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    Protect Yourself

    in Business

    People set themselves up to be losers by not using the tax and legal system to their advantage. The average person sees a news story about businesses filing bankruptcy and assume that means failure. This couldn’t be more wrong. This week we talk with Rich Dad Advisor Garrett Sutton about protecting yourself and your assets from legal action. Don’t wait until you’re rich to protect what you have, take steps NOW!

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    SEX Is A Weapon-Protect Yourself At All Times

    in Lifestyle

    Dec 1st is World AIDS Day and the cast of PLAYING DEVIL'S ADVOCATE™- hosted by KiKi Richardson is challenging you to know your status!


    SEX has really become a weapon and being sexually responsible is a matter of life and death.  PDA will discuss how to protect yourself, the importance of knowing your status & how dodging the pregnancy bullet is the least of your concerns these days!!


    And if that's not enough we have our Producer Cousin Chan's "Drink of the Week" and our weekly “Ask PDA” advice letter!! If you want to give your two cents....contact us on Facebook, Twitter, via email, or in our interactive chat room or LIVE on Youtube Wed night!






    Playing Devil's Advocate on BlogTalkRadio.com

    Uncensored, Unscripted, UNAPOLOGETIC!!!

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    Protect Yourself Before, During, & After a Natural Disaster

    in Weather

    Do you have a plan when it comes to a natural disaster?

    You watch the news and you see that there's a storm approaching your area in a few hours.  The meteorologists are saying that the storm could possibly spawn tornadoes throughout the evening and that everyone should take cover.

    What is the first thing that you do?  For a lot of us, it's change the channel to find something else to watch.   

    However, we should take weather events a lot more seriously than we do.  Every morning, I tune into my favorite meteorologist, Brittany Bell, to find out how I should approach each day.  Knowing what's going on during a weather event can not only help you protect your property, it can also help you protect your family.

    We'll also discuss the following:

    How important is it to trust your meteorologist?
    What about natural disasters that occur with little-to-no warning?
    How credible are fund raisers for disaster relief?
    What can you do to avoid scams from getting repairs done from storm damage?

    All of this and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

    Scheduled for 75 mins.

    Show No. 553


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    How to protect yourself financially and physically while Holiday Shopping

    in Finance

    Have you made your list of who's naughty and nice?  Are you ready to buy those gifts and do it safely?  Listen to this week's MoneySmarts4U show with host, Barbie O'Connor, as she goes through the 5 steps you need to take to protect yourself financially and physically during this holiday shopping season. Ways to save money to cover holiday purchases, how to strengthen your passwords using the NULS system, keeping track of your purchases, and total expenditures, as well as a few simple ideas to make your holidays better are discussed in today's show. 

    For more MoneySmarts4u, buy the book on Amazon.  Subscribe to the show.  Like us on Facebook.  Listen in on Itunes.  Email any questions to barbie@moneysmarts4u.com.  Check out the website, www.moneysmarts4u.com. 


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    Spiritual Protection: 3 Easy Ways to Protect Yourself

    in Spirituality

    As we begin to explore our spiritual side we some times open doors and later have some un nerving or down right scary experience that often cause us to stop our discovery process. In this episode you will learn three simple but highly effective ways to create spiritual safety while exploring your spiritual gifts. You will learn how to close spiritual doors and ground enegry, create personal protection from enegry vampires, and how to clear your enviroment before and after spiritual experiences.

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    How To Protect Yourself From Satan's Attacks: A Real Invisible Enemy

    in The Bible

    Throughout the day we all have many thoughts go across our minds. What's so interesting about our minds, is the fact that we don't know where thoughts come from, or how we think. We just think.However, when we think, our thoughts can be coming from another invisible source. If we don't detect those thoughts coming from another invisible source, they can hurt us and other people. That invisible source is the thought realm of the devil and evil messages he tries to plant in our minds. He can infuse into our thought patterns that can push us in the wrong direction, if we are not careful/ Remember when Jesus spoke to Peter and said I rebuke you Satan? He wasn't speaking to Peter. He was speaking to the devil. For a moment, the thoughts of the devil entered Peters mind (it's a mystery) just like they can enter our minds. That's why we have to ask God to protect our minds, and also ask Him to help us take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ. We want the Mind of Christ. We will talk about the schemes of the devil and how to protect our minds from the devil on today's show.


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    Financials: Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

    in Finance

    How it happens, how to prevent it, and what to do if it's already happened.

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    Why Cyber security and what should you do to protect YOURSELF and your BUSINESS

    in Technology

    What is Cyber security, and why should we pay attention to it? Cyber security also known as information technology security, “focuses on protecting computers, networks, programs and data from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction.”

    Would you like to learn how to improve your security posture and more quickly detect security threats before they occur? Join us for an hour of free information and tips on Cyber security from a Security expert Kai Pfiester. You’ll learn what hackers are after and determine if you or your business are a potential targets and how hackers attack you! Kai will also share some helpful tips on how to protect yourself and your business.

    Your Life Now radio show proudly presents Kai Pfiester, a cyber-security expert, the president of Black Cipher Security, a cyber-security company. He specializes in helping small to medium-sized businesses protect themselves from hackers, malware, insider threats and physical theft.

    Kai He holds numerous IT security certifications such as Certified Ethical Hacker, OSWP and Security+. He has written articles on cyber security for the NJ Law Journal, NJ Business magazine, Burlington Regional Chamber of Commerce and several online publications. As a speaker, he has done presentations for the Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity International, NJ Society of CPAs, and several local business organizations. 

    For more information, please feel free to contact us at: http://YourLifeNow.info

    Or email us at: YourLifeNow.llc@gmail.com

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    5 Steps to Protect Yourself Financially while Back-to-School Shopping

    in Finance

    With back to school just around the corner, lots of people are shopping and not just for clothes and school supplies.  Join host Barbie O'Connor for this week's MoneySmarts4u show about the 5 things you can do to protect yourself financially and personally while making those back-to-school purchases.  Identity theft, making an expense plan, and effectively shopping the sales will be part of today's broadcast.  

    For more MoneySmarts4u, buy the book on Amazon.  Subscribe to the show.  Like us on Facebook.  Listen in on Itunes.  Email any questions to barbie@moneysmarts4u.com.  Check out the website, www.moneysmarts4u.com. 

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    Online Security is Important: How to protect yourself and avoid disaster

    in Management

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    We’re continuing the important conversation about the simple steps you NEED to take to protect yourself online. Chalene and Darren take you through a variety of important topics: the security of text messages, cell phone security, using secure networks, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), wireless router information, and the safety of credit & debit cars and Apple Pay.


    Links discussed on today’s show:


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    8 Ways to Protect Yourself From Emotional Manipulation

    in Self Help

    Let's face it- not all folks are emotionally developed and mindful. We will talk about ways to protect yourself from them. By becoming aware of emotional manipulation and developing boundaries we create healthy relations and atmosphere.  The coaching crew from WNY Life Coaching Center (www.wnylifecoaching.com) colloborate together for "COACHING CONVERSATIONS". Airing live March 18th at noon. Your host: Shawn Marie Cichowski along with Munni Visco & August Schilz.