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  • That's The Way She Is - What Jack Needs to Know About Jill

    in Women

    The Author Manchovian Prince will discuss his book,"That's the Way She Is".  You guys claim you don't understand us. Well, this will be your chance to understand your choices of women by being informed on the different types of women. Understanding the different types of women may help you make better choices.  This will also help women to understand how men see/perceive us given the behavior we display.  The book contains material that will education both men and women on how to interact with each other through understanding and communicating.  It provides insight on relationships and how to deal with issues that comes with them.  It also provides a wealth of knowledge on the diferent types of women.

    Alpha Woman
    The Crazy Woman
    The Opportunist
    Independent Woman
    Bisexual Woman
    Traditional and Submissive Woman
    The Slut and Prostitute
    The Nurturer
    The Spiteful and Malicious Woman
    Second Place Woman 
    Two Tupes of Ghetto Women
    An Assortment of Female Types

    It will also discuss the Maintenance Scale (Low, Medium, High) 

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    Author & Speaker Karen Tate

    in Spirituality

    Karen and I will be talking about   Goddess, Sacred Feminine Spirituality, politics, social justice, reconciling our spirituality and politics, Sekhmet the archetype of female empowerment and how mythology shapes our future making Goddess mythology radically important!

    This will be a highly energetic conversation which we encourage audience participation by calling in to 646 716 8397  or via skype at  prairielandpaganradio 


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    Everything w/Kathy B, Inez Bracy, Sharon Blake, Vladimire Calixte

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation!  Join us tonight from 6-9

    6:15 Inez Bracy joins Kathy in the studio to discuss her books Contagious Optimism & Smile America.

    Inez is a world traveler, who teaches practical and spiritual techniques focused on dreams and goals. She is passionately committed to guiding solo (divorced, single, or widowed) women over 50 to achieve confidence, choice, courage and freedom so they can have the life of their dreams, traveling, shopping, and dining.

    At 7:15 Join Kathy as she welcomes Sharon Blake into the studio to discuss her new book Chronicles Of Pain.

    Sharon herself has overcome some major barriers in her life, she has been homeless and is an ex- addict, ex-prostitute and a domestic violence survivor. The person she became originated from her childhood and would require a major overhaul of her thoughts, will, and her emotions.

    8:15 Host of F.L.Y Radio Latoya Johnson welcomes Vladimire Calixte into the studio to discuss, "In Relationships...It all starts with YOU!"

    Celebrity therapist, empowerment coach, author, and transformational speaker, Vladimire Calixte, is the founder of Life Rebuilding located in New York, New York. She is a multiple award-winning expert on mental health, self-esteem, abuse, addiction, and relationships. I work with children, adolescents, women, men, couples and families from all walks of life, including celebrities, politicians and professional athletes. Through her private practice, empowerment videos, and enlightening relationship classes, Calixte teaches clients how to heal and overcome the devastating effects of PTSD, low self-esteem, domestic violence, trauma, and the addictive, self-defeating behaviors that keep them stuck in pain, mediocrity, and toxic shame.

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    Call in for angel card reading from mystic and light worker, Diana McClintic

    in Spirituality

    Diana obtained her Registered Nurse degree and practiced for 30 years. She obtained her Dr. Of Science in Naturopathy in 2002.  She is a certified soma energetics practitioner using the solfeggio scale tuning forks and has completed Reiki certifications to level 4 attunement. Diana is also an ordained minister since 2009. The boards she chose to take was the certification for holistic practitioners at the BS level as that covered about everything she had learned up to 2009.

    Diana had a NDE at 4 years old and has been a healing facilitator and spiritual warrior since then.

    She became a mystical traveler in 2009 and took off for living on the road for 2.2 years practicing her lightworking, healing herself and the earth and helping people heal. She has books in the working to tell the story of reaching Sedona for 11:11, then to the W. Coast of CA for 12:12 where the oneness of Atlantis/Lemuria came back to her and on over to Mt. Shasta then down to Sacramento. She lived in a car and met people who matched her vibrations along the way.

    Todays treat is to call in for an Angel Card/ Archetype reading.

