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    ENVISION THIS: We need to make friends with our bodies because they are an infinite source of wisdom.”

    Mikaya Heart is an award-winning author and a spiritual mentor. Her principal tool is the shamanic journey, which enables us to get in touch with that 98% of reality which is unseen and contains vast potential. Her intention is always to empower the individual, teaching people how to access their own personal inner wisdom and the guidance that is available to all of us. She helps people to free themselves from negative influences and learn how to operate from a place of trust instead of fear.

    Her latest book, Life, Lies and Sex: A User’s Guide to Being in a Body, is an expose´ of the many lies we have been told for centuries and an examination of the true nature of reality with some suggestions on how we humans might most easily fit into it. Our culture encourages us to ignore our physical selves and glorify the rational brain out of proportion. Ms Heart explains that energy moving through our bodies is what makes us fully alive, whether it is expressed sexually or in one of a million other ways. 

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    The ONE Thing: Live By Priority

    in Real Estate

    Purpose has the power to shape our lives only in direct proportion to the power of the priority we connect it to. Purpose without PRIORITY is powerless.

    Every day begins with a choice - We can ask ourselves "what shall I do?" or "what should I do?".  When you chose to ask "what should I do?", you are going somewhere or doing something on purpose.

    When your life is on purpose, living by priority takes precedence.


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    The Webster Phenomena - CLOUDS & SKY - Ancient Gods Discovered

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    The Clouds and the Sky are telling the story of Biblical proportion. I have discovered the Ancient Gods, Universal Beings including reptilians, and I have went beyond even that huge discovery. I have found the core of this experience, the very thread of this reality.  The Universal Light Body is key. We will be talking about the clouds and the sky, and how I get such amazing images. We will also talk about what is to come, if and when prophecy follows suit. Hang out for a really interesting, fresh, and always fun show! Love to have you aboard The Webster Phenomena!!!

    You can be a HUGE part of this discovery by contributing here at Crowdrise

    Visionary Research Website @ The Webster Phenomena

    Facebook @ fb.com/thewebsterphenomena 

    Twitter @ twitter.com/patrickwsmall

    Youtube @ youtube.com/1radiouniverse

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    Just Jesus #307

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    Alan Redpath said: "The immense step from the Babe at Bethlehem to the living, reigning triumphant Lord Jesus, returning to earth for His own people – that is the glorious truth proclaimed throughout Scripture. As the bells ring out the joys of Christmas, may we also be alert for the final trumpet that will announce His return, when we shall always be with Him." 

    This is Daniel Whyte III with Just Jesus, a podcast designed to celebrate the birth, life, death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and second coming of Jesus Christ, the impact He has on the world, and the salvation He offers for all people. This is episode #307. The aim of this podcast is to encourage you to begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to begin to live your life according to His Word.

    Our Just Jesus passage from the Word of God today is John 1:18 which reads: "No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him." 

    Our featured Just Jesus quote today is from Tim Lahaye. He said, "It is imperative that every unbeliever recognize the truth that the Lord Jesus Christ will hold him accountable in proportion to the degree of opportunity he has had. The gospel of Jesus Christ is preached in almost every city and is available by radio, television, computer, or printed page to almost everyone in the Western world. The "recording angels" know and record all the times that the gospel has been heard by people."

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    UN Sustainable Development Agenda on Poverty

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    By 2030, reduce at least by half the proportion of men, women and children of all ages living.

    Create sound policy frameworks at the national, regional and international levels, based on pro-poor and gender-sensitive development strategies. Meaning if you happen to disagree with the UN policy you will be arested and placed in a constraton camp. 

    The socal Justice whereby the redistribution of wealth, or in a nutshell the commisim policy whereby there is no freedom and liberty any more.

    To eliminat al forms of capitalism and the freedom to choose.

    To end the sovereignty of the United States of America. Well the sovereignty of all nations.

    In order to end poverty this is the main plain and idea. To raise taxes and to tax the middleclass and the poor even higher.

    How do you define just what is poverty?

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    Is Sugar Good or Bad For You?

    in Health

    What are the side effects of too much or too little sugar? How does sugar effect your brain function?

    Host Paulette Young:  Can sugar cause out of control behavior? Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportion in the US. Too much sugar in ones diet can have a devasting effect. Listen to tonight broadcast and stay inform on the lastest concerns on sugar intake for everyone. How many diseases have been created because of too much sugar in ones diet? Too many people with kidney failure or renal failure. Diet plays a direct role in some of the diseases people have been plaque with. Making everyday changes may prolong your life expectance. 

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    Rz’s Rock And Talk!! 9-17-2015

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight On Rz’s Rock And Talk:

    It’s Rock, It’s The Blues, It’s Whatever Is Catching My Attention At Any Given Moment.

    Mostly Though, It’s About What You Have To Say.

    You Call In And Talk About What You Are Interested In.

    Otherwise, I’ll Just Play Some Tunes, And We Can Kick Back And Get Some Peace.


    Alternate Feed Here:


    Exercise caution in your daily affairs.

    Eyes up at all times.

    Make ready for what is to come.


     As Thomas Jefferson once wrote,
    "...God forbid we should ever be 20. years without such a rebellion. The people can not be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. We have had 13. states independent 11. years. There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century and a half for each state. What country ever existed a century and a half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it's liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it's natural manure." -Thomas Jefferson Nov. 13, 1787

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    The Ucc Show With Dave McDowell

    in Education

    Learn the maze of the UCC with Dave. 

