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    30JK -- SAL CRUZ

    in Entertainment

    Join me, 30JK Nation, as I welcome SAL CRUZ to the show!
    He's one of the biggest ZAPP fans known to man! Remember: "California... knows how to party!"

    We'll talk about "Talkbox180", all the concerts he attended... his first Talkbox; and the fact he workin' with the band on social media!
    Sal has been following ZAPP since middle school! Talk about devotion!

    You want in on this convo? Call 347-857-2310. Again, 347-857-2310... that's the number to dial!

    #WeAreProjectJKFX #OldSchoolRollin #MoreBounce #ZAPPWorld #30JKNation #Official30JK #SalCruz ZappAndRoger

    ...and in case you've forgotten who this is... THIS IS PROJECT JKFX!!! COME ON!!!

    FRIDAY 4pm CT/2pm PT/5pm ET (US TIME) -- SATURDAY 6am (TOKYO TIME)

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    in Entertainment

    I've had the pleasure, privilege and honor of havin' him on my show!

    Now I, Jason Kelly, am ready to jam with Brandon "MoreBounce" Sutton just ONE MORE TIME! Why? Because once just isn't enough!
    YES... everybody wants the FUNK... the WHOLE FUNK... and NUTHIN' BUT THE FUNK, so help us, George Clinton!!

    TRIBUTE TO ROGER TROUTMAN!!! Not to be missed... BE THERE!!!

    All I have to say? Just get ready; just get ready... because WE are where the PARTY'S AT, BABY!
    347-857-2310; the number again, 347-857-2310!

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    in Entertainment

    What up, 30JK Nation!!! Join me; Jason Kelly, as I hit the BIG 4-0 for BIRTHDAY WEEK 2015!!! It may BE my party, but YOU get all the gifts! Like Snoop and Dre say -- "ain't no fuuuunnn... if the homies can't haaave none" ;) HAHAHAHA!!!

    Number to call in and join in -- 347-857-2310; again, 347-857-2310 or please... go online at blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE. We got a spot waiting JUST FOR YOU!

    HORNZ UP -- HEAD UP -- CHIN UP!!! All night, all day... ALWAYS!!! And in case you've forgotten who this is... THIS IS PROJECT JKFX... COME ON!!!

    JAAAAAAAAAASSSSOOOOOOOOONNNN KELLY!!! That's Right, ch'yeaaahhh!!! COME ON... uh-hunh; uh-hunh, uh-hunh... LET'S GOOOOOOOO!!!

    And always remember -- IT'S A "JK" THANG... SISSYYYYYYYYEEEE!!! ;)

    Of course... the party starts the second YOU get here!

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    30JK -- J. GLO from Dayton, OH

    in Entertainment

    Join me as J. GLO rocks the house on "30JK" over BlogTalkRadio... that's right; from Dayton, Ohio!
    The ORIGINAL LAND OF FUNK! ZAPP; Lakeside, Slave... all your faves! Keepin' funk ALIVE... all day; every day!

    THIS is the place to be if you want to talk to the coolest people on earth! 347-857-2310.
    Again, that number to dial is 347-857-2310... or go to blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE and listen LIVE!
    It's ALWAYS FUN when you listen live... trust me!

    HORNZ UP -- HEAD UP -- CHIN UP... all day; always!

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    30JK -- BABY FUNK -- UNCUT!!!

    in Entertainment

    YES!!! Stone City in the house ONCE AGAIN!!!!
    Join me -- Jason Kelly -- as we welcome back to the mike Hawaiian hottie SHELI CASANA aka "BABY FUNK"!!!

    That's right... the PRINCESS OF FUNK is takin' over 30JK Nation! She will talk about her latest project "UNCUT"... and how she hooked up with George Clinton's label and made it happen... come TURN IT UP with us! LISTENER LINE: 347-857-2310 Find JK online... blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE; you miss me... YOU MISS OUT!!! No doubt!

    And as always... the party starts the second YOU get here! HORNZ UP -- HEAD UP -- CHIN UP!!