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    Destruction will not touch your family!

    in Religion

    Do you know a teenager that's contemplating suicide dropping out of high school or just don't care about school or care about anything in life. Today for the glory and honor of God we have a special guest young teenager who is living the life that the devil want her to live but yesterday God showed up and prove to her that the devil wants to destroy her and God loves her, wants to deliver her and she made the step of faith and seeing what her eyes instead of allowing the enemy to put a blindfold on her. TUNE in and download this segment for that teenager with the devil wants to destroy

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    Nadine Sures: L'Armoire des Ombres, What It Means To Be a Female Actor in Beirut

    in Performing Arts

    Nadine Sures is a transdisciplinary theatre artist originally from Canada, currently living in Beirut, Lebanon. Nadine has worked professionally and internationally as a performer, director, producer and teacher for the last 20 years. Recipient of the Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award, Nadine established herself as a performance artist in Montreal and Beirut by showcasing her own creations across Canada, Europe and the Middle-East.

    When asked about her current work, L’Armoire des Om’bres, Nadine says, “When I first read Hyam Yared’s text L'armoire des ombres, I was touched by the rawness and truthful passion, the words like a dance inviting me to move closer to my core.”  

    L’armoire des ombres explores the depths of the shadow realm in psychology, in parallel to the fragile state of women’s rights in the Middle East. Nadine has been living and working in Beirut, Lebanon for 5 years now: a city where the female actor has little chance of making a career for herself and where women still negotiate with archaic laws on marriage and civil liberties. The text spoke to her own personal experience there.

    Set in Beirut, the performance tells the story of an actor, desperate to pay her rent, who auditions for the lead part in a play. Forced to leave her shadow at the coat check for the audition and subsequent performances, she gets the part yet never meets the director, who remains invisible. On stage, a single wardrobe containing only shadows, unveils a series of narratives that the actor communicates to growing audiences. She eventually discovers that the shadows of the prostitute, mother, lesbian lover, abused wife, and homeless woman are all an integrative part of her psyche. Daily she walks through crowds of protesters who pressure her to take on their cause, and as the masses outside begin to charge the theatre entrance, the actor escapes by disappearing into the wardrobe.

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    The High Priestess Revisited

    in Spirituality

    The last time we tried to do this show, we lost sound.  So we are trying it again! The High Priestess is an important archetypal symbol of feminine intuition, power, awakening and discovery.  Learn how you can bring forth this archetype within you to feel more empowered as you manifest positive change in your life.

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    Sacred Stories: The Emperor

    in Spirituality

    Sacred Stories brings us this week to The Emperor archetype - father, warrior, strong, powerful, determined - we use this archetype many ways in our thinking about the world around us today.  Join us for this lively discussion!


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    in Higher Education

    Tonight's discussion is about women that pretend they're not Ho's when they fit the profile or modos operandi to a T.

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    Spring Break A Leg!

    in Comedy

    SPRING BREAK! What are your kids doing down in Mehico and Miami? Debauchery!

    Women at the gym have been wearing more and more, while men have been wearing less and less. I'm seeing nip slips and balls peeking.

    Uber drivers also drive for Lyft...and Postmates...and Door Dash...and Grub Hub! My new app...HoMates! Get a prostitute AND a sandwich, delivered right to your door!

    When guys first make love to women, they sound like Barry White. About 5 minutes in, we then sound like James Gandofini.

    I learned to hump things early. My mom's velvet couch became my bitch. She couldn't figure out why the coushins no longer were supportive.

    I had a soft pair of slippers, that when I was done with them, I could wear them as steel toed boots.

    CB radios were the social media chat rooms back in the 80's. It was east to catfish a horny, redneck trucker.

    Never ask a smoker to taste test anything, nor smell if something is spoiled. They can't even tell if smoked fish is smoked.

    So, should I be allowed to dress like a woman and claim transgender and use the ladies restroom? No. Simply, no.




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    EspreeNet News - Episode 0406

    in News

    On this program: Samsung patents contact lenses with built-in camera that projects images directly into the eye, Tiger Woods rules himself out of the Masters as 14-time major champion declares he is 'not physically ready', Princeton hears calls to rename Woodrow Wilson school, In France it's OK to be a prostitute, but not to pay for one, Bomani Jones rockin’ the “Caucasians” t-shirt on Mike & Mike,  This week in court and much more.