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    The Progressive News Hour - January 17 2015

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    The Progressive News Hour. 

    Oxfam recently released a report called, ’ Working for the Few’, which highlights the growing gap between the world’s rich and poor. We ask how this relates to Australia?

    We look at the incredible effort of Palestine in qualifying for the Asian Football Championship.

    And finally, what is the real story behind the ’ Prince Andrew Sex Romp’ headlines?If you would like to read the full report on ‘Working for the Few’  just go to ; www.oxfam.org  and there is a link to ‘Working for the Few’.

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    The Progressive News Hour.

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    Current protest on Manus Island have once again, highlighted Australia’s Immigration policy’s. We speak to Get Up’s  Alycia Gawthorne about the protest and the future for the refugee’s at Australia’s detention centre’s.

    Also, has there been a level of hypocrisy in the Wests response to the Charlie Hebdo deaths? And, surprise, surprise, News Ltd. is criticizing the Australian governments changes to Medicare !!!

    If you want more information about Get Up’s refugee/asylum seeker campaigns  just e-mail; info@getup.org.au  - (attention - Alycia)

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    The Progressive News Hour.

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    Prime Minister Tony Abbott says Australia has been ‘taken for mugs’
    when discussing proposed changes to Australia’s immigration and
    security policies. But what are the real causes of radicalization? We
    speak to Anne Aly from the School of Humanities at Curtin University
    about her research into radicalization.
    Also, there’s been another ‘leak’, not from Julian Assange or Edward
    Snowden, but from the South African intelligence agency. And this
    ‘leak’ could have real consequences for world peace!
    Anne Aly is the chair of PAVE - People against Violent Extremism -

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    The Progressive News Hour.

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    The much maligned United Nations was created in 1945 to maintain peace
    in a war  ravaged world. Has it succeeded - if not, why not? Should
    the UN be reformed ? To help answer these questions we speak to Annie
    Herro from the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at Sydney
    Also, we preview Tony Abbott's up coming speech about Immigration
    reform and we look at how Syriza, Greece's new government, is
    Please read Annie Herro's book;
    UN Emergency Peace Service and the Responsibility to Protect.
    Abington, Oxon; Routledge.

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    The Progressive News Hour.

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    Today, we introduce you to our American correspondent, Lisa Savage,
    from CodePink and talk about the groups activity's and the state of
    American politics.
    The aftermath of the Liberal Party leadership challenge and we've got
    a book that we think you should read.
    Lisa has a personal site at; Went2thebridge.blogspot.com
    For more information about CodePink go to;  www.codepink.org
    Please read; Guantanamo Diary by Mohamedou Ould Slahi

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    The Progressive News Hour.

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    The Queensland election result has caused major divisions within
    Liberal leadership throughout the country. We speak to our Queensland
    correspondent, Andrew about the election and its aftermath.
    Also, the real reason why Australian journalist, Peter Greste, was
    jailed in Eygpt.
    And, guess who's name has appeared on an indictment lodged with the
    International Criminal Court ?

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    Progressive News Network - JAZZ and the Producer

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    Its a JAZZ NIGHT -

    Join News Director Rick Spisak and his guests

    Debbie and Nicky Orta  - One of South Florida and the World's Premier Jazz Couples.

    Tune in an Hear their adventures and their AMAZING MUSIC


    PNN Presents one of Miami and the East Coasts leading Producers the talented musician and producer - behind so much of what Florida listens to - Tony Sinatra.

    Join us, you'll like what you hear.

    Solidarity & Peace

    Rick Spisak News Director, Producer 

    Progressive News Network




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    Progressive News Network

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    PNN - - Rehabilitation and Radiation

    Join News Director Rick Spisak and his guests Ms. Jessica Dylan WInter of Key Zine Co-Founder, Writer and Editor of the Key Zine and an Anonymous Partner will talk about KEY ZINE.

    Part II of the Show will focus on News from Fukushima we've been in touch with a journalist colleague Toby Marshall  in Japan who recently toured Fukushima a fifth time. We will also hear testimony by Helen Caldicott of the Caldicott Foundation and Arne Gundersen of FAIRWINDS.

    Tune in Live at 7pm (Eastern) or Anytime

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    Progressive News Network - Turtles and $ Troubles

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    Join News Director Rick Spisak as he welcomes his guests

    Staci-lee Sherwood who has been working on protecting Florida's Turtles from a variety of challenges human and otherwise

    And Environmentalist John Quarterman President of the WWALS Watershed Coalition will discuss the Sable Trail Pipeline

    And a very special pair of guests Lynn and David Petrovich hosts of a new upcoming Finance/Credit Revolution show called

    "Lives in the (Balance Sheet)" - Dave and Lynn have an extensive activist portfolio - 

    Medicare For All (NJ) + CPAs For Community Support + Green Party of Monmouth & Central NJ + (democratic) Socialist Party of Central NJ + People For A New Society (PFANS) + New Progressive Alliance - NJ + Society For Preservation of Continued Homeownership aka SPOCH (a NJ NP 501c3 Corporation)

    They address the issues of credit, student loans taxation and how to maximize your economic  power in a RIGGED GAME

    And of course as always we'll start with some headlines and you can find the details at www.AveryVoice.com

    Tune in Sunday 7pm Live or Anytime

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    Progressive News Network

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    Jon News Director Rick Spisak and his guests

    Ruddy Everglades EarthFirst - will take us along with her, as she discusses the work of Everglades Earth First

    Dr. Karen Dwyer Stone Crab Alliance on Betrayal of Public interest by Collier County Commissioners, and DEP

    Kim Repere Pres. & Founder Secular Women,  on the religious excesses in America in the 21st Centuries

    Steve Horn DeSmog Blog more putrid Pipeline problems 

    Dave Petrovich on Anti-War and Anti-Foreclosure Activism in Ohio. 

    Tune in to PNN this Sunday - 7pm (Eastern) 

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    Darryl Clark Progressive News Weekly

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    Progressive News Weekly, “news & information for, by and of, the People the Nation the World”

    Progressive News Weekly (PNW) consists of a diverse panel of progressive thinkers bringing you news and information culled from varied sources from around the world.  It’s a proactive news weekly focusing on grassroots calls to action. We embrace technology and use the power of the internet to bring justice to wherever our collective conscience and our listeners lead us.  These features, which you won't see in your mainstream media outlets often are suggested by you the listener, and are chosen to alert and awaken, inform and inspire, and hopefully shock and shake you to action.  Referred to as information and news “by you and for you”, this program is non-traditionally hosted by individuals who have committed to free speech and wellness to peoples everywhere.

    The Progressive News Hour is hosted by Darryl Clark

    Darryl is currently a practicing naturopath, consultant, and peoples advocate. Retired from a large multi-national corporation consulting and public speaking, he brings many unique perspectives to the panel.

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