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    30JK -- JASON DeCANIO (4/3/2015)

    in Entertainment

    Join me as Jason DeCanio joins me on 30JK... ONCE AGAIN!!
    That's right... the uber-snazzy and jazzy MISTER... JASOOOOOONNNN DeCANIOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    Host of "THE QUEENS NEW YORKER" on YouTube; "JASON & STEPHANIE" and "THE JASON DeCANIO SHOW" oooonnn UStream!!!

    What will we talk about THIS TIME? You never know until you tune in and listen in!
    Join the convo! The number to call in is ... 347-857-2310; again 347-857-2310!
    Find us online at: www.blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE

    We want you OVER HERE!!! Don't forget the number -- 347-857-2310!
    FRIDAYS 4pm Central/2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern (US Time); SATURDAYS 6am (Tokyo Time). See ya then!

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    30JK -- Big Mike ("Let's Get it Crackin'")

    in Entertainment

    This guy has gotten everybody to sing his song! Outta my hometown of Milwaukee, WI; he knows exactly what it takes to rock a crowd!
    You heard him on the Saturday "BoogieBang" show on 91.7 WMSE and online @ wmse.org. Now he's come to 30JK to GET IT CRACKIN'!!!

    His name is BIG MIKE and I want YOU to meet him... very positive person and loves all his fans!

    347-857-2310; www.blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE; see you here!

    And in case you've forgotten... THIS IS PROJECT JKFX... LEEEEET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! :)

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    30JK -- Anthony Williamson aka "CAP-A"

    in Entertainment

    Join me on another exciting episode of "30JK" as the BO$$PLAYA CAP-A takes over the mike!
    His music, where he's from; "Divorce Court" with Judge Lynn Toler and much more!

    If YOU want in, we got the number for ya! 347-857-2310; again, 347-857-2310

    Come support this cool and multi-talented Jersey star over BlogTalkRadio. We'll have a seat waiting for ya!
    You know how to find me! As always, the party starts the second YOU get in here!

    PGM -- Playaz Gett'n Money!!! ;)

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    The Yehudah Project- Who we really are?

    in Culture

    Our goal at the Yehudah Project is to establish open communication and build a bridge with love to combat the negative spirits that attempt to attack our men and women through hatred and division. We want to recognize and appreciate each other through love, support and accountability while taking responsibility for our behaviors and actions.

    STOP the abusive dialog between our Hebrew men and our Hebrew women, because we are experiencing the same identical hardships today and we need to heal each other with love.

    It is mandated by YHWH for us to come together and pray: we are a nation of people with dual nationalities and we have to open dialog as a nation to prepare ourselves and our families for the changes that are about to happen according to the Word. Children are won through the union of the man and the woman. Let’s remember our children learn what they live!


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    30JK -- Freestyle Fox DEBBIE DEB!

    in Entertainment

    Hey!!! Do YOU wanna talk to Debbie Deb? I know you do! YES! "THAT" Debbie Deb!

    You know her music and you know she loves her fans! So LOOK OUT, 30JK Nation!
    Heeeeeeeeeeere she comes! If you want to, here is the number to call! 347-857-2310.

    The number again, is 347-857-2310... find the show online @ www.blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE
    You know how to spell it! Tell ya friends. We have come to PAAAARRR-TAAAYYY!!!

    4pm Central/2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern... right here and ONLY over BlogTalkRadio... don't miss a SINGLE MINUTE!!!

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    30JK PLUS -- "AALIYAH" -- "Rudeness... SO NOT COOL!"

    in Entertainment

    Join me as your main man, JASON KELLY, brings back Mr. MICKEY MOTOWN (of the ZAPP & ROGER FB Page) as we talk about the Lifetime movie "AALIYAH: The Princess of R&B". Also we will be talkin' about a GOP aide and her bogus-azz comments about President Obama's beautiful daughters. Who is it, you say? You gotta tune in and find out! You are ORDERED not to miss this show!!! Spread the word... this gon' be HOT STUFF, straight up; betta' know it!

    And in case you forgotten who this is... THIS IS PROJECT JKFX... COME ON!!! LET'S GOOOOOOOOO!!!
    347-857-2310; www.blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE -- FB/IG/TWT: JKFX4LIFE -- follow me; I'll follow you back... you already know that!
    HORNZ UP -- HEAD UP -- CHIN UP!!!! ;)

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