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  • Carita Dee talks about her abortion, promiscuity, domestic abuse, etc.

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    Carita Dee and Sheri Veronica talk about their shows, their challenges, Carita's plans for guests line ups for her TV show, 'Girlfriend Get A Life' and living on the small island of Barbados.  Carita also talks about her abortion(s), promiscuity, domestic abuse and more.  Call into the show at 914-205-5805 and join in the discussion; or at www.blogtalkradio.com/nakeddeparture

    Two fearless women talk!

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    Dr. Wayne Anders Avoid Promiscuity

    in Spirituality

    On  the 26 Mar 15 Dr. Wayne Anders will be brining a powerful messages on Avoid Promiscuity!  One of the Sub-Topics is :  Sex is Reserved For Marriage.  So please tune in at 10:00 AM and be blessed by the Lord.

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    Divine Feminine Shocker Truths - Promiscuity Truths

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    Truths about Divine Feminine never heard before; and what promiscuity's impact really is. Co Host Jhiggs with Meri Beloved 6 pm to 6:45pm (646)915-9987. Diving right in in order to cover lots of info

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    Tim Black At Night: Slut Shaming - What Men Think

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    Slut Shaming is a form of social stigma. Is this now a "thing"?  Yes, and not just to Amber Rose. According to many it's a serious societal problem.  Are men just stupid or are "fast tail" women having their cake and trying to eat it too?  


    Tune in tonight and call in with your thoughts.  Tune in tonight. Call in: 323-870-4064. You're welcome to join the discussion.Tim Black's Wolf Pack make some noise!  Seriously!  Join the SHOW!




    Join US on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/TimBlackSpeakOnIt

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    Shattering the Myths About Female Promiscuity – Marrie Lobel

    in Relationships

    “I've been in more laps than a napkin.” ~ Mae West

    Did you know, according to a recent survey, a woman is considered promiscuous at her 5th partner? Conversely, men are not considered promiscuous until they’ve had 25+ partners. News Flash: There are many ladies who do not feel the need to confine their natural desire for sex within a committed relationship. 

    Ladies and Gents: what do you think? What does promiscuity mean to you… and does the number of partners you’ve had really matter?

    My guest Marrie Lobel and I are pulling back the covers and busting the myths of Female Promiscuity on this episode of the Loving and Lasting Show. Please chime in with your thoughts, whether they be pure or wanton… male or female… we want to know!

    Marrie Lobel is a California based freelance dating, sex and relationship writer, Geekalicious creator of DirtyInPublic.com and Co-Host of Mr. n Mrs. Romance Podcast. By combining wit, wisdom, and a splash of audacity, Marrie takes pride in shattering outdated perceptions about women, stimulating open conversations, and igniting relationships between the sexes.

    Marrie can be found sharing the sexy love via websites and on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and iTunes.

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    I have no intention of leaving America to live in Africa and I will not separate myself from this land to appease any one not even Farrakahn. I find his explanation for the actual circumstance under which our sisters of the Nation of Islam and their children were treated is a contradiction of the facts. So I have copied the so called accounts of the FBI mention in the book  The Judas Factor: “The FBI had learned form wiretaps on Elijah Muhammad had fathered illegitimate children by several of his former secretaries, including two who had been given rigged “trials” for their sinful behavior, with Elijah Muhammad as judge  Muhammad ruled that “they didn’t know who the fathers of their children were, suggesting promiscuity  a violation of Islamic law, and the secretaries had been expelled from the Nation of Islam. Armed with this information, FBI agents had spread rumors about it by the unusually direct method of buttonholing Nation of Islam members and asking them if they were aware that Minister Elijah Muhammad was the farther of several illegitimate children by his secretaries.

    At the time of MalcolmX’s suspension,  Wallace Muhammad had been conjuring with Malcolm X about rumors.  What either Malcom X nor Wallace Muhammad knew was that the Messenger was well informed about the status of their supposedly secret probe into his sexual misconduct.”  Now all the rest is History, and a funny thing about history is it can’t be truthfully changed. Where is the “Justice or  Else?” Wait a minute did I miss something? Or did Farrakhan pull the biggest Money Scam, again on the people? Revolutionaries  do not say Justice or else unless they mean to declare war on an unjust system, in our research we learned that Phenomena has oppositions. That language has terms that are diametrically opposed to one another the term peace is diametrically opposed to the term War.

