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    A Work in Progress

    in Christianity

    As members of the body of Christ, we are all just a work in progress. As I minister this message listen to what God has to say to us about a work in progress.

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    What are our most pressing concerns today?

    in Politics Progressive

    Walter Davis and Nilsa Higgins have a discussion about the most pressing concerns that have come up recently and discuss solutions. We will explore what some of the best minds are putting forth for solutions.

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    Traditions & Progress – Flowing in Balance

    in Spirituality

    Join Sharon Rainbow Eagle & Jim Graywolf - Eaglewolf - for another powerful broadcast of Healing Mirror Holders Radio on Sunday, 12/21 at 1 PM MST, 3 PM EST, 8 PM London and 10 PM Israel time for an energetic show about a new way of energy and action – combining traditions and progress.

    Some people believe that tradition and progress cancel each other out - we will talk about how those two work together in synergy & symbiosis. It's clear that in order to move on as a race we need to let go of the any negative emotions from past experiences that held us back and may still hold us back.  Traditions are all about the experiences and teachings that did not hold us back, but allowed us to work with all of creation on Earth.

    Progress need not be a lack of tradition either; we will elaborate about what is progress and its importance to our flourishing. Progress and tradition hand in hand now - we invite YOU to share some of the traditions from all around the worlds' medicine wheel.

    As Spirit Twins, Sharon & Jim constantly work on a balance that is being reflected by Mother Earth and Father Sky. Tradition and science being combined. This makes relation-shifts now important more than ever! And so, we ask you, Healing Mirror Holders, spirit families, to help us to learn more about those changes and to be able to bring those teachings for those who are ready for the next generations. After all, we are all one!

    We will see you soon.

    Ciracle Radio: programs to guide rebirth and growth. ~ Join the conversation on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SharonJim/ ~ adopt a month of Ciracle Radio and support the ripples by donating $39 to www.sotem.org. ~ Ciracle Radio is a member of the Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother family.

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    Premier: The Power of Emotional Communication

    in Lifestyle

    My first show. Introducing Executive Producer Nilsa Higgins and Associate Producer Walter Davis. We are discussing the power of emotional communication.

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    Marquel's Senior Year - Progress

    in Parents


    Welcome to A Theory of Parenting on Blogtalkradio.com

    My name is Tammi Joyner

    I am your Host for the Show

    Today we will update our audience on the progress Marquel Green has made this year as a Senior in High School!

    We will discuss his timeline at Facebook

    Pointing out key points such as: Reflections, Senior Suggestions, Smilebox, Football, and Mixers!

    Pointing out our love for poetry, we have this poem prepared for freshman year,

    Poem about Football

    Marquel Green joins the Freshmen Football Team
    May in Neptune Township, New Jersey

    Freshmen Football

    Football gloves, pads, mouthpiece, socks, shoes, helmet, pants and jersey -Suitup

    Playbooks, plays, demostrations, exercise, skermish, running, weight lifting, -Practice

    Coaching from the Coach, catching, blocking, tackling, passing -Drill

    Motivated, dressed, bus ride, the arrival, defense, offense, special teams, play-by-play, injuries, testimonals, wins - Gametime

    IT takes time, dedication, and leadership qualities to complete the curriculm at any school in America, you have dedicated your time, you have progressed, now we look to graduation!

    Join the ranks of your geneology, I am so proud that you follow in my footsteps!

    You alma mater plus My alma mater equals great things!

    We can do more!




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    The Way of Escape (Pilgrim's Progress #1)

    in Religion

    Today, we are beginning a new series of messages drawn from the Bible and the classic Christian book, The Pilgrim's Progress, by John Bunyan. John Bunyan was a 17th century English preacher. He was thrown into prison because, during that time, the government had a law that said no one could preach without a license and without being a member of the Church of England. Bunyan abided by neither rule and was thrown into prison for 12 years. During his imprisonment, he conceived Pilgrim's Progress and later wrote it. It has become the most popular Christian allegory in the world, has been translated into over 200 languages, and has never gone out of print.
    Pilgrim's Progress is based on the journey that every Christian takes out of their sinfulness and into salvation and then onto the straight and narrow way which ultimately leads to the Celestial City or Heaven. As such, the Pilgrim's Progress is based firmly on the Bible. In fact, annotated editions of Pilgrim's Progress have been published which include the Scripture references for each of the scenarios that the main character faces.
    This main character is a man named Christian who lives in the city of destruction.

