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    Substance Abuse and Mental Illness on the Job - Employee Assistance Programs

    in Management

    If you are a business owner or human resources professional, you may have been aware of employees who are struggling with addictions or are mentally unstable.  It may be a problem for his manager because it interferes with his/her performance on the job.  He/she may be very skilled at what they do, but their tardiness or excessive absenteeism is affecting company profits and the overall morale of his/her co-workers.  Fortunately, there is a program which is gaining in popularity which may be able to help you.  In this session, I discuss the Employee  Assistance programs which many health insurance companies offer to employers. 

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    Renovation Loan Programs- only 5% down- listen in to expert Ed Naworol

    in Real Estate

    Renovation Loan Programs- only 5% down- Expert Ed Naworol joins us in discussing Homepath,

    Renovation loans when purchasing. Do and don'ts, Nationwide financing where you use little of your

    own money, get money for repairs and they are not only FHA 203k loans, but loans without PMI.

    Also if you are an agent/broker tips on making 2015 your best year!!! Excellent for buyers all the way

    around. Ed has over 25 years in the industry.

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    Beyond the Veil – #OpMatrixIII – The Programs

    in Politics

    This week on Beyond the Veil, we will be discussing the basis of Operation Matrix III.  What are the Programs of the Matrix that are currently operating in the world today?  Have we as a movement contributed our own program and created our own delusions?  Join us tonight at 7pm Central for part one of our discussions, as we go over our social observations and explain the overview of Operation Matrix III.

    It is time to truly unplug once and for all.

    #OpMatrixIII Engaged

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    Open Enrollment Programs - Preparing the Employees

    in Finance

    Many employers are offering health insurance benefits to the employees in response to the Affordable Care Act.  Whether it is the first time or the program is already in existence, the employees need to know what their options are for enrolling in Voluntary Benefits programs.  In this episode, we will discuss what voluntary benefits are, who pays for them, and how they benefit the company.  If employers have a desire to help employees and the company save money on health care costs, this plan is for you.

    If you have low enrollment in these valuable programs, we can discuss ways to help employees to understand what benefits are available at work.  We will also discuss how these plans can save time in benefits administtration, as some employers fear offering these benfits will increase administration costs.

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    Health and Wellness Programs

    in Business


    Greetings, please join Valerie Jarrette Bass, Host at RadioTimeProductions, Every Monday 6-6:30. Call-In 347.857.2452

    Our Health and Wellness Programs with Medical Experts that will inform you on a variety of health issues and forefront medical Tools-Techniques-Technologies. Special Guests for our Health and Wellness Show 11/24/14: 

    Chris Osborne, Owner of  Prescription Pad on Line. A full Pharmacy offering Compounding, Medical Equipment, Free Home Delivery. Also with certified Drs., that write scripts. 954.791.2000. 6:03-6:20pm.

    Ken Esrig, CEO of Delray MRI, Owner, Mist Productions, and noted author, will discuss his Medical TV show. "Start From Where You Are",  "561.600.Hurt Live Pain Free".   www.youtube.com/kenesrig 6:20-6:30.



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    "Employee Assistance Programs - What's the Value?"

    in Business

    BluPrint welcomes Dr. Joseph Bullock to our radio show!  Dr. Bullock will enlighten us on the value and benefit of Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs).  EAPs intended to help employees better deal with personal problems that might impact their work-place performance, behaviors and well-being.  EAPs include short-term counseling and referral services for employees and their household members. On this episode, Dr. Bullock will talk with us about several critical areas including the most common reasons clients seek EAP services, how EAP services help veterans and those who are active duty may take advantage of EAP services. 


    Dr. Bullock has over 25 years of experience as a professional counselor, clinical supervisor and administrator.  Currently, he is currently the Director of Substance Abuse Services for the Arlington County Department of Human Services in Arlington, Virginia.

