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    Position Your Business For Profitability

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    When trying to run a profitable business, lots of areas can come into play. Many like, good management practices, decision making, processes, systems and automation all play a role.  But the biggest player is the business model you have assembled.  Many business owners don't consider this at the beginning and don't evaluate it when trying to reach that all important 'next level' of performance.

    In this week's episode of the Small Biz Big Shots, your hosts Steve Smith and Ken Rubin discuss the pitfalls of not putting proper focus on the model you've built and some ways to determine whether you are on the right track or can even change your model to increase your profitability.

    Join us, Wednesday, June 18th at 10:30am PST and be ready to take some great notes.  We don't want you to miss out on a tip, idea of strategy that could fundamentally change how you grow your business. 

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    Take Action Get Profits Radio Maximizing the Profitability of Your Web Presence

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    Take Action Get Profits Radio hosted by Michele Scism and her guest s Jim Palmer and Marisa Murgatroyd:

    Jim Palmer is a marketing and business building expert and host of Newsletter Guru TV and Stick Like Glue Radio.  He is known internationally as ‘The Newsletter Guru’- the go-to resource for maximizing the profitability of customer relationships. He is the founder and President of Custom Newsletters, Inc., parent company of No Hassle Newsletters, No Hassle Social Media, The Newsletter Guru’s Concierge Print and Mail on Demand, Magnetic Attraction and Retention Training Program (MARS), Success Advantage Publishing, Double My Retention, Stick Like Glue Radio, and Newsletter Guru TV. Jim was also privileged to be a featured expert in The Ultimate Success Secret, Dream, Inc., ROI Marketing Secrets Revealed, The Barefoot Executive, and Boomers in Business.

    Marisa Murgatroyd is the founder of Live Your Message, where she shows entrepreneurs with a big message for the world how to build a leading brand and lucrative web presence. At 4’11 and a quarter, she’s known as the shortest woman in marketing. But that doesn’t stop her from having huge ideas. Her no-nonsense approach has earned her a reputation as a results-getter for leading-edge clients such as Don Crowther, Alexis Neely, Michelle Schubnel, Morgana Rae and Evan Marc Katz. Today, Marisa’s purpose and passion lies in helping emerging entrepreneurs launch themselves online through her signature training programs: Message to Money, Personal Brand Power, Hidden Story Power and Superhero Summits.

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    Creating a Profitability Team with Kathryn Dager

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    Tonight Kathryn Dager, M.A., CEO of Profitivity Inc., will talk about creating profitability teams.

    Kathryn will discuss:

    The top 3 challenges facing independent companies today

    Strategies for training seasonal employees

    New opportunities to create profit this year

    Hiring the right people for your team

    Holding people accountable

    Making dysfunctional workers into prosperous teams

    The best way to motivate today's employees

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    Extreme Profitability - The solution to 2014 uncertainty

    in Legal

    Extreme profitability is the newest offering from Solutions By Jonas that expands the path to profitabiltiy beyond cutting costs and raising rates.  Special guest Pat Bull, CoFounder and CFO of Solutions By Jonas, shares his insights and experience from leading major law firms.  Radio host, W. James Jonas III, adds to this presentation based on his over 30 years of experience in supporting and delivering law firm profitability.

  • Building Relationships in the Workplace

    in Relationships

    Join us this week as we welcome, special guest, Kayl May of Bottom Line Customer Experience Management, LLC as she disucusses building relationships in the workplace. She will address how creating a positive environment for your employees can make for great productivity and profitability.

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    Keys to being significant with author Franne McNeal

    in Self Help

    Have you ever dreamed of making a significant difference in your career?  Join me as I interview the author of “Significant! From Frustrated To FranneTastic; Inspirational Stories for the Entrepreneurial Woman” Franne McNeal as she shares how women can conquer frustration and have the career and life they want. 

    Franne McNeal, MBA, Significant Business Results Coach, helps business leaders convert market opportunities into significant business results: increased sales, improved cash flow, reduced expenses and greater profitability. Clients choose Franne when they want improvements in plans, people, process, performance and profits.