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    Work In Progress

    in Health


    Work In Progress.  Helping people understand their work in progress by hearing other peoples.  Realized there is not a clear description of what the road to health looks like, so this show was started.  Sense then it has included businees stories, raising of kids, personal growth and other things.  Like the show is titles though, It like a lot of things, is a "work in progress".  


    The format of this show is very general, it does tend to gravitate towards an auoimmunity theme.  It also dives in and out of diet, but most of all, it is a constant reminder of how different we all are.  So that one person's journey is hard to be the same for someone else. 


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    Election Commentary and the Zeitgeist Movement - The Barbarity of Punishment

    in Politics Progressive

    Join me and two of the most powerful progressive voices in the world - Rick Staggenborg of Soldiers for Peace International and Philip Richlin of the Zeitgeist Movement, Los Angeles Chapter. Part one will examine the opinions of Rick who his also a talk show host. Part two will focus on the commentary of Philip Richlin who will lead us in a discussion about punishment and why it does not work. 

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    You Could Be Forced to Give Your Kids Drugs

    in Politics Progressive

    Who should make the decision on whether or not your kids are given psychotropic drugs? The powerful pharmaceutical industry has government and medical officials in their back pocket....and they do what they are told to do. They are dispensing harmful psychotropic drugs to veterans, children and everyday people that cause them to committ suicides and homicides. A host of adverse effects are known to us all...just watch some of the commercials that tell us of delayed backache, suicide risks, erections that last for hours. These warnings are real and your children could be forced by CPS and other governement officals to take these drugs anyway.

    Listen to my interview with Fred Shaw a former Sherriff with the Los Angeles County Sherriff's Department as he discusses how your childen can be forced to take harmful drugs. Mr. Shaw is the Co-founder of World Literacy Crusade, an international organization with the purpose of eradicatng poverty and hopelessness in inner cities and around the world. He is past President of the Compton Branch of the NAACP where he lobbied Congress alongside of Citizen's Commission on Human Rights in support of the Child Medication act, This gives parents the right to refuse psychiatric drugs on their children. He is co founder of Basic Life Institute and organization that serves at risk youth.  This show has been coordinated inconjunction with the Citizens' Commisson on Human Rights. http://www.cchr.org.

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    Rick Staggenborg: Soldiers for Peace International

    in Politics Progressive

    Rick Staggenborg, founder of Soldiers for Peace International and host of Take Back America for the People radio show will discuss his outlook for joining progressives and conservatives to take back America. Rick Staggenborg, Bob Williams and Walter Davis have been working for years to develop a progressive communications network. Now, joined together they have formed a powerful network that support millions of listeners per day. Now, the people have a network to tell THEIR stories, as WE are the stories. Through accessable, free and worldwide broadcasts, people now have a voice to share their thoughts and opinions. We well cover war, peace, race, the constitution, the environment, social justice, international policy, banking and finance.......just to name a few things. Now, meet Rick Staggenborg and here his fascinating vision for peace and prosperity, for us all. http://www.soldiersforpeaceinternational.org/ 

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    Feed Your Head and Progress Toward Democracy

    in Current Events

    1st hr.-----'Feed Your Head w/ Ruthann RA Amarteifio"
    2nd hr.----'Progress Toward Democracy w/ Brian Stetten and Ruthann RA Amarteifio'

    XOn 'Feed Your Head', Sarit Jacobsohn, (FB Sarit Jacobsohn) & (FB Daily Life in Palestine) joins RA for an intimate look at how an ex-IDF soldier became an avid fighter for Palestine----We'll be talking about military occupation, among other things----
    Sarit, in her own words------"After growing up in Israel and being told nothing but lies about the Palestinians. Once I woke up I wanted to know more and more why I was lied to by my own education system...by my own government, family and friends. I started researching. First I started talking to many Palestinians online and by phone...besides trying to make sense from so much information that was quite contradictory....The huge wake up call.....was when i got Facebook and tried talking to the Israelis....When I asked them the same questions I asked my Palestinian brothers and sisters I started getting death and rape threats. I was called a traitor and got much hate mail till this day....so I learned being under military occupation is like being born in prison with a paranoid guard that thinks you are his/er worse enemy....How does that happen?
    X'Progress Toward Democracy' has returning guest, Farid Khavari, Ph.D., www.zerocosteconomy.com.
    Brian Stetten begins by talking about current news and the economy.
    Then, Farid joins us.  He is an economist, author, patent-holder, designer, small business owner, and former independent Gubernatorial candidate for Florida. He will discuss various economic matters, living wage vs. minimum wage, job creation, the pricing of oil, and so forth.

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