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    Hear about and share your upcoming autism related projects and events.

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    PMP: Sharon Knight - Music & Magic: Making a Music Video & Other Pagan Projects

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    Join us as we talk about some of the various projects going on in the Pagan community, from music to videos, from books to movies. We'll give some details about where projects are at and what's been happening.

    Sharon will be joining RevKess and Kalisara for the second hour, Live from Pantheacon!, to talk about the details of her own album and music video project, Portals. From her FB Event Page: "Winter and I are embarking on our most ambitious project yet, which will draw on the talents of an entire community of musicians, filmmakers, and artists. We are creating a fully produced album AND music video. This is a real stretch for us, and we considered making the video a stretch goal. However, the video really is core to the project, and the reason we decided to do a crowd funding campaign."

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    Developing Combined Heat & Power (CHP) projects in Massachusetts

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    Our March guest will feature Matt Wolfe from Madera Energy.  Madera specializes in developing Combined Heat & Power (CHP) projects and works closely with area utilities in securing energy efficiency incentives for their customers.  Matt will discuss how Madera navigates through the utility incentive and interconnection process while meeting their customer's financial requirements when considering CHP.

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    Filmmaker Rob Hill discusses REPLAN IT, other projects on #ConversationsLIVE

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    When it comes to filmmaker Rob Hill, he is all about telling a great story and making the viewer think. He talks with #ConversationsLIVE host Cyrus Webb about his journey to sharing stories on film and what projects like REPLAN IT and FORT FISHER HERMIT mean to him and have meant to others

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    Discover Janesville: Christmas Carol Ballet by StageWorks Projects, Inc.

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    On this episode of Discover Janesville with Yuri Rashkin:

    Britton Gandy is a Janesville resident and one of the choreographers involved in staging an original production of "Christmas Carol Ballet" for StageWorks Projects, Inc., to be performed on Saturday, December 6 at Stoughton High School.  Britton was joined by Coleen Kehl, the Artistic Director and Mary-Carel Verden, a board member of StageWorks Projects, Inc.  These three women came to talk about the excitement of producing an original production, being part of the Victorian Holiday Weekend community celebration in Stoughton, and how "fusion pieces" show the future and full potential of theater by merging together different disciplines.  

    Be in the know.  Discover Janesville. 

    This program was brought to you by:

    Janesville Snow Removal: www.SnowRemovalOfJanesville.com

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    “Raising Abel, the Life of Faith” by Ronald Ragotzy, MD.

    United Arts Alliance: Promoting arts and connecting artists in Rock County.


    From the birth place of Paul Ryan and Russ Feingold, Janesville Community Radio presents Discover Janesville with Yuri Rashkin!  Broadcasting from the world headquarters of JCR, located at 321 E Milwaukee Street in Janesville, Wisconsin, live every Wednesday.  Tune in for in depth conversations with Janesville's newsmakers, from politics to arts and community life.  Regularly featuring live acoustic performances by local musicians.  Be in the know.  Discover Janesville.  Listen to past podcasts at www.DiscoverJanesville.com.  Follow the show on Facebook at Discover Janesville with Yuri Rashkin.  


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    Actor Demetrius Stear discusses career, new projects on #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes actor Demetrius Stear to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss his love of acting and what it's been like to be recognized for that gift. The two will also discuss new projects including BUDDY HUTCHINS.

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    Feeding Spirit - My Giant List of Projects

    in Spirituality

    As I come out of the fog of Lyme Disease, I am having to relearn how to do everything I used to.  On top of that, I have picked up a whole new set of fun activites.  As I get myself moving and my life in order, I figured it would be a good idea to come back to the show and just start over.  My very first show was dedicated to awareness and an explanaition of what I have just been through.  For more on that story, please refer to the archives or the webstie and listen to that episode.

    This episode is going to be a "reintroduction" of myself to all my newest listeners and a really long breakdown of everything I have going on as far as getting business back up and running.  I am booking readings again, I will be offering my classes come early Spring, I have homefront projects, activist projects, and can't wait to pick back up with charity.

    So come on in, listen, and enjoy.  2015 is going to be a wild ride! 

    Feeding Spirit

    Website :  www.feedingspirit.com

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/feedingspirit

    Blog: http://feedingspirit.blogspot.com/



    Website: www.beyondanswers.org

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mediumsamanthamay

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    Talamieka Brice of Brice Media shares passion, new projects on#ConversationsLIVE

    in Entertainment

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes back Talamieka Brice to #ConversationsLIVE to shares what has been her passion in life that keeps her moving forward, what it's been like to see her brand grow and what new projects (including ndvisible.com) she is introducing to the world this year.

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    Merv Jersak - How to Create and Execute Successful Projects

    in Self Help

    Project Management success expert Merv Jersak guides IT consulting firms and internal IT organizations to increase their probability of successful project delivery through focusing on the human aspects of project management. Projects can only be delivered through people. People matter!

    On today's show, Merv will be sharing FIVE KICKASS tips he's used to create his awesome life! You can count on the banter between Merv and Christopher to be entertaining yet VERY educational as well! 




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    Who is the Prophet From The Projects?

    in Education

    Hi, all,
    This is my first radio talk, so I am simply introducing myself here and sharing just a little bit about myself, and a couple of things that the Lord has shared with me over the years.
    I really do live in the projects of Brooklyn, New York City, U.S.A., and I really am a prophet of God. However, I'm quite unconventional and social, and have entered the entertainment industry.
    I say a lot of things most pastors and ministers will not, but I actually have some wisdom that is considered a blessing by a number of people. It often comes across with humor; I may laugh when I pray but it is still a sincere and accepted prayer. The Lord has given me the gift of interpreting dreams, visions, and other supernatural experiences according to the Bible, which I share freely with all.
    So feel free to tune in, ask questions, give input, share jokes, and provoke dialog that edifies, informs, and entertains.

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    Crayfish King Interview On latest Projects In And Out Of The Hobby!

    in Pets

    Crayfish King James Jones will be here to talk about his latest ventures, hobby, projects and what is happening in 2015. I met James a while back and I was inspired by this man to get really into my hobby! james Jones use to be a co host on a Blog Talk Radio Show and will soon have his own show. I like James and you will also. So come meet James live on Aquatics Euphoria this coming Friday at 8 PM EST. Call in live 1-347-677-1837 and then dial 1 to speak to us.

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