    (1) "assigned estate" means all the real and personal estate of an assigning debtor passing to the consenting creditors under an assignment by virtue of Section 23.02 or 23.09(b) of this code; 

    Sec. 23.02.  NATURE AND EFFECT OF ASSIGNMENT. (a) A debtor may assign his real and personal estate under this chapter to an assignee for the benefit of the debtor's creditors.

    ll provide in the as(b)  An assigning debtor shasignmentfor distribution of all his real and personal estate to each consenting creditor in proportion to each consenting creditor's claim.

    (c)  The assigning debtor shall sign the inventory required by Subsection (b) of this section and swear that it is just and true.


     A)  authenticated by a secured party;

    (7)  "Authenticate" means:

    (A)  to sign; or

    (B)  with present intent to adopt or accept a record, to attach to or logically associate with the record an electronic sound, symbol, or process.

     10)  "Certificate of title" means a certificate of title with respect to which a statute provides for the security interest in question to be indicated on the certificate as a condition or result of the security interest's obtaining priority over the rights of a lien creditor with respect to the collateral.  


     (12)  "Collateral" means the property subject to a security interest or agricultural lien.

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    Christian Kyriacou - (The House Whisperer) and The Psychotherapy of Home

    in Spirituality

    Please join me along with my guest Christian Kyriacou, The House Whisperer as we discuss the psychotherapy of home. We will explore such ideas as Does your house make you sick? Can our homes hold the key to good health and wellbeing? How does your home influence your life and particularly your health, and can it help to heal you? Why we choose the homes we do?  

    Christian is an Architect, House Whisperer, Philosopher, Author, Environmental Psychologist, Musician, Composer, Filmmaker, Feng Shui, Vaastu and Geomancy Consultant.

    Christian has appeared on international television and radio since 1993 as an inspirational speaker.  His work with the spatial energy of buildings engages particularly with how aspects of acoustics, vibration, music and harmonics relate to sacred geometry in architectural spaces including our homes, which in turn affect human consciousness. He is especially interested in the Vedic scriptures, the Sanskrit language and various meditation practices. His study of ancient cultures and world religions include spending time in Greece, much of Europe, Egypt, India, Tibet and China, the United States, Canada and other countries. He is passionate about fusing classical principles of architecture with contemporary materials and ideologies, incorporating sacred geometry and proportion, musical ratios and harmonic resonance, in keeping with the spirit of the land.

    He offers workshops on a wide range of subjects, and advises clients and other professionals on architectural projects from the perspective of The House Whisperer. His guidance is provided in a no-nonsense accessible language whereby the individual can take responsibility for resolving issues that led them to him in the first place!

    Christian lives in Kingston upon Thames, England.  

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    From Grexit Unto Grexodus

    in Current Events

    The Grexodus is real.  It has been triggered by a financial crisis.  So will yours.


    The Greek diaspora is massive – proportionally greater even than the British.  The free movement of people is a hallmark of any progressive civilisation.  But when austerity measures have cast more than half of young people into unemployment, the loss of more than 150,000 graduates from a population where only five million are available to contribute to national wellbeing does not bode well for the future.

    The figures are stark.  Classically just over half the Greek population is not available to work; this proportion of children, pensioners and those in poor health is little different to other countries.  So, of around 11 million people, the entire economy must be supported by around five million – but only 3.6 million Greeks are currently employed.  1.4 million are without work. Nearly half of those (0.64m) are aged less than 35 years.

    Estimates of the scale of the Greek exodus vary.  Some counts suggest that 75% of the 200,000 emigrants since 2010 are graduates – a brain drain that hardly encourages investment in new start-up enterprises.  Add to that the lack of bank funding for small businesses and the ever-tightening noose of welfare cuts, and it’s no surprise that well-educated young people are flying out.

    Grexodus, not Grexit: the Greater Greek Tragedy

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    The Dangers of Diabetes Type 2 & How To Reverse It

    in Nutrition

    There is an emerging global epidemic of diabetes. The causes are complex, but the increase is in large part due to rapid increases in overweight, including obesity and physical inactivity.

    The number of diagnosed diabetics has more than tripled in the last 3 decades and today about 347 million people worldwide have diabetes.

    In 2012 alone diabetes was the direct cause of 1.5 million deaths.

    Of the 3 types of diabetes (Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational), Type 2 accounts for around 90% of all diabetes worldwide and reports of type 2 diabetes in children – previously rare and known as Adult Onset Diabetes – have increased dramatically.

    There is good evidence that a large proportion of cases of diabetes type 2 and its complications can be prevented by a healthy diet, regular physical activity, maintaining a normal body weight and avoiding tobacco.

    In this episode, Dr. Budweiser founder of Weiser Living will take a more indepth look at the complications of diabetes and how to prevent and/or revers it.

    Some of the topics covered will be:

    What Exactly Is Diabetes?
    Long Term Consequences Of Diabetes
    Why Is It Important To Check Your Numbers Daily
    Foods You Should Avoid
    Foods That Support Insulin Production & Stabilize Blood Sugar
    Optimal Lifestyle & Exercise Choices
    Diabetic Medications & Their Side Effects
    Which Supplements Are Important For Healthy Blood Sugar  

    … and of course much, much more!

    Meanwhile, be sure to go to www.WeiserLiving.com and SUBSCRIBE for more articles, recipes, videos, products and more.