    Dr. Bullock is also a consultant to the United States Navy providing training and clinical supervision services to counselors in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. Dr. Bullock’s professional experience also includes providing numerous workshops on mental health, substance abuse and other counseling related topics. Dr. Bullock is an Adjunct Faculty at Liberty University in the Center for Counseling and Family Studies. Dr. Bullock has a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Doctoral Degree in Community Agency Counseling from Virginia Tech University. Dr. Bullock is licensed as a professional counselor and substance abuse treatment provider in Virginia and Maryland.

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    1st Time Buyers Programs with Dave Hershman

    in Real Estate

    Your client is a first time home buyer. They are so excited and nervous about what comes next. In the midst of all of the excitement, it's easy to become blinded by beautiful back-splashes, granite and quartz counter tops, hardwood floors, and fenced-in backyards. While looking at homes that are completely perfect from top to bottom, they may begin to rationalize a larger purchase than they had originally planned for — "This house is perfect for me; it's worth $50,000 extra dollars for me to have a house with enough space in a perfect location," or "We were planning on spending a little bit of money on painting; we can spend $50,000 extra on this house because it doesn't need any work."

    As a real estate professional, your job is to be their guide, their confidante and the expert. Listen in today to learn more about the programs available for those first time home buyers and be the expert in this field.

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    Entitlements, safety net, social programs and the Biblical narrative

    in Politics

    Who started the first safety net. Should we discontinue social programs including public schools, medicare, medicaid, Obama care, social security and unemployment compensation? The Bible says if we give to the poor we lend to God. Can we trust God to pay His debt or is He like Congress?

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    Education Marketing Programs: They Really Work!

    in Marketing

    Education marketing programs have never been more appropriate, yet few mangers who market or sell ed tech products and services understand how to embrace them and have shifted their investments accordingly. The old methods of block-and-tackle field sales, cold calling, trade-show exhibits, and doing product demos have huge inertia. It seems that our paradigms blind us from new ideas, or fear and doubt hold us back from the commitment to investing in more meaningful and sustainable sales and marketing strategies. Many companies offer webinars and do other types of web-based marketing, mostly to demonstrate products or deliver a sales pitch. That’s a move in the right direction. But how does your channel strategy and marketing approach distinguish your company and your products in a crowded field with increasing noise level? I encourage you read the companion article on SellingtoSchools.com and to take 15 minutes to listen to host Glen McCandless with special guest, an expert on education marketing programs, Claire Erwin.

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    Poetic Fusion: Creative Arts Programs

    in Poetry

    Tune in! Here on Poetic Fusion (presented under Poet Unplugged) we have LIVE open mic shows and conversation! With no restrictions in expressive art and hot topics to discuss this show is defintely worth the listen! Tonight's topic will be on what to do with creative arts programs being shut down in schools and communities and how that effects our children and what can be done about it? Join us to share!

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    Who's in Charge & APR Holiday Programs

    in Education

    The next installment of “Who’s in Charge?” and our other special holiday family programming on American Patriot Radio.

    Monday December 1, 8:00 PM ET:

    Mike will be welcoming back Richard P Jackson, the internationally acclaimed interfaith Minister, counselor, healer, and extraordinarily gifted psychic.

    Richard’s topic will be a very timely one for this particular season of the year as he will be addressing the very personal and painful subject of coping with the separation from friends and family or the loss of a loved-one during the holidays.   

    Richard’s extraordinary gifts have been the subject of numerous books, as well as the subject of documentaries on the Discovery and History channels.  Richard P Jackson also has been a featured guest or contributing expert on paranormal and spiritual matters for magazines, newspapers and major news organizations such as Fox News, CNN, NBC, as well as numerous appearances on internationally broadcasted radio programs like the “X-zone,” and “Coast to Coast AM.”

    Time permitting Richard will be taking questions from our listeners.  To learn more about Richard, click on the “Our Team” tab at www.AmericanPatriotRadio.com


    Immediately following our segment with Richard, Doc will be starting a children’s serial program called “Cinnamon Bear” which he will be airing several episodes each week up to Christmas. We are sure you will enjoy the adventures of the Cinnamon Bear and his little friends. This is excellent holiday programming for the little ones.

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