    As a breast cancer survivor and stroke survivor, Franne's keynotes motivate entrepreneurs who are "infected with frustration" and "paralyzed by fear", to "focus their energy for action and achieve significant business results".

    Franne is affiliated with premiere entrepreneurial programs: Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Initiatives, Tory Burch Foundation Women's Business Initiatives, Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism, and Kauffman FastTrac.

    Want a FREE audio book? Go to Audible.com and you can get one. Listen to today’s podcast to find out which book I recommend for you. 

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    Revenue Radio w. Barrett & Kelley

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    CEO, International Executive Consultant, Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, & Mentor
    Natalie is Founder of Revolutionize Your Potential, a series of educational trainings for individuals and corporations across the globe. Natalie engages leaders, corporate teams, and entrepreneurs to identify consistencies for their success. Her engaging methods and techniques increase productivity, teamwork, retention, resulting in higher profitability, authentic fulfillment, and less stress.

    Natalie is a sought after speaker and has participated in numerous conferences, events, TV and radio shows across the nation. As a host, she has been in the top 3 for VoiceAmerica. Natalie’s keynote, the Hidden Power of Patterns, has facilitated numerous breakthroughs for all that were fortunate to work with her, leading them to a life of abundance, clarity, and directed purpose.

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    Take Action Get Profits Radio

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    Take Action Get Profits with Host Michele Scism and her guest Ruth King & Deborah Battersby:

    Profitability Master Ruth King is a serial entrepreneur having owned 7 businesses in the past 30 years. One of her businesses helps small business owners truly understand and profit from their financial statements. After twelve years on the road, she found a better way to reach entrepreneurs who wanted to build their businesses. She began Internet training in 1998 and began the first television like broadcasting in 2002. Her latest channel, www.profitabilityrevolution.com, broadcasts ideas, news, strategies and other information that matters to small business owners 24/7/365 on any Internet device, mobile or laptop. Ruth started the Decatur, Georgia branch of the Small Business Development Center. She also founded the Women’s Entrepreneurial Center and taught a year-long course for women who wanted to start their own businesses.

    Deborah Battersby - As a self-diagnosed problem solver and “puzzle geek,” my curiosity has taken me into the realms of sales, negotiations, business, personal development and numerous leadership roles.
    Deborah loves to challenge assumptions and defy expectations to find easier better, faster solutions to the obstacles most achievers face. Whether business, sport, health, finances or relationships we all have the to power and potential to realize our dreams and goals. My chosen mission to help leaders channel those resources to create massive success and make positive change the world

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    CloseUP - Accentuate the Postive and Your Bottom Line! (ENCORE EPISODE!)

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    Margaret Greenberg and Senia Maymin are co-authors of "Profit From the Positive," a book about how to increase productivity, collaboration and profitability using the simple, yet powerful tools from the new field of Positive Psychology. You will learn to identify what type of leader you are and how to create a devoted team of employees. Whether you have 3 employees or 3000, this interview will give you a whole new perspective on how to generate higher profits AND a work environment that will inspire and empower.
    Get your copy of the book at ProfitFromThePositive.com. 

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    One Step Ahead with Nick Ashton

    in Current Events

    AJ vande Kam, Change Agent - Change the ability of a company, the inner culture and regaining Profitability, Trust, Tespect of all clients and employees.

    Second hour open lines, including VA is Lying.


    in News


    Mayor Marsh informed former Mayor Carmen Sabatino at Tuesday night’s (8/12/14) city Council meeting that the go kart races actually made money.

    Marsh had taken the position that if the go kart event lost money they would not be invited back in 2015.

    When asked how much money the event made for the city Marsh replied that there were still some bills to come in.

    The question is, doesn’t city staff know what the bills are when they are created. Surely the bills can’t be open ended and left to the discretion of the suppliers.

    Marsh should be advised that if city staff is not telling him the truth in the calculation of the profitability of this event and the accountability for the money, staff should become a subject for a grand jury.

    It is obvious that an independent audit of the income and expenses for this event should be conducted and the results made public.





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