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  • 01:58

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse #74: Road to WrestleMania 30

    in Wrestling

    On the Road to WrestleMania 30, Pro Wrestling Powerhouse Returns with a jam-packed show featuring analysis of the current WWE WrestleMania 30 card!

    PWP Radio is still in a transitional period, but we are making a return to talk about the current state of the Pro Wrestling business!

    Please join us as we do what we do best: Talk pro wrestling and have fun!

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    DDP Interview on Pro Wrestling Powerhouse #68

    in Wrestling

    Join us LIVE on January 21, 2014 for one of our biggest interviews to date as Diamond Dallas Page joins the show!

    We will be discussing various topics with DDP including: 

    DDP Yoga and the benefits it will have on your life! 
    Physical fitness in general and the overall advancements in the industry
    Steroids & Concussions in Pro Wrestling and much more!

    Please join us LIVE w/ DDP at 9 PM EST! Visit DDPYoga.com for much more information on getting involved!

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    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse #69 - WWE Raw Reaction!

    in Wrestling

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse is back w/ another brand new episode! We will be recapping Monday Night Raw w/ our WWE Raw Reaction segment and taking a look at the 4 men who are already booked to be inside the WWE Elimination Chamber:

    WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton
    John Cena
    Daniel Bryan

    ?We will also discuss Jake The Snake Roberts getting into the WWE Hall of Fame and much more!

    Call the show at 760-888-5749!

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    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse #66: WrestleMania 30 Booking

    in Wrestling

    JUST ANNOUNCED: Rock 'n' Roll Express' Ricky Morton will join us for a short interview at 9 pm est!

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse starts a New Year by bringing you the 66th installment feauturing our yearly WrestleMania 30 Booking Show and Pro Wrestling Powerhouse 2013 Year-End Awards Show as well!!!

    This episode will be stacked from top to bottom. We will start off Hour #1 with the entire 2013 PWP Year End Awards! Find out who our fans and community members voted for!

    In Hour #2, we will kick off our largely popular WrestleMania 30 Booking segment where we bring you our dream cards for WrestleMania 30! Speculation is running rampant with the return of Brock Lesnar and impending return of Batista, so how do we think WrestleMania 30 will shape up?! It's our time to be creative!

    You can call the show at 760-888-5749!

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    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse #78: WWE Extreme Rules Preview

    in Wrestling

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse takes a look at WWE Extreme Rules 2014 as Daniel Bryan heads into his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship defense against The Big Red Machine, Kane!

    Also, Evolution and The Shield are on a collision course and the mind games used by Bray Wyatt to get under John Cena's skin seem to be working heading into their massive steel cage match!

    We'll also cover TNA Sacrifice and what took place this past Sunday and some huge announcements on the future of the new and improved POWERHOUSE RADIO NETWORK!

    Check out ProWrestlingPowerhouse.com for much more content on the world of professoinal wrestling! 

  • 01:27

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse #79: WWE Payback Preview

    in Wrestling

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse takes a look at WWE Payback 2014 as The Shield takes on Evolution in a six man No Holds Barred Elimation Tag Team Match!  

    John Cena faces Bray Wyatt in a Last Man Standing match.  Will Daniel Bryan forfeit the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to save the job of his wife, Brie Bella?  Has Paige been booked properly?  Join us as we analyze and give our predictions for Payback!

    We will also discuss the sucess of AJ Styles in ROH and NJPW.  Did TNA make a mistake with not re-signing AJ Styles?  Speaking of TNA, the new faction of MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King is running rough shot all over the Impact Wrestling roster.  Who can stop them?  

    We'll discuss these things and much more tonight on PWP Radio!


  • Pro Wrestling Powerhouse #73: Did CM Punk Return?

    in Wrestling

    Did CM Punk Return to WWE?

    We'll bring your our unique look at the current ongoings in WWE, TNA and the rest of the pro wrestling industry as ProWrestlingPowerhouse.com brings you PWP Radio #73.

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    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse #72: WWE Network Launch!

    in Wrestling

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse #72 - Feb 25, 2014

    The launch of the WWE Network didn't come with controversy as many customers were hit with buffering and sign-up issues. We will break down what to expect in the future and what is already available on the WWE Network in this brand new episode of PWP Radio!

    Also, Hulk Hogan made his return to WWE Monday Night Raw! Much more also transpired and we will break it down for you LIVE at 9 PM EST!

  • 02:00

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse #70 - CM Punk Retrospective

    in Wrestling

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse #70 brings you a retrospective into the events leading up to the abrupt departure of CM Punk from WWE.

    We will chronicle what was thought to be the tipping point for Punk, as well as the various positive & negative strides his career has taken in WWE since 2006. 

    The crew will also discuss whether this is a complete shoot, or could possibly be transitioned into a work in the future. Or could it be one of the more ellaborate works in wrestling history? Never say never in pro wrestling.

    Also, we will talk about the Elimination Chamber and how it is shaping up. How will the unpredictable inclusion of Antonio Cesaro change the course of The Elimination Chamber? Will he be elevated to main event level status?

    Please CALL THE SHOW at 760-888-5749 and get yourself involved in the Pro Wrestling Powerhousecommunity!!

  • 01:29

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse #80: Week review in TNA, ROH and WWE

    in Wrestling

    TNA Talk 

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse reviews TNA Slammiversary XII from last Sunday! TNA hosting a poll about the possible return of six sided Ring.  The return of Taryn Terrell and Matt Hardy confirmed for NYCImpact Tapings

    WWE Talk

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse takes a look at the MITB situation.  Daniel Bryan has been stripped of the title and now a Ladder Match will be held to determine the new World Heavyweight Champion.  All Participants have been revealed, but who will emerge as the new champion?  We will also discuss the recent wave of budget cost releases that happened last week.  What does the future hold to those that were released?

    ROH Talk

    ROH returns to PPV this Sunday for Best in the World.  Pro Wrestling Powerhouse will break down the card and give our take on the show.  Bad Influence Reunion in ROH. 

    We'll discuss these things and much more tonight on PWP Radio!


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    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse #67: WWE Royal Rumble Predictions

    in Wrestling

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse comes to you LIVE from The Jersey Shore w/ Episode #67! Some huge announcements have taken place that have shaken the business to its core and we will be here to report them all with out unedited, unscripted and uncensored views.

    We'll be discussing: 

    The WWE Network and how it changes the way that WWE will do business in the future. What does it mean for other companies in pro wrestling?
    Daniel Bryan joining The Wyatt Family. While many believe Daniel Bryan has been sabotaged by WWE, we will bring you our ideas on what is happening!
    What is the future of TNA Wrestling? The Impact Zone is apparently closed for good. Where will TNA go next?

    All this and so much more!!! 

    DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE joins us on January 21, 2014!!