 1 to Ask/Speak 

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    Protective Services Agencies: Its all about the money

    in Politics

    Linda Kincaid, Elder Advocate, California, will co-host this show.
    Danielle Murphy is a mildly autistic disabled adult.  She lived with her aunt, Nancy Vallone, in Arizona.  Nancy provided the best of care and medical treatment for Danielle. 
    After Danielle was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome, Nancy moved to Ohio so Danielle could receive treatment from a top clinic in Cincinnati.  Shortly after the move, the Ohio's Advocacy and Protective Services Agency (APSI) took control of Danielle's case.  They placed Danielle in a group home where she has been physically and sexually abused. 
    APSI denies Danielle the treatment that Nancy moved to Ohio to receive.  Worst of all, APSI isolates Danielle from receiving any visitors, including her Aunt Nancy.

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    "Child Protective Services: A Case of Severe Corruption"

    in Lifestyle

    Meet a woman who has been the target of a true case of blatant corrupt practices by a social worker in the Adminstration for Children's Services in New York. She was paid a visit by a worker who informed her that she was the subject of an open investigation alleging abuse against her and let the worker and a "colleague" into her home to find out what was going on. The plot? There was no such case in the system. The worker is truly an employee for ACS, but the case was a ruse to allow the worker access into the woman's home so she could gather information about the status of the woman's relationship with her young son's father. Why, because the worker was formerly involved in a sexual relationship with the man while he and the "client" were temporarily separated. 
    After the visit, an anonymous call was made to ACS, opening a real investigation and the plot thickens. Also, hear another story of sickening child abuse against a five-year-old boy who was a victim of abuse by two teenaged relatives.

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    The real threats of Child Protective Services . . .

    in Health

    Today we will spotlight the real threats of Child Protective services and how they are wrongfully taking children from their parents instead of helping the families that are commiting the real crimes against their children.

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    Trafficking Milo: Maricopa County Probate At Work

    in Legal

    Greg Elofson and his father Milo have come face to face with predators working in Maricopa County Probate Court in Arizona.  Targeted by Adult Protective Services, unscrupulous attorney's and other predators in the system who are operating under cover of the probate court to separate Milo from his small estate and his freedom to live without fear. Greg continues his search for adequate accomodations for his father. 

    Bio:   Greg Elofson is the CEO of By Your Side (byyourside.care), which builds personal rescue beacons for individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer's/Dementia.

    He holds a PhD from the University of Arizona in Artificial Intelligence/Cognitive Science, a Juris Doctor degree from the Fordham University School of Law, a Master of Science in Information Systems from the University of Arizona and a Bachelor's degree from Occidental College.

    Greg has been a National Science Foundation Reviewer, published in numerous top international peer-reviewed journals, lectured internationally at schools like the London School of Economics, the Asian Institute of Technology, and Edith Cowan University in Australia, and conferences internationally including those in Helsinki, Geneva, and Paris. Greg also holds certificates in China law from China's #1 law school, Renmin University, and in EU intellectual property law from University College Cork, in Ireland.

    He began his career working at the #1 accounting firm in the world, Arthur Andersen & Co, worked as a Staff Scientist at Science Applications International, was a Professor at Emory University, the University of Miami, Fordham University, and Middlebury college.

    Greg is also a caregiver, looking after his father Milo, while they search for solutions and answers to finding proper assisted care for him, through a mine-field of dangerous interference and malfeasance originating from the Maricopa County probate court.

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    Undercover Operations for Protective Services

    in Current Events

    Join your host Karl de la Guerra and special guest Lou Pimber, who many of you will recognize from the Emmy Award winning show Breaking Bad, for the next episode of Bodyguard Lifestyle at 2:00 PM EST on Saturday, March 30, 2013.  Lou brings to Bodyguard Lifestyle his background in military intelligence, law enforcement intelligence, protective services training and professional acting.  Our topic will be Undercover Operations for Protective Services.

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    USA/UK Child Protective Services Wipe Out! Campaign 2014

    in Current Events

    Child Protective Services Wipe Out & Relief! USA/UK

    To: Supporters Of Having United Kingdom Child Protective Services (UK CPS) Abolished And Replaced With A Just Relief Program For Needy Children And Teens (To Be Named:  United Kingdom Services Protecting Children [UK SPC])

    As lead advocate for protecting citizens under 18 from “legalized child abuse” for more than seven years, I send this message to individuals whom I believe may be interested in supporting this cause.

    Here are a few facts, questions and requests:

    The USA leads the way in criminal actions for having...                            (Read in entirety at:  www.facebook.com/events/475651099229539). SafeChildEnvironmentS@gmail.com, 800.515.9216, www.TheHittingStopsHere.com

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