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    Many  of Our High School Juniors & Senior have had their Proms. We are having a radio show to discuss the themes and colors for various schools across the globe.  What activities did your community have for the youth for this season?  We would love to salute the stylists and barbers. If you are beauty school graduate or in due season, do call in so we can become acquainted of your service & specialty.  Those that are in organizations, family reunions, or class reunions that donated tuxedos & prom dresses to those in the community reach out. 

    You can contact us (225)395-1792 
    Care to Share of this NYC Event Invite.  Do upload your prom photos on this event invite.  #blkyouthradio #bpnow  ?

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    Tan II U Mobile Spray by Deena & Astrologer, Psychic Medium Ray Sette

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    Tune in for Miss Diamond B's SUPRISE announcement.

    Tan II U Mobile is a mobile spray tanning company in the tri-state area. Located in Morristown, NJ Deena specializes in tanning and traveling TO YOU. For proms, weddings, and more...Follow her on Twitter @TanIIUbydeena. facebook.com/mobiletanIIU


    Ray Sette, a familiar guest of our show, comes on to give us some insight and light on his predictions and advice for Miss Diamond B's surprise!!! Follow www.astrologerray.com @psychicray



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    Style with Trysh ~ Monique Maschette

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    We have the dynamic Make Up Artist - Monique Maschette - she is an expert on pretaining to cosmetics as well as skin care. She is a genius and yet not stingy with educating all who are interested in learning this art. We will discuss make up tips as well as products that she suggests, uses & loves. Purple Kizz Make Up & Beauty offers the following services: Brow shaping, Facial Waxing, Strip Lashes, Individual Lashes, Full face makeovers, Mini Makeovers, InstaGram makeovers, Facials, Semi Kizz, Weddings, Proms, Photoshoots and Videos.

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    Defending the Gospel

    in Religion

    The US Supreme Court is poised to make same sex marriage legal nationwide and yet most so called pastors are silent! Boys are taking boys to prom,girls are taking girls to proms and the transgender movement is running rampant. Join us as we defend the Bible at ALL COSTS

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    Happy Birthday, Chris. Miss you Shelly. DUI takes life from teenagers

    in Politics Conservative

    Join me at 8AM-10AM for a very special edition of "In the Pickle Barrel".

    Special note: Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles...this program is not for you. It's for your kids! However, you need to listen to listen to the program and then make sure your teenagers have a chance to listen by visiting the archived show.  

    We are in the period of the year when our teenagers are celebraing proms, graduations,end of the school year, summer vacations and then off to college. Some of them.

    Nationally, three people are killed in alcohol-related highway crashes every two (2) hours! Many of these deaths are teenagers.

    In South Carolina there were 14,742 DUI arrest in 2013.  In 2010 there were 10,228 deaths involving DUI in this country. In any given year more than 700,000 are injured.

    In South Carolina, fifty per cent of all traffic fatalities are alcohol related. South Carolina is second only to Texas. In America, if you are between the ages of 18-24 you are more likely to die from an alcohol related accident than any other cause.

    You can join in the conversation in the live Chat Room or speak live on air by calling  855-236-2486


    This program is literally about life and death.


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    Daily Gogetemism #180 April Fool's. April 1st. The Kickoff

    in Lifestyle

    Everything starts from right now. This is when the College graduations get settled, The playoffs begin. The jokes get played. The weather is supposed to warm up for good. The proms kick off. College basketball ends. NFL draft starts.

    This is the day of the month when all expectations are very high.

    You ready?

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    What Women Entrepreneurs Want: Halloween Special

    in Women

    Join me and my "Special" Co-Host Andrea Beckerick(HairbyAndrea) as we talk to two special Guests.

    Michele Geringer OLeary Numerologist. For more that 30 years Michele has had an "Inner Voice" for the numbers. Her passion has lead her to be an "expert" in her field. Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers. It is used to determine a person’s personality, strengths and talents, obstacles, inner needs, emotional reactions and ways of dealing with others

    Also Joining to talk about her upcoming Halloween Event 3rd Annual "Sultry & Sexy" Halloween Celebration is Tia Maria Montemurro. Tia is a Social Event planner extraordinaire. Tia is the Founder/Owner of TM Home Designs. Having 8 years experience as a design consultant, Tia Maria Montemurro brings her passion and energy to every job. She will connect you with the right contractor, according to your project..

    About Our Co-Host Andrea is a dynamic hair designer with more than 20 years of experience and expertise in hair extensions, color, straightening and custom styles. Andrea serves the Rockland/Westchester/Bergen/NYC area as Hair By Andrea: Mobile Hair Design to provide flexibility for clients by working from her studio in Nyack, from clients home or location (weddings, proms, events) during the day or evenings and also her salon in New City,Ny ( New Synergy Salon )

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    #164 Andy Hewat, The Midnight Madness Enduro and Tips for Night Running

    in Fitness

    Andy Hewat leads the way in trail running in Australia both as  Race Director and experienced runner.

    In this special episode of The Partnerunning Show we talk to Andy about his new trail running series, The Midnight Madness Enduro comprising:

    The Halloween Howler;
    Rock around the clock; and,
    Midnight Rambler.

    Andy's running cv includes the Western States 100 Miler, Three Hardrock 100 Milers and an amazing 10 Great North Walks and 10 Wilsons Proms, not to mention many many more. We are very fortunate to gain some golden insights into trail running during our conversation with Andy.

    Andy is also the Race Director ot two of Australia's best trail events namely The Great Oceam Walk 100 and Bogong to Hotham.

    Following our conversation with Andy we provide some tips on night running including guidance on what equipment to use.

    Regular segments include:

    Over the sholder
    Ask Sue
    The road ahead.

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    Finding Common Ground

    in Politics

    Join Rick and Dave as they discuss the news and events of the day.  Listen as they discuss topics from different points of view while trying to do the one thing most no longer seem to want to do. Find commonality, in a world and more importantly a nation that tries to use politics, race, religion, income level, and any other possible means to divide us.  These two try and remind us we are more alike than we are different. Sometimes they succeed others they fail but the fun is in the attempt.


    Whether you are Liberal  or Conservative the truth is, We hold the power here and we have forgotten that.


    Topics for today:

    A home School HS Student forced to leave her prom.... but why?

    Is there really about to be an 18 year old representative elected to state government?

    Yet another Teacher caught abusing a student

    privileged, Certain people use that word quite often, Rick doesn't think it means what they think it means.


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    Small Business Featuring "E's Specialty Cakes" Erica Smith

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    Summer time not only brings sunshine and nice weather. It also brings weddings, family reunion, graduations, and proms. What do all these events have in common? Cake, yes cake. Well I am excited to have the owner of E's  Specialty Cakes Erica Smith on this episode.  Tune in to this Dynamic Interview.

    Special time tonight 6:30pm (est)


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    The Healing Place

    in Romance

    5-20-14: “Our Home. Our Health. Our Future.”—National Prevention Week National 

    Prevention Week is a SAMHSA-supported annual health observance dedicated to increasing public 

    awareness of, and action around, substance abuse and mental health issues. SAMHSA, or substance 

    abuse and mental health services administration, is the agency within the U.S. Department of 

    Health and Human Services that leads public health efforts to advance the behavioral health of 

    the nation. SAMHSA's mission is to reduce the impact of substance abuse and mental illness on 

    America's communities. This week promotes organization of events that prohibit substance at a time 

    of year when many will indulge, i.e. proms, graduation parties, weddings. Their goal is to promote 

    substance free lifestyles and educate people on how mental health issues effect our communities.

    Co-Host: Karl Lucas