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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author/Director Paul Jeffrey Davids

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    An Atheist in Heaven: The Ultimate Evidence for Life After Death?~

      The book is a case of unexplained phenomena, including chemical evidence, that is an ultimate challenge to scientifically-minded skeptics. Forrest J Ackerman (1916-2008) was a world famous futurist, author and a pioneering promoter of science fiction books and films. As an atheist, Mr. Ackerman did not believe in life after death. However, he promised friends that if he were wrong, he would try to drop them a line. The is the unabridged true story of precisely what happened. For over six years, data has accumulated that Mr. Ackerman continues to communicate, with over 100 incidents that include physical chemical evidence studied at two universities. This has left top science professors in fields from chemistry to psychology completely baffled, and in some cases, plagued by unexplainable incidents themselves. The book includes Paul Davids' sworn personal testimony and incredible story of bizarre contacts from the mentor whose deep friendship he valued for half a century It also includes in-depth chemical analysis (a 3 year study) of an extraordinarily mysterious ink and ink message that continues to mystify scientists, and also studies from state of the art sensors used with computer software, apparently successfully, to attempt getting responses from spirits, including the late Mr. Ackerman. This is a companion work to Mr. Davids' feature documentary from NBCUniversal called "THE LIFE AFTER DEATH PROJECT," but a previous viewing of the film is not essential, and the book certainly stands alone.

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    The Free American

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     May 4 Clay Douglas featuring  David Icke Archons Exposed &John Lash on  why ALL TRUE Gnostics would reject being called Christians.,..because ALL TRUE Gnostics were completely ANTI-CHRISTIAN....not even remotely Christian at all
     -special introduction to John Lash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwXU5hVaNK

    The US has been consistently acting internationally and domestically as a criminal, disregarding its own laws, international laws, the sovereignty of other countries, and the US Constitution. A worse criminal government has never existed. 
    Yet, Americans remain subservient to the criminals that they have placed in power over themselves.

    Remember it was Israel that attacked the USS Liberty! Remember 60 million white Russians killed in Russia!  Remember that Communism was Jewish. Remember that 9-11 was Israeli not Muslims with boxcutters, remember that the Cold War was with Jewish run Soviet Union and that the Russian people were not and ARE NOT the enemies of the American people! Remember that it is these same Jews who control Homeland Security and are responsible for trying to take your guns! DO NOT EVERY donate another dime to the traitors! Make one to the LAST FREE AMERICAN!. www.freeamerican.com. Remember when I exposed  the Mossad and George Bush Sr. as the source of the drugs flowing into this country in my book "Mystery Babylon, the New World Order Unveiled" they tried to kill me! You can use pay pay  and send me an email at  clay@freeamerican.com/ If you work in a library or a government or Corporate Office ,www.freeaamerican.com is blocked by the Jews/Zionist/Mossad or AIPAC.

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    The Pulse of the Northern Neck Radio Show

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    Another great show of , The Pulse of the Northern Neck Radio Show

    Mercy Creek I'm honored to have this group on the show so make sure you call in and see what they have cooking.


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    Trump Wins Indiana, Cruz Suspends Campaign & GOP In Redefinition Mode

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    With Trumps sweeping win in Indiana last night, what was left for Ted Cruz but to suspend his campaign.  But his fight for our constitution and conservatives values will continue.  The bigger surprise was on the Democratic side, perhaps because most thought Hillary was a "shoe-in."  Indiana felt the "Bern" big time and gave him yet another win, to keep the contest between he and Hillary going.

    Wayne Allyn Root talks about the power of Trump and his confidence for the GOP presidential nominee for the general election.  He says the general will be a blood bath, with one attack after another leveled on Clinton, from Benghazi, emails, the Clintion Foundation...there'll be plenty of targets.  Attorney and former Co-Chairman of the Atlanta Tea Party, Julianne Thompson also chimes in on last night's results.

    Plus Hirsen on the conversation of the White House as Hollywood East, Zimbardo on Man Interrupted and a cry to "Raise 'Em Up Lord" with Alex Kendrick as we prepare for our National Day of Prayer tomorrow, May 5th.

    We have the experts and the topics that everyone is talking about or should.  Join us for three independent hours of compelling talk radio, Monday thru Friday 9-12n (ET/6-9a (PT).  It's all about the truth and solutions that will get this country back on track.  And tune in to see how you can win the movie, War Room, in honor of May 5th National Day of Prayer, only on Bill Martinez Live.



