• 00:45

    The Wrestling Lounge Welcomes Promoter/Pastor Tony Evans & NWA Legends

    in Television

    The Wrestling Lounge Welcomes Pastor/Promoter Tony Evans and A Suprise Wrestling Legends ThunderBolt Patterson and Tommy WIldfire Rich. Have a question call in at 773-897-6289 press 1 to be in hosts view.

  • 00:13

    bigfoot promoter

    in Music

    the hot new 661 bako music

  • 00:17

    Cookie Little Promoter

    in Motivation

    A big promoter of artist will join us and share her journey with promoting some of the best talent around.

  • 00:38

    Ondie James, promoter and producer

    in Spirituality

    Promoter and producer Ondie James of Majesty  6:33 Productions is our guest. 



  • 12-29 Boxing Promoter Murad Muhammad / Adam Voice of The People

    in Religion

    1st Hour: Imam Shakur Adul-Rahim interviews Boxing Promoter Murad Muhammad and the implementation of Al Qur'an and Sunnah.

    2nd & 3rd Hour: Radio Host Bro. KARIM ABDUL RAHIM ,Bro. YAQUB ISLAM and SISTER SALEEMAH HADI discuss topics of concern from a Al-Islamic prospect regarding education, nature community life and other issues from the Bronx, Manhattan, Binghamton NY

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    "The Promoter"

    in Romance

    Sethina goes into the mind of Henry Turner Jr.--the man behind "The Ultimate Louisiana Party". With over two decades in the music industry, Henry Turner Jr. knows what it takes to successfully promote his music and create the Ultimate Louisiana Party wherever he goes.

  • 00:54

    DFAC Promoter Steve Lacy

    in Fitness

    Steve Lacy, DFAC promoter, talks about his upcoming show with Showbiz Liz!
    (Due to technical difficulties the interview starts at 26:00.)

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    Maria Davis-Premier Promoter- Aids Activist

    in Women

    Maria began a professional modeling career at the uncommon age of twenty-one in the early eighties—when black faces were rarely seen in magazines. But it was Maria’s true love of Black music that led her to her professional calling. Having a keen eye for talent and with the help of mentors, she became known as one of New York’s premiere promoters. Maria created the legendary M.A.D. Wednesday’s music showcases which continues to provide venues for signed and unsigned R&B and hip-hop artists and comedians who had no other performance options In 1995 Maria’s life took a turn when she contracted the HIV virus unknowingly from her soon-to-be-husband. Along with keeping her M.A.D. Wednesday showcases going strong, Maria dedicates her life as an HIV/AID’s activist.  She regularly speaks to educators, health care providers, ministers and social workers regarding HIV/AIDS awareness and sensitivity including being the key note speaker for the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS. She has appeared on numerous radio and television shows including WBLS, MTV and BET and has been honored by many including; New York Urban League, National Black Commission and Trailblazer Award to name a few. Maria is a mother of two and continues paying it forward.

  • 01:18

    DRT - Ep18 - Brian Johnson NW Fight Challenge Promoter

    in Sports

    Brian Johnson NW Fight Challenge Promoter

    Hosted by The Beast from the Middle East, Yemeni Maniac, The Modern Day Sheik, Diafullah The Butcher Dobashi. He loves beating his opponents for his own and your entertainment. But now he is entertaining you right here. After all, you do watch sports to get entertained don't you? With special guest and talks on all combative sports and entertainment and a SOAPBOX TO SPEAK ON ANYTHING. If you need to settle a problem, you can do it right here. “CENSORED FREE! Anything can happen on Dobashi's Radio Takedown. Send emails to: RadioTakedown@gmail.com or go to the website for official links at: www.RadioTakedown.com










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    Net Promoter Score - Is that the ONE Number you need to Know?

    in Business

    Unless we're in a churn and burn business, customer retention is critical to achieve long term profitability. But how do we know what drives customer retention? We may have lots of anecdotal data, but can we be scientific to identify those customers are very likely to return and to give good word of mouth?  Dr. Fred Van Bennekom of the Northeastern University's Executive MBA Program, joins us shed some light on those questions!

    Recently, several key metrics have arisen to measure customer sentiment. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the best known, but the Customer Effort Score (CES) is a new entrant in the field. Both are controversial. In this first presentation of two we will discuss NPS. Specifically, we will look at the research basis behind NPS and ask whether there are other metrics that might better indicate a loyal customer. Or, perhaps more importantly, might identify a customer in need of some service recovery event to move them toward loyalty.

    Dr. Fred Van Bennekom founded Great Brook to help organizations collect and apply customer and employee feedback. Great Brook conducts workshops on survey practices along with advising clients on their surveying practices. Fred authored Customer Surveying: A Guidebook for Service Managers and he teaches operations management in Northeastern University’s Executive MBA program. He served as an information systems consultant for Digital Equipment’s field service organization before earning his doctorate.


  • 01:00

    A Measure Of Truth w/ Artist and Events Promoter, Howard Cook

    in Radio

    Howard Cook was born, raised and still resides in Arlington, Virginia. Currently 
    works as the Frequency and Infrastructure Coordinator for PCIA, a subsidiary of the 
    Federal Communication Commission, He has a strong background in local and state 
    government development and management. For over 20 years Howard has worked for 
    various national, state and local associations and government municipalities. Throughout 
    professional development he has acquired skills in team-building, leadership, program 
    management, member services, events promotions and planning.  That only half the story... As a Promoter Howard Cook has a huge following and a  reputation for hosting some of the most well attended sold out Galas in the DC Metropolitan area as well as concerts of World Renound Recording Artist .  Many know the Name and the Face but how many really know the man behind the magic. 

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