  • Rising Above The Scars - Johnnetta McSwain

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    Johnnetta McSwain, *Ph.D., from the mean streets of Birmingham, Alabama to the halls of academia, and from GED to Ph.D., Johnnetta McSwain, EMMY Award Winning documentarian, “The Road Beyond Abuse”, expert in Child Sexual abuse (CSA), Child Abuse and Neglect, Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and Sexual Violence (SV), published author, “Rising Above the Scars”,  Life Development Coach, Program Development/ facilitator and International empowerment speaker extraordinaire tells it like it is with wit, charm & wisdom. Wearing her signature fabulous stilettos, she aids to empower and inspire individuals to move from hopelessness to hope by becoming of aware of their cycles that impede their life and take action to break them to reach their fullest potential in their life.

    Born to an alcoholic mother and an absent father, the odds were unceremoniously stacked against her .  By the innocent age of five, she was viciously raped and incessantly battered by her three uncles while in the custody of her grandparents.

    At age 17, she dropped out of high school and started a life of self-destruction, selling drugs, tricking, clubbing, & promiscuity. At age 19, she bore her first son With no baby daddy, nor a high school diploma, Johnnetta got her GED and a few temp jobs here and there. While continuing her lifestyle of clubbing 5 nights out of 7, shoplifting, & promiscuity, she bore her second son at age 26.

    7 months later, she got caught stealing at the mall  left her 7 year old son and 7 month old son in the middle of the mall parking lot, while running from the police.  While sitting in jail overnight, she decided she needed to change her life to save her boys. With no money and little knowledge about the criminal system; she was convicted with a felony and a year probation

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    The Sexy Party Show: Promiscuity

    in Self Help

    Hosted by Mr. Locario & Miles Cunningham. 

    Dress to impress, leave your inhibitions at the door and get ready for an audio thrill ride that takes on issues of sex, dating, relationships and more with Mr. Locario, aka The Bad Boy of Dating and his right hand man Miles Cunningham.

    Today's Topic: Promiscuity

    Khalid Ramman Comedian he is better and funnier than Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, and Dave Chappelle.

    Some of the duscussion points are:

    Woman are afraid to be promiscuous because of the judgment they may face.

    Kim Kardashian gets Mr. Locario's respect because she is doing what she wants.

    Ray J debuts is song "Hit It First'

    Honesty, respect, cheating, and judgement.

    Using birth control while being promiscuous.

    Having a emotional connection are just having sex.

    Women Bashing

    Who enjoys sex more? Men or Women



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    I Can Do It But You Can't. You can Do It But I Can't. UTWS #147

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    Whether we're talking about traditional roles as far as gender goes or we're talking about the differences between what the wealthy and privileged can get away with that broke people can't get away with, the fact remains the same. There really is no such thing as equality. Trying to achieve it is usually a waste of time. Someone will always feel like someone else is getting a little more or a little less than what they got. It doesn't mean that what you can do or what you get is worthless, it just means that it won't be equal.

    Should women be able to do everything that men can do whether it's good or bad? How about infidelity? Promiscuity?

    Would a man even want to do all the things that a woman can do? How about menstruate?

    Many parents claim to treat their children equally but is it true? Would their boys want to do ballet? Would the girls like to box or play football?

    In a relationship, many couples try to establish a set of rules in the relationship that both parties are supposed to abide by. Does it usually stick? Should it?

    That's what we're gonna talk about this Wednesday on The Urban Therapy with SUN? Show.

    Be sure to click going in the guest box

  • NMEMINDZ: Living In A Society Ruled By Sex

    in Education

    Please join Professor Griff & ZaZa Ali this Thursday, July 30th as we try to unfold the reality of living in a society ruled by sex. Why do so many black men grapple with being able to control themselves sexually, and why has being promiscuous become a way of life for a lot of our women? What role does entertainment play in all of this and how do we get control? Let's look at the negative impact that the inibility to control ourselves sexually is having on our lives, our families, and our communities. Call in # 347-633-9644. 8pm EST / 5pm PST. Peace.

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    Teenage Promiscuity

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    Teenage Promiscuity - It appears that teenagers in today's society are more promiscuous than back in their parents' era. I would like to focus on why? What makes them so promiscuous? Are they excercising precautions? Are they aware of the ramifications of their actions? Are they even concerned about STDs or pregnancies. My goal is to get to the root of this behavior. Is it learned? Are they crying out for help? Please join me in attempting to grasp and understand this kind of behavior. Our children need us. Lets take it back to when everyone looked out for each other's children because "it takes a village to raise a child".