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    Heavenly Sunlight

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    1st. Kings Chapter 11 Part 2 King James Version.

    We will finish up the demise of King Solomom and all of his wealth,,glory, women,power and down fall, for not staying faithfull  to God's and his laws.

    James 1:12 Blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he has been approved, he will recieve the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love him.



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    Insight into another world with rachael darby and clare evans

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    Here Come The Girls........

    The ladies Rachael Darby & Clare Evans are live in the studio Tuesday 3rd May 9.00pm - 10.00.

    This week's show, the girls will be heading back to myths and legends of elements..... starting with Water, they will also be broaching the subject of titanic and its myths.

    The phone lines will be live at 9.00pm for you guys to come and chat live with the giirls and share your stories and experiences. So grab your self a cuppa and get comfy for an hour with the girls 

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    NFI Radio Gospel Network

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    Wednesday May 4, 2016 LIVE-LIVE 8:00AM TIL 11:00AM from the STUDIO of the NFI Radio & Television Gospel Network, Raleigh N.C. in HD2 sound, with Tight Acoustic Bass. TV and Radio Host The Anointed 1 taking Quartet music to another LEVEL.




    Station number 347 215-8049

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    Kelly OConnell Show: IN -- Trump Vanquishes Cruz

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    It’s over, Ted Cruz is OUT. Well, you have to admit Ted gave it a helluva try. Especially for a guy who is essentially hated by almost everyone who’s ever know him. He won the first state Iowa under an ethical cloud. Teddy won other states but he never established the kind of national following he thought he deserved.

    The Cruz lovers across the board are besides themselves. For example, Mark Levin has stated, about Fox News Channel and Trump -- “ FNC a ‘Trump Super PAC,’ They’ll ‘Be Rubbing Their Own Faces In Their Own Feces’ After the General.” Apparently this is a deranged reference to Beck rubbing cheeto crumbs into his face to mock Trump.

    Glenn Beck, Teddy’s John the Baptist, has now established a new standard for self -aggrandizing, self-pitying, egotistical, narcissistic religious delusion. Outdoing himself, the talk show egomaniac stated, “"Huge Drudge Font Size" Mocking My Fast For Ted Cruz A Sign America Is "Done." In other words, daring to mock Beck, a member of a minority religion many call heretical is claiming that anyone who disses him is helping bring down the End Times. lol

    A bitter Teddy Bare, sent home to lick his wounds, lashed out in agony against his antagonist, sputtering about Trump that he is: “"This man is a pathological liar, he doesn't know the difference between truth and lies ... in a pattern that is straight out of a psychology text book, he accuses everyone of lying. Whatever lie he's telling, at that minute he believes it ... the man is utterly amoral. Donald is a bully ... bullies don't come from strength they come from weakness."

    So Cruz will live to run again another day, possibly. But now the Donald begins to whet his sword for the Clinton dynasty, with a smile on his face and a song in his heart. It’s going to be a rich banquet, sportsfans.

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    Salvation does not exempt us from the everyday challenges of life. Those who are fully committed to

    the LORD often find themselves entangled in ongoing  difficulties. Finnally a release comes only to

    find that another pressure has taken the place of the one that was resolved. There is a reason for

    these difficulties. Therefore, we should view them as servants, placed in our circumstances to

    accomplish a highter puirpose. It is only as we rise above or overcome these seemingly unending

    pressures and difficulties, and refuse to allow them to hinder us, will we be able to successfully

    "press toward the mark" for the prize that the LORD has made available for us - becoming HIS BRIDE.

    Join us for live prayer at 6:00 AM, Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963. 

  • Behind Closed Doors (Special Edition): The "Give Him Free" Update Show

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    Hello friends and BTR family. After another long hiatus, we're back again ! As you know, the flooding and other things have caused us to be off the air for some time now. But all is well and we are back. In this "Special Edition" episode, we re-visit the "Give Him Free" case. As you all know, there have been changes since day one. Thanks to all of you who have been 10 ten toes down since the beginning. But there is still work to be done. So we still need your help. Please listen in to this special episode for updates on the case.

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    Teaching Messages to WIN SOULS Not CREATE WAR!

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    For years I have heard messages that were taught over the Podium/Pulpit...But what bothers me is that the fights and battles are NOT with your Brother or Sister..But to TEACH messages..Lie to one another and Offend one another without dealing with the issues, the way that MAN does it is offensive to God!!!  Let's Chat!!