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    Sherrell Valdezloqui-Promoting Purpose Magazine

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    Sherrell Valdezloqui, a well-known name in the Christian magazine arena, is currently mentioned by many for her compassion to encourage, inspire and motivate others through her expertise in Spiritual writing.  She is rapidly increasing in spiritual knowledge and is always allowing God to use her as a vessel, delivering an on-time message through social media, religious publishing and more. 
    Although always wanting to be a model, lawyer or a café owner, the Lord completely pulled Sherrell out of her comfort zone. She realized that God truly has a mission for her. Not only is Sherrell known as the founder of the national magazine, Promoting Purpose, she was blessed by her Pastor and first Lady Bishop Charles and Ameila Wiley with her own local television broadcast entitled the Promoting Purpose Show. Part of Sherrell’s ministry is to encourage, empower and inspire others to seeking their purpose.
    The Lord is always giving Sherrell things to do to reach out to those who are hurting. In addition to the magazine and books, Under the Promoting Purpose brand, Sherrell is starting a greeting card line; something she is very proud of. One of the many things people know about Sherrell is that she will not just hold on to what God has given her; but is sharing it with the world. It puzzles others to see Sherrell as a Magazine Development Coach, when she runs her own magazine. Some would see it as competition but Sherrell feels that what God has for her is for her.
    The 28 year old has no intentions of looking back, but to continuously move forward and max out in all that God has designed and created for her…

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    EXCLUSIVE! Interview with the CEO of Promoting Purpose Magazine!

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    Join us as we interview the CEO of Promoting Purpose Magazine, Sherrell Straker. Tune in, and see how you can promoted your business, ministry or organization. Invite a friend!

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    Ollie Cantos & Peter Mingils discuss People Magazine on Building Fortunes Radio

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    Ollie Cantos & Peter Mingils discuss People Magazine on Building Fortunes Radio...

    Watch: Meet Ollie Cantos, the Man Who Changed the Lives of Three Blind Triplets 

    Blind as a result of medical complications at birth, Olegario “Ollie” D. Cantos VII has defied conventional wisdom regarding the levels of success that one could reach at a relatively young age, becoming a presidential appointee by the age of 37.  He was Member and Vice-Chairman of the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities both under President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama and works as a senior official in the Federal Government. An attorney, he is also former associate director for Domestic Policy at the White House.   

    PM Marketing is proud introduce Ollie and his sons to us here on Building Fortunes Radio and, with our combinded efforts, allows them to leverage their marketing to give them a competitive edge and set themselves and their business from everyone else, Peter Mingils has develop PM Marketing and NetworkLeads for others and them to do the same.

     http://www.networkleads.com for leads and systems

    http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com for our promotional materials





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    The Mystic Ladies Show promoting our event

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    The Motherload

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    Life hands us challenges.  There are times when we wish mom could take it over and times when we take on so much that it is the "motherload." On Friday, May, noon PT/3 p.m. ET/8 p.m. UK, we will discuss what it means to take on the mother-load. You can join the conversation live via computer, Skype or call in to 347-205-9074 or listen archived or join the conversation (live or archived) on Facebook at Purpose Talk Radio Conversations. 

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    "Praise, Prayer & Worship Friday's"

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    No matter what you're going through, No matter what negative situation may be speaking, No matter what bills keep coming, No matter how many people the enemy has used to get on your last nerve, Praise Him Anyway! So what they talk about you, they talked about Jesus while He kept it moving straight to calvary taking the insults, the pit, the rocks thrown.....Praise Him Anyway!!!!! Thank You Lord!!!!!!!!

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    Blessing Circle... pause on purpose and renew your soul

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    Our intentions are pure...

    SImply Grace honors diversity in faith and experience by providing a sacred space of kindness, compassion, love and hope for humanity. The Blessing Circle is a divine interruption, a gentle reminder of the abundant grace present in our lives. Faith is when we close our eyes and open our hearts...to be vulnerable, to surrender, to trust as we lean back into the arms of grace and God.

    Joining Nancy Feth this morning is a dear friend and colleague Vera Cornish, Publisher of the Urban Connection, Harrisburg, PA who knows the power of hitting the pause button to allow space for rejuvenation and restoration ~ mind, body and spirit... This is a shout out to all the social entrepreneurs who have a heart for blending community work with business and are hungry for quiet spaces to renew the soul.

    Life in the 21st century is accelerating... Change has become the new normal.  What sustains us? A simple pause out of the ordinary routine can be life changing.  Taking time to pause, breathe and connect to ourselves, one another and God in quiet reflection and gratitude is a gift that keeps on giving.  

    The moment faith becomes a reality in our vision, we begin to see the invisible, believe the impossible, and do the incredible...breathing grace into our hearts and our very being. Grace is the light, the love, the hope, the faith that fills each of our souls with peace. Moment by moment notice the extraordinary, life is a beautiful wonder...feel its divine miracle.  This is Simply Grace...

    Simply Grace Community
    Simply Grace

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    Retrograde Overload

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    I look at the numerous planetary retrogrades that we are in right now.  What is this about?  How is it affecting people?  What do the codes share with us about their energy current, lessons, and purpose in our lives?

    Code Interpretation allows me to share truth of things.  It gives insights that allow for foresight and Divine wisdom.  Forewarned is well armed.  It allows us to stand in peace instead of getting wrapped up in the competition that sweeps us away and separates us from Divine presence.  Here I look at compassionate ways to handle the ebbs and flows of life; and breaking the programming that is instilled in us from the moment we incarnate.  Through this show, Code Connection, I delve into all the topics you want to know about, wonder about; and share with you ways to deal with what is happening in the world.  While we do not want to focus on the negative heavy energy; we do want to know what it is about so that we can make wiser choices in our lives, and to hold the space of Divine energy instead of turning our power over to a few.  Choice is our God/Goddess given gift; and it is important that we use it to be our own expression of the Divine essence; instead of being what we are told to be by those operating outside of the space of Compassion and disconnected from Divine self.


    Website:  www.jesseannnicholsgeorge1.com

    Clare Hedin: www.clarehedin.com

    Shimshai:  www.shimshai.com

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    Knuckle Up! #336 Fight Talk

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    Listen Live to Sports Action Network Radio as we bring you internet Radio content from some of the best Boxing, Kickboxing, BJJ, MMA, fighters, promoters and Shows from around the World!

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    My Oregon Healing Adventure

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    I'm Walter Rossie Jr. also known as the Archangel Walter. In the summer of 2015 in Hawaii I was pushed to the edge of my existence by dark forces and forced to evolve or perish. It was there in that lonely, scary place that I connected with the Archangel Raphael.

    I was protected from danger and now realize I have a mission in life that has to do with angels and lion beings from the 7th dimension as well as Egypt and ETs. Since things are moving at high velocity more will be revealed along the way including my purpose.

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    12 NOON PST 2 pm Central 3 pm Eastern
    CALL 6465954424

    with Evangelist Virginia Valentine

    Real Talk--Join Pastor E for a variety of Real Talk discussions, dynamic principle based messages and Worship to our GOD with extravagant respect.

    What's The WORD
    with Minister Terri Herbert?

    Pastor E teaches principles that exemplify excellence, commitment, operational efficiency and loyalty. Our dedicated team is trained to help you meet your God purposed life by helping you uncover and move towards your purpose.

    Family we are fully devoted to Jesus. We believe that the door of salvation is always open to those in search of the truth. With open arms our ministry demonstrates Gods love and concern for our fellow man at every opportunity. Through works of charity and by actions in love, we feel that we are walking in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and will reach the lost and unsaved.

    Pastor E. Edward Pastor E